Furminator for a cat

Owners of almost all cat breeds are familiar with the problem of loss pet hair when carpets, upholstered furniture, and the floor is dusted by hairs. The problem during molting is especially acute, although owners of long-haired cats are forced to resort to frequent combing year-round, otherwise the animal and the apartment will be look untidy. Procedure for removing undercoat and wool unpleasant for humans, because a rare cat or cat is calm sit in place for a long time. And combing causes a lot of inconvenience to a tailed friend: accidental skin damage, вырывание спутанных волосков, нервозная обстановка.Furminator for catsИногда кошек везут в салоны (илиcall the grummer at home), but there are many pitfalls: expensive (minimum 500 rubles), the animal may be frightened by a specialist, wayward purrs procedure is often done after the introduction of anesthesia. In order not to torment themselves and their pet, many owners acquire furminator – a kind of comb-trimmer with comb-like blade and ergonomic rubberized handle. How to choose Furminator for the cat and we will discuss further.

How the Furminator Works

The combing of cats with the help of a furminator is carried out due to the adjusted distance between the teeth sharpened in a special way crest. The principle of operation of the furminator is to carefully raising and eliminating unwanted hairy vegetation without cuts and pulling. Furminator for a catThe tool does not damage the coverslip cat hair (the remaining coat slips through the teeth of the device, remaining untouched), but eliminates dead lifeless hairs и подшерсток.Furminator for a catСчитается, что чудо-расческа удаляетabout 90% of unwanted cat hair, and also halves the duration of seasonal molting (by the way, in some individuals without combing thoroughly, the wool can be strewed not even for weeks, but months). Furminator for a catIn addition, the use of feline accessory contributes to an even distribution of grease, protecting a pet from cold and overheating, dust and parasites.

Advantages of Furminator

Furminator home processing has several advantages over combing the usual comb and even before salon procedures:

  1. Animals do not swallow large amounts of wool when licking;
  2. The combing out by the furminator does not hurt the cat;
  3. The device allows you to remove wool in sensitive areas the body of a cat (in the genital area, on the stomach, etc.);
  4. The tool not only combs the pet, but also massages it the body, improving blood circulation;
  5. Most cats love the combing process. (which can not be said about the usual slickers and combs);
  6. A good furminator pays for itself very quickly and for a long time serves;
  7. Cat device eliminates wool on clothes and furniture.

How to choose a furminator for a cat

Firstly, before buying undercoat removal tools from cats need to weigh their pet and evaluate its size. The purchase of a grooming tool should be made, paying attention to the width of his blade and the size of the cat:

  • Small – 4.5 cm furminator for cats weighing less than 5 kg, as well as small dogs;
  • Medium – a device with a blade width of 6.7 cm. animals with a body weight of not more than 8-10 kg can be combed out;
  • Large – brush for removing undercoat and dead hair with wide blade 10 cm long. Suitable for large heavyweight cats (for example, Maine Coon).

There are other sizes of furminators: X-small (3.3 cm) – for absolutely a young cat no older than 4-6 months; X-large (12.5 cm) – for собак массой свыше 40 кг и лошадей.Furminator for a catIN о-вторых, следует учесть длину шерстиcats. For long-haired friends, they release tools with long teeth, making the mark “Long hair” on the packaging. Owners of short-haired cats should look for furminators with short teeth of the comb with the inscription on the package “Short hair” (short coat). Thirdly, you need to decide on a convenient way eliminate combed wool. Forminators with an ejector (button FURejector) allow you to remove cat hairs with one click. Вclassical type instruments do not have such a button, therefore wool will have to be removed manually. Fourth, it is important to draw attention to the convenience of the handle of the furminator. It would seem that this element not so important, but if the handle is too short (thin, wide, etc.), the process of removing wool and undercoat will turn for a cat owner in an unattractive activity. Fifthly, owners who simultaneously contain individuals of different breeds (for example, short-haired British cats and long-haired Persian), you can purchase a tool with removable blades. By the way, such a host can be useful for those who plan remove hair not only from cats, but also from other pets (doggies, guinea pigs, ferrets).

How to use a Furminator Comb

So, we found out that the furminator for cats works like a kind of trimmer, removing excess undercoat and dead hair. Now consider how to use this tool correctly:

  1. According to the rules, you should wash before use pet using special shampoo and then thoroughly to dry;
  2. If the cat’s fur coat is relatively clean, you can do without washing. Then you need to remove all unintentionally attached branches or other items that may get tangled up in a long Wool
  3. If you have to process a long-haired cat, you should carefully inspect her coat for the presence of tangles. If any if they are, they will be removed with the help of a cutter (otherwise the furminator will grab wool balls, bringing discomfort to the animal);
  4. In case there are injuries on the cat’s skin (abrasions, unhealed seams, etc.), combing will have to be postponed;
  5. The owner must be calm during processing: screams and chaotic movements can cause anxiety in a cat;
  6. Before using the furminator for cats, you should think about the pose of the animal during the procedure. The best option – lay the pet on its side. Although you can perform combing in standing or sitting position. The main thing is not to irritate the mustachioed companion;
  7. The process is always carried out in the direction of cat hair growth. If you act differently, you can hurt your pet. Muzzle belly and tail – areas of special attention where you don’t stand too much zealous.

Regarding how often you can use the host for cats, there is no single answer. During molting long-haired individuals it is permissible to subject the procedure daily. Shorthair – twice in Week. In addition, the use of a furminator is desirable at the end spring or early summer to save the pet from the heat. The rest time the tool is used for owners of long wool no more 1-2 times a month, and for their brothers with a short “haircut” less often. By the way, the furminator is not a lifesaver for all cats. So, for obvious reasons, buying an accessory is not worth hairless cats (Don Sphynx, Peterbald, etc.). Give away preference for the usual comb is also for owners of cats without undercoat (Balinese, Angora cats, Chantilly tiffany), with short thin and rarely falling out hair (Singaporean, oriental cat). Also, the furminator is not useful for animals with a small amount of outer hair and unusual vegetation on Tele (La Perm, Cornish Rex).

Where to buy a furminator

Owners exhausted by the need for regular combing comb, probably wonder where to buy a furminator for cats? Рассмотрим несколько вариантов:Where to buy a Furminator

  1. В зоомагазине или ветеринарной аптеке. Here you can purchase a quality furminator with a guarantee (usually 30-day), having received the cash and cashier’s checks. True almost always the price of the goods in the pet store (or pharmacy) is slightly overstated (not less than 800-900 rubles);
  2. In the online store. There are many offers on the web about selling grooming accessories at a price of 400 to 2500 rubles. Besides In addition, in virtual stores often discounts, the seller offers to deliver the goods directly to the house. In addition to Russian online stores focused only on the sale of pet products, You can search for a host on large foreign Online sites, for example, are really inexpensive to buy on “Aliexpress” or “Amazon.” But delivery from afar might be long enough, and there is no certainty that the goods will arrive undeformed;
  3. In hypermarkets (like “Auchan” or “Ribbon”). The only drawback of buying in such a place is modest assortment of furminators.

Cat Owner Reviews on the Furminator Comb

Based on the many reviews of people who bought the tool for your pets, you can safely rank the furminator as useful cat grooming items. The following are some reviews of grateful owners:

  • Review No. 1: “My friend and I have been keeping a nursery for 5 years scottish cats. Because I can safely say that no trickery will not remove the undercoat like the furminator. Comb out our pets American combs “FURminator”, there are no wool balls anywhere, although the fur coat is very dense, and the molt is plentiful … “;
  • Review No. 2: “Before, during molting Barsik wool was everywhere. Particularly annoyed by the red hairs, settled on dark clothes. And on the kitchen table to see the vegetation of the cat was unpleasant. The furminator helped me a lot, although I didn’t lay big hopes. I was even surprised when I combed a mountain of wool for the first time. using this device … “;
  • Review No. 3: “Buying a Furminator Made Miserable: Cat swallowed wool to such an extent that obstruction developed intestines. My cat, Molly, by the way, loves when I combing: purrs, flippers. The hairs are separated quickly, for everything everything takes me no more than 15 minutes … “.

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