Vitamins for cats

The owner, wishing well for his pussies, can often inadvertently harm him by acquiring vitamin complexes on their own, without coordination with the veterinarian. Excessive use of such drugs can lead to hypervitaminosis – poisoning a large amount of one or more vitamins. Whereas lack of vitamins can lead to another equally complex disease – vitamin deficiency, which occurs when the use of low-quality, poor in trace elements and macronutrients. In any case, the owner must select vitamins not at the call of the heart, but preferably on the advice of a doctor, since what is good for kittens will not benefit an older animal. In addition, you should consider what kind of food is chosen for the cat. – natural or industrial. Most often, these are the cats for which the owners cook their own food, experience a special need for fortification. But also those who eat prepared feeds also need vitamins, especially if feed is not purchased in super-premium class, i.e. balanced and sufficiently enriched with vitamins.

When an animal needs to be given vitamins

Особую потребность в витаминах испытывают:Vitamins for cats

  • Котята – их масса тела в первый год жизни увеличиваетсяabout 30 times, body length increases, in short, the body growing by leaps and bounds. That is why the owner should buy vitamins designed specifically for kittens, enriched taurine (for vision), L-carnitine (for development and growth), calcium (for bone strength). Often in vitamins for kittens colostrum can be added – a natural source of strong immunity. At the same time, vitamins are divided into natural and synthetic, owners prefer the first of these, but they are much more expensive.
  • Lactating and pregnant cats – during the adjustment organism and return to calves a huge share of food vitamins and nutrients, the animal often suffers from vitamin deficiency, hair loss, weakness. For lactating and pregnant cats are preferable to acquire multivitamin complexes, in which are especially high in calcium, fatty acids (which normalize the work of the heart and circulatory system), amino acids (in particularly arginine, which affects the state of the immune system, liver, animal heart) and biotin (which promotes growth coat, claw strength, normal appetite and vigorous state).
  • Elderly cats and cats – for old people should be purchased vitamins that will maintain normal functioning internal organs, animal immunity. For aging animals glucosamine (which is responsible for strong joints), taurine and calcium. In general, the composition of vitamin preparations for older cats and cats is somewhat reminiscent of the composition for kittens. IN in old age it is extremely important to strengthen the bones of the animal, and maintain clear vision and maintain the immune system level for disease resistance.
  • Sterilized cats and neutered cats – to such individuals often obesity, disorders of the urinary system. IN vitamin preparations for cats undergoing surgery, as a rule, include methionine (an amino acid that promotes normal functioning) liver, prevents fat deposits in the liver), spirulina (normalizes metabolism, prevents harmful effects environment on the body). Usually for sterilized animals are also recommended to purchase specialized feed for prevention of urolithiasis and other complications.
  • Healthy adult cats and cats in spring and autumn periods during molting. As a rule, in the composition of vitamin shedding complexes include omega-3 and omega-6 acids, responsible for the excellent state of health in general, as well as for the skin, pet hair in particular.

The composition of multivitamins for cats

If we consider the composition of multivitamins without relying on any narrow focus (for castrates, for the elderly, etc.), then the most common vitamins that play a crucial role in the formation of a healthy existence are:

  • Vitamin A (also found in fish and beef liver, egg yolk, cow’s milk), he is responsible for the growth of kittens and vision, necessary throughout life, also affects condition of the skin.
  • Vitamin B (found in chicken, beef, dairy products, wheat germ, cereals) affects the immunity of the animal, the work of the stomach also has a beneficial effect on the skin and cat hair.
  • Vitamin C (found in seaweed and green vegetables) affects the body’s resistance to harmful substances, promotes the absorption of iron and calcium.
  • Vitamin D (present in fish oil, egg yolk, produced when the cat is in the sun) is responsible for the strong skeleton.
  • Vitamin E (found in broccoli, vegetable cabbage oils) is responsible for the cat’s reproductive system.

Each owner knows which foods he loves and eats. cat. If the animal does not lack some vitamins, perhaps it makes sense to find out more from the veterinarian, needs whether the cat is in vitamin preparations, as well as in which ones. Today You can purchase vitamins at different prices, from foreign and domestic manufacturers in the form of tablets, drops, powders, capsules. Which cat will prefer is a secret. Should consult a veterinarian before buying vitamins for cats, kittens or cats, telling him about the features of the animal and its the diet. Do not give your cat vitamin complexes, calculated for people because the percentage of useful substances in them is not suitable for cats.

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