How to cut cat’s claws?

Communication with the cat brings a lot of pleasant moments to the owner. But sometimes wayward domestic friends are able to show off their sharp claws, and in the literal sense of the word, and even then a person to undo. Not only do cats leave scratches on the master body and holes on clothes, so they also strive to spoil furniture, wallpapers, magazines. In addition, from the claws of baleen pets other animals living in the house are affected: dogs, rodents, parrots. But you can disarm a home-scrabble dag. For this you need to learn how to cut a cat’s claws correctly.

When do cats not need a nail clipper?

Claw cutting is relevant for those pets that do not go out at all to the street, or go out very briefly. To street purrs in this better sense: long claws flail against tree bark, wooden fences. Short cut the claws of a street cat very dangerous, because for her it is a kind of protection against random enemies: alien dogs, unfriendly people, other cats. At the help of long sharp claws, the animal can not only cause pain to your opponent, but also save your own life by climbing на дерево.How to cut a cat's clawsСтрижка когтей нежелательна и дляvery small pets under 4 weeks of age. The procedure should not be carried out often for elderly animals whose motor activity due to age is minimal. In all the same in other cases, the removal of part of the stratum corneum on the phalanges of the cat Fingers considered safe.

At what age should a cat’s nails be cut?

You can teach a kitten to a haircut after 1 month of life. We’ll warn the owners’ question: “Is it possible to cut the claws of a cat in such young age? “. It is possible and necessary! After all, the sooner the pet learns to a clipper or scissors, the faster and painless the process will be haircuts at maturity. But definitely determine at what age you can remove the claws of a cat by circumcision, you need yourself to the owner. And if the cat is too weak by 4 weeks of life, from the procedure на время лучше отказаться.How to cut a cat's clawsПроводить процедуру раньше 1 месяцаit makes no sense. First, the claws of newborn kittens are still too gentle, not able to hurt either the cat mom or the person. Secondly, kittens under 1 month old are not yet so mobile and spend most of the time on a comfortable couch, drinking mother’s milk and looking at dreams. Thirdly, crumbs can easily be damaged кровеносные сосуды, находящиеся в толще маленького когтя.How to cut a cat's clawsIf a по каким-либо причинам в домеthere was an adult cat, you can teach her to haircut. True with a mature individual will be a little harder (a cat can break out, hide, bite or scratch the wearer).

How often does the procedure cost?

When to cut their own nails, a person can determine without labor, but how often to cut the claws of a cat? Pets sitting at home claws on forelegs are cut twice a month, on hind legs – one once a month. But the claws of all animals grow at different speeds, therefore, it is advisable to determine the time for cutting after examination of feline “manicure” and “pedicure”. In addition, sometimes a haircut procedure may required less than several times a month if, for example, the pet sometimes sharpens claws on trees or a scratching post.

What to have on hand before a haircut?

The main accessory for cat manicure is a nail clipper. By the way, many owners prefer to cut their cat’s claws at home ordinary scissors, but it’s more convenient to use a claw cutter. This the tool can be purchased online or in a retail store pet supplies. The following types are on sale инструментов:How to cut a cat's claws

  • Когтерезы-ножницы – похожи на обычные “человеческие”scissors, but their blades are not straight, but curved at the ends. IN a kind of hole is required to insert a claw, and then close rings – cat’s fingernail will be removed without difficulty;
  • Guillotine claw cutters – a tool that works on the principle of sinister mechanism for cutting off heads. Cat’s claw is inserted into special hole, and the blade lowered with handles claws, removes the overgrown part of the claw;
  • Nail clippers – in appearance are gun of the same name. Claw inserted into the cleft between the cutting edges of the claw cutter, and the handles bring the tool into action, causing the claw to bounce off sharp blades;
  • Grinder clippers – hand-held appliances and a rotating tip coated with emery. Act at the expense of batteries. During the operation of the grinder, the claw is not cut, but grinding off. Usually such a clipper is used in grooming salons, and for home trim use mechanical tools.

How to cut a cat's clawsIn addition to clawing, the owner may need a regular nail file to make an edge cropped claw straight. Must be at hand should be pure cotton wool and hydrogen peroxide (in case the vessel is in the claw will be damaged), as well as a small amount of alcohol (for disinfection of the acute part of claw infection). In addition, if it is planned to cut the claws of an aggressive cat, should be kept ready towel or diaper to fix the paws masterful favorite.

How to cut cats claws?

Before the hour, “X” it is desirable to take the cat in his arms, stroking her (in including and paws), making sure a good mood. Еслиno experience in haircuts, you should carefully consider the feline marigold: red pulp stripe with vessels and nerves it is unacceptable to cut off the ends, otherwise the animal will be hurt. BUT here the curved transparent and bright part of the claw will have to be removed. If the pet’s claws are dark in color, you’ll have to act almost at random, because the pulp is practically invisible. No need to cut more than 1.5-3 mm (depending on the age of the cat). So that to cut the claws of the pet as painlessly as possible, you need:

  1. Take care of hand hygiene and tools;
  2. Calm down, talk to the cat quietly and calmly;
  3. Put the purr in your hands, taking the tool (claw cutter) into the work a hand;
  4. With your free hand, grasp the cat’s foot by pressing on the pads fingers so that the claws extend to full length;
  5. Holding the claw cutter perpendicular to the claw, cut it curved tip without affecting the vessels;
  6. If necessary, file a claw with a nail file;
  7. Trim claws on all fingers of a cat;
  8. If pulp is injured, peroxide treatment hydrogen;
  9. Praise a patient friend by treating yourself to a treat.

An alternative to home claw trimming

How to cut a cat’s claws at home, we found out. But, to Unfortunately, such an easy thing is not for every owner if:

  • The cat does not allow a haircut;
  • Claws are black, therefore pulp is not visible;
  • After the procedure, the pet cannot recover for a long time, experiencing stress.

What to do if the owner with a clipper in his hands failed, and clawed pet hiding under the bed? In some cases, you can do without a haircut. Consider Alternative Homework claw grinding and clipping methods:

  1. The use of claw points. Sometimes domestic cats the owners are trying to help by acquiring a scratching post. But love her not all pets use it, preferring it as an object for sharpening a master sofa. However, if you accustom a cat to If you grind the claws of your mother, then there should be no problems. The most a simple scratching post can be purchased at a price of 300 rubles;
  2. A visit to the grummer. In some cases, it’s easier to pay. a professional than trying to persuade an obstinate pet to remove claws scissors or claw cutter. In the metropolitan salons they ask for a service from 300-500 rubles, in Russia prices are lower – from 150 rubles. Cost cropping is doubled if the cat is hostile. By the way, if the owner orders a range of services (bathing, haircut, combing), then in some salons the claws can cut and is free;
  3. Purchase of anti-scratch caps. To those owners who doubts whether it is necessary to cut the cat’s claws, it is worth thinking about special nozzles made of silicone. They are attached to the claw using glue (comes with anti-scratches) and hold for at least a month. Such products are selected based on the dimensions of the pet: XS – for animals weighing less than 2.5 kg; S – for miniature individuals weighing up to 4 kg; M – for medium cats weighing up to 6 kg; L – for healthy cats like Maine Coons. The cost of packaging anti-scratches (20 pcs. Plus tube glue) starts from 200 rubles. If sticking procedure the groomer will do the caps, you will need to lay out another 500-800 rubles;
  4. Onyctomy. The worst solution is to deprive the cat of her claws. However, such operations are carried out in veterinary clinics. If the owner is still interested in the question, how much does it cost to remove cat’s claws, the amount can reach up to 5000 rubles. But such surgical intervention a lot of minuses:
    • To remove the claw phalanx, anesthesia is introduced (which is quite unsafe for health);
    • At home, you need to process the seams on the legs (you can easily bring infection);
    • The cat will have to wear a special one for a week (or more) a collar so as not to damage the seams;
    • After surgery, the animal may have coordination problems. movements;
    • The unarmed cat is very stressed: it becomes closed, apathetic, sometimes aggressive;
    • Finally, it’s just inhumane, as if to a person at the same time amputated phalanges on all 20 fingers.

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