What breed of dog in the movie “Mask”

The movie “Mask” was shot on the eponymous series of comics and became incredibly popular with comedians. Independently determine which breed of dog was involved in the film “Mask”, only experienced dog breeders or breeders can jack russell terriers.

What breed of dog in the movie “Mask”

One of the most popular comedies of the nineties cinema “Mask” It was largely due to the participation of the charming and restless doggie Milo.

What breed of dog in the movieJim Carrey and Max

Leading movie roles were played by the famous comedian Jim Carrey and charming Cameron Diaz, and the “dog” role of a dog named Milo went to Jack Russell Terrier Max.

The main characters of the filmMiloDog with a mask

A positive and naturally funny dog is just such a dog “actor” was needed to make the plot intriguing.

JackJack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are playful as well as innate cleverness helping them find independent decisions even in the most difficult situations.

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Jack Russell Terrier and the mask

Jack Russell Terriers are very active and cheerful. dogs with great devotion to people and mobility.

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Due to its unusual exterior and natural savvy, that moviegoers loved, these dogs became incredibly popular in our country.

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