What breed of dog does Ally Dee have

Ellie Dee – a famous video blogger, animal lover and just bright, cheerful girl. Owners and dogs are said to be similar. by nature, so fans are interested in what breed of dog lives with Ally Dee.

The girl lives in her own house and she really wanted to make furry pet. But according to Ellie with large dogs is hard. The choice fell on the Jack Russell Terrier. So at Ellie’s house in spring 2014 year appeared Gina (Ginger). Now it’s charming a small dog 29 cm high at the withers, weighing about 6 kg.

Ellie Dee and GingerJack Russell TerrierJackEllie and Gina

Jack Russell Terrier – breed bred in England for hunting foxes and badgers. Therefore, Gina is very playful, agile, loves run and jump, play with balls.

Gina is playingJackJackJack Russell Terrier with the ball

Other animals live in the girl’s house, for example, a rabbit. It would seem that Gina, as a hunting dog, should pursue him. But no, rabbit is a best friend.

Gina and the rabbit

Gina knows a lot of tricks and commands, and also knows how to sing under accordion. Favorite team – gopher.

Gina runs the teamEllie Dee Holds GinaBlogger with a dog

Ellie runs her own pet channel – Ellie Dee Pets, where entertaining video, care instructions are placed pets, travel reports. Gina’s favorite – indispensable participant in many funny and informative videos.

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