How to understand that a cat is pregnant

To find out that a pet is ready for mating is simple: have a cat estrus begins, it rubs against the owner’s feet, rolls on the floor, invitingly meows and loses his head at the sight of a male. But mating is far from always means that a pet will soon become mom. How to understand that a cat is pregnant? Consider the main signs that appear approximately 1-2 weeks after mating.

The first pregnancy of a pet

It is especially difficult for an inexperienced owner whose cat is pregnant the first time, especially if the animal has free access to the street. From 5-6 months it is worth being alert, because it is in this early The cat’s age may begin to heat. But letting so young the animal to the cat is too early, otherwise there can be a lot of problems: protracted childbirth, the inability to reproduce kittens on their own, появление слабого и нежизнеспособного потомства.The cat kisses the kittenИными словами, владельцу кошки-девочкиover 5 months old, you need to monitor the behavior of the pet and exclude her meeting with individuals of the opposite sex. And now after a year and a half, one should not resist nature, since the cat’s body is ready for successful mating, fertilization, maternity.

Early signs of pregnancy in a cat

No matter how much the owner wants to know if the cat is pregnant, in the early days after mating, determining the “interesting” position will not work. The very first signs will manifest themselves at least a week after contact with a cat:

  • In the initial stages of pregnancy, a cat may experience toxicosis, which may manifest in a decrease in appetite, vomiting in in the morning. Usually an unpleasant state lasts no more than 10-14 days and passes by 3-4 weeks of pregnancy;
  • Discoloration of nipples that turn pink and slightly swollen, enlarged, especially in young cats;
  • Drowsiness and apathy. Amid changes in hormonal background pet most of the time snoozing or just calm lies, refusing active pastime.

Symptoms in the middle of a cat’s pregnancy

The above symptoms of pregnancy are observed at 1-3 weeks pregnancy. And from 4 weeks the owner can observe the following перемены, происходящие с животным:Pregnant cat

  • Повышенный аппетит и набор веса. Usually in the middle pregnancy, the cat is not tormented by nausea, on the contrary, a pet wants to eat more than usual, as a result of which he is gaining mass;
  • The stomach begins to grow, which is not associated with overeating. On At this stage, it is important not to harm the animal, trying with palpations determine the presence of kittens in the feline womb;
  • The cat becomes active again, likes to walk on in the air, sometimes playing, but usually does not admit cats to himself;
  • Enhanced swelling of the nipples. If the shade change nipples and their slight swelling are signs of pregnancy in cats in the early stages, then at 4-6 weeks the mammary glands of the animal increase in size especially noticeably;
  • The behavior of the pregnant cat is changing. Previously calm and a loving animal may be aggressive towards other domestic animals pets, even the owner often annoys her. And here is angry in normal cat time can turn into obedient and quiet the beast. Do not be scared, because the situation is in the hormonal restructuring.

Obvious signs of late pregnancy

Actually, if at the beginning and middle of pregnancy the owner of the cat there may still be doubts about the imminent appearance of kittens, then from 7-8 weeks everything is absolutely clear:

  • The pet begins a period of peace. Cat rarely leaves the couch unnecessarily. They usually stop her interest in house calls for the game;
  • The movements of kittens in the stomach are visible to the naked eye. In addition, babies are clearly palpable through the abdominal wall. (it’s important not to overdo it by inflicting unborn kittens injury);
  • The animal begins to look for a place to be held. childbirth. And not always such a nest is a cat lounger. Sometimes a cat becomes a favorite place wardrobe, bed, not too high mezzanine. And sometimes a pet hiding in hard-to-reach places: under a bed or sofa;
  • A day or two before giving birth, the future mother of the cat may appear milk. Just before birth, the animal often begins to meow, difficulty breathing (this means that labor will begin soon).

Here are perhaps the most obvious signs to understand at home conditions that the cat is pregnant after mating. However, far from always they are present. So, for example, at the beginning of pregnancy, some purrs like to eat, nausea does not bother them at all. Others – almost do not gain weight, and the mood and activity of the third is changing.

How to find out that the cat is probably in position

To accurately determine the pregnancy in an animal, you can refer to to the doctor. A specialist with 100% certainty will say whether it is in the near future time to wait for kittens. Typically, veterinarians use the following способами распознавания беременности у кошек:Ultrasound, ultrasound and cat

  • Пальпация. An experienced doctor is already 15 days after sexual the contact will determine if the cat is pregnant by simply feeling her uterus through the stomach. A little later, on the 30-40 day, the veterinarian can even inform the owner of the exact number of kittens;
  • Ultrasound of the uterus. The study is carried out no earlier than 15 days after mating with a cat, pregnancy is already at this short term will be visible. And on the 24-25th day after fertilization, you can see how the hearts of kittens beat;
  • X-ray. This way to determine if the cat is pregnant, possible no earlier than 40-45 days after mating, when the bone system of kittens is formed;
  • Blood donation for relaxin – a hormone produced by the placenta from the 20th day after fertilization. This is a kind of cat test for pregnancy, allowing either to confirm that the female will soon become mom, or to refute such an assumption. It’s believed that analysis of this kind should be done no earlier than after 26-30 days after binding, otherwise the result may not be true.

By the way, sometimes worried owners, once heard of a pregnancy test for cats, go to the usual pharmacy for the “human” rapid test. But the test for women shows an increase in a particular hormone during pregnancy – human chorionic gonadotropin, which is not synthesized the animal organism, therefore, the result of a test conducted in cats will be wrong.

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