What breed of dog is the Queen of England

Everyone who watches life at Buckingham Palace knows that the ruler of Great Britain Elizabeth II is an avid dog lover. Already For over 60 years she has been faithful to one breed. Her pets adore his queen is no less than the people and members of her family. What kind Do dogs live with the Queen of England?

What breed of dogs does the Queen of England have

The love story of Elizabeth II for the four-legged was born on her day adulthood. Then the monarch George VI gave the young princess a puppy welsh corgi. The future queen called baby Susan.

What breed of dogs is the Queen of EnglandQueen of England with a dog

With a favorite, she tried not to part. Personally walked her in park, took with him to numerous trips and even to receptions. The dog lived in the palace for 15 years and gave birth to 30 wonderful puppies. They were all gifted to loved ones or left in the palace.

Queen with a dogQueen of England with dogs

Today in the residence of the ruling couple of Great Britain live Susan’s four descendants are Emma, Swift, Faros, and Linnet. However breeding monarch person is no longer involved. Some of her pets were diagnosed with cancer. This disease is transmitted by inheritance. So Elizabeth decided to break this the chain.

Elizabeth II walks with dogsQueen of England with husband and dogs

Elizabeth II dogs live in truly luxurious conditions. They have there are separate apartments furnished with wicker beds and numerous silk pillows. They eat strictly on schedule. food prepared by a hired cook specially for their service. They are served in porcelain bowls.

Elizabeth II for a walk with the dogsElizabeth II in the palace with dogsQueen of England for a walk with petsQueen with a dog on the couchDogs of the Queen of England

Still a walk in the park in the company of four-legged friends – one of Elizabeth II’s favorite activities. She sincerely becomes attached to each of the pets and is seriously worried about their care.

Queen's walk along the shoreQueen of England surrounded by dogsElizabeth II and her dogsMistress with her dogsElizabeth II and the Four Dogs

Dogs are buried in the park of Buckingham Palace with all honors. IN one of the corners is a monument to the very first nursery. By her hostess’s order has the inscription “Susan, faithful Queen’s friend. ”

Monument to the Dog of the Queen of EnglandElizabeth II with dogs on the cover of the magazineElizabeth II stroking dogs

Elizabeth II is a woman of amazing fate. To the story Britain, she will forever enter not only as the Queen, the ruling record amount of time. But also as a woman who holds sacred loyalty to your country, family and, of course, your favorite breed of dogs.

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