How to inject a cat

It is not surprising that, if necessary, enter Injection of a pet cat owners experience real panic. Suddenly Will the animal hurt? Or not enough strength to restrain resistance mustachioed patient? However, each owner must know how to put do-it-yourself prick of a cat, because in some situations the introduction a veterinary drug subcutaneously or intravenously can save lives favorite.

Where to inject a cat

Чаще всего лекарства вводят кошке пятью способами:To give an injection to a cat

  1. Подкожно в холку или коленную складку. This is the easiest the option of introducing solutions into the body of an animal that does not require special skills. Subcutaneous injections are made in the case when not the need to get instant results from a veterinary product. IN at home, you can enter, for example, immunomodulators, vitamins, analgesics (provided that the cat does not have acute pain). Moreover, it is preferable to inject the medicine at the withers, since this place is the least sensitive in pets;
  2. Intramuscularly in the tissue of the thigh or shoulder. Injections of this a plan can be made to a cat yourself, without involving the vet. Injection when fast action is required drug (within 5-10 minutes). And usually they inject medicine femoral muscle, because it is larger than humeral;
  3. Intravenously in the blood vessels of the anterior or posterior limbs. These injections are usually done only in the veterinarian or call a doctor at home. As a result of the introduction of the drug into a vein the effect appears in a few minutes. Intravenous injections often used in resuscitation of cats, when time to save the animal goes for minutes;
  4. Intracranial into spongy tissue. Injections of this kind do cats with a drop in blood pressure, strain limbs, burns. Naturally, such an injection is within the power of an experienced to the veterinarian;
  5. Intraperitoneally in the middle of the abdomen. Usually this way chosen in case of dehydration of the cat’s body, as well as the inability to inject into a vein. Injections are done in the veterinary the clinic.

So, you will have to remember how to inject a cat into the withers and muscle. IN correctly inject the treatment solution under the vein, bone and abdominal cavity force only to the doctor.

Rules for injecting cats

What you need to know to the owner of the cat before the introduction of medicinal substances? Often the need to do subcutaneous or intramuscular an injection to a cat knocks a person out of a rut: the syringe falls out, contents bottle of medicine every now and then strives to spill onto the floor, hands are trembling. To help the animal with the highest quality possible, Keep these simple rules in mind:

  1. It’s necessary to calm down. The cat should not feel anxious the owner, otherwise the procedure is unlikely to succeed;
  2. Hands should be washed thoroughly, but even after this, should not be touch the syringe needle, so as not to bring the infection into the wound;
  3. If the cat is afraid of injections, preferably during preparation for procedure to take her to another room (so that the animal does not see medicine bottles and syringes until the moment of administration);
  4. You can keep a clean towel (blanket) in preparation to fix the cat. However, if the pet does not resist, it you can just hold with your left hand, introducing the medicine with your right (vice versa for lefties);
  5. It is useful to ask your family for help during the injection. One a person can hold a syringe, another can stroke a cat (hold it paws, talk calmly, etc.);
  6. It is advisable to draw medicinal fluid into a syringe for single use (it does not need to be sterilized by spending time);
  7. For the introduction of a small amount of medication (less than 1 ml) is better use an insulin syringe, and if necessary, a larger one volume (2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 60 ml, etc.);
  8. The drug administered under the skin or muscle tissue should be registered by a veterinarian after examining a cat. Pharmacist in a pharmacy or the owner himself will not be able to choose the right treatment;
  9. Even if the injection solution is recommended by a specialist, carefully read the instructions for use, pay attention to the date of manufacture of the veterinary product;
  10. If the animal is shown injections for a long time, it is desirable to alternate introductions in different limbs (for example, today the cat is injected into the right thigh, tomorrow – into the left);
  11. It is not permissible to change the position of the syringe needle during administration drug, otherwise the cat will be hurt;
  12. The rate of administration of the drug is approximately 1 ml in 2-3 seconds (or slightly more if the consistency of the injection solution thick);
  13. After the procedure, the place of administration of the drug should massage lightly. Rubbing the skin with alcohol is appropriate if the skin cats have wounds. Also wipe with alcohol the injection site at hairless cats;
  14. At the end of the procedure, the cat should be caressed and treated something delicious. And if during the injection the animal inflicted on the owner wounds (scratches, bites), then forgive and in no case scream (and do not beat).

By the way, if a cat needs a course of drug administration, it is advisable to ask the veterinarian to show in detail how to properly make injections. That is, the first introduction will be made by a doctor, and the subsequent ones are the master.

How to give a cat a subcutaneous injection

Earlier we found out that it is easier to give a cat an injection at the withers. Consider процесс поэтапно (посмотреть видео на ютубе):How to inject a cat

  1. Вымыть руки;
  2. Saw off the ampoule tip (or remove the protective cap from vial);
  3. Unpack the syringe, put a needle on it, removing the cap;
  4. Push the piston out of the syringe air bubbles
  5. Put a little more medicine into the syringe than indicated in instructions;
  6. Holding the syringe vertically (needle up), gently press piston to spray a small fountain of liquid (it’s important not to to overdo it, otherwise the dose of the drug will greatly decrease);
  7. For a while, put the syringe with the drug on a clean napkin;
  8. Put the cat in a sphinx pose (if the cat resists, you can ask someone close to hold the front and rear paws);
  9. Taking a syringe, pull the skin between the shoulder blades by about 3-4 cm, then at a 45 degree angle to the spine resolutely, but carefully insert the needle to a depth of not more than 1.5 cm (important feel that the skin is pierced);
  10. Press the syringe plunger to administer the medicine, taking care not to shake a needle;
  11. Remove the syringe by massaging the injection site.

How to do an intramuscular injection

It’s relatively easy to inject the medicine subcutaneously, and now it’s it’s time to learn how to inject the cat intramuscularly into the thigh (посмотреть видео на ютубе):How to inject a cat

  1. Как и в случае с введением подкожного укола требуется соблюстиhygiene rules, uncork a vessel with medicine, release air from the syringe and dial the solution for injection (see paragraphs 1-7 for injections in withers);
  2. Take the cat in its arms or lay it on a flat surface, bending it back foot;
  3. Quickly insert the needle to a depth of no more than 2 cm (it is important that bone was touched);
  4. Press the piston to inject the drug into the femoral muscle at the back;
  5. Remove the syringe by stroking the injection site.

Why does the owner learn to inject the cat

Undoubtedly, a cat can be injected not only at home, but also in clinic, entrusting the animal to a specialist. But any owner should know the theory of self correct injection. And so why:

  • Firstly, in the most difficult situations (for example, at high temperature) there may not be time to visit a veterinary clinics. And not in all settlements of a medical institution for animals they work around the clock;
  • Secondly, medical manipulations by an outsider human (doctor), are for the cat the cause of the present stress. It is one thing when the injection is administered once, and if injections do you need to do 2-3 times a day for a week? This torment is not only for the cat itself, but also for its owner;
  • Thirdly, the services of a veterinarian are sometimes not cheap. For example, for an emergency call to the doctor’s house will have to pay a minimum of 500 rubles. If the animal needs an injection at night, to this amount you will need to add another 500-1000 rubles. A cat is injected into the muscle and under the skin will cost 100-150 rubles. Given the cost of some veterinary drugs, treatment can be very expensive. That’s why It is worth knowing how and where to do a cat injection with your own hands.

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