What breed of dog does Glucose have

Beloved by many singer Natalya Ionova, better known as Glucose is not only the mother of two daughters. The star admits that very loves animals, especially dogs. Once her pet was a Doberman. What breed of dog is Glucose now?

What breed of dog does Glucose have

Natalia remains true to her preferences. She doesn’t like decorative dogs, fashionable today – Yorkies and Spitz. At the singer’s house the dog of the Akita Inu breed named Muftik lives.

What breed of dog is Glucose

Akita Inu is a Japanese breed that is distinguished by a special devotion. The singer claims that in a smart and deep look the pet seems like he wants to tell her something.

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Glucose and Muftik

Natalia says that Muftik appeared in their family for a reason. The star decided to have a dog when she was waiting for the birth of her second daughter. So she decided to teach children how to care and responsibility.

Daughter of Glucose with Muftik

The eldest daughter of the star was delighted when her parents presented her fluffy white lump. Today Muftik is a huge snow-white a dog whose height reaches 70 cm.

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Glucose and the dog

Dog Muftik became a real family member and a devoted friend for Glucose daughters.

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Daughter of Glucose with Muftik

Natalia Ionova is proud of a four-legged friend. In social networks she often exposes her photographs with the Muftik.

Natalia Ionova with the Muftik

The singer’s husband, businessman Alexander Chistyakov.

Alexander Chistyakov with a dog

The family does not part with the pet and even takes it with him to home ownership in Spain.

Natalia Ionova and Akita Inu

The singer says that the Muftik is attached to all members of the family. However, Natalia is sure that he loves her the most.

Ionova and Muftik

The star looks incredibly spectacular in the pictures with her four-legged friend.

Glucose with a petNatalia Ionova with a pet

Glucose is sure that Akita Inu is the most loyal friends person. She advises all her fans to get a dog such a breed.

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