Unusual colors of dogs

Nature sometimes works miracles, and, of course, she did not ignore our four-legged friends. Sometimes patterns on dog hair suddenly add up to recognizable bizarre figures.

Let’s start with the “cheetah” – this is a dog of the breed pit bull terrier, Titus.

pit bull terrier Titus

Doggie with cat color.

feline color

Mustachioed dogs.

mustachioed puppymustachioed puppy has grown upmustachioed surprise

Dog with freckles.


Another “caulked”

freckles on a dog

These dogs seemed to try on masks and glasses.

dog with glasseslabrador with glassesin a black maskmaskedhusky puppy with glassesdog with glasses

Dogs with a heart.

puppy with a heartHeart on the puppy's backDog with a big heartnose-hearteven here is a heartpuppy with a heartnose

Cute pandas.


Dachshund leopard.


Tiger dog


And this is a pit bull terrier with zebra stripes.

pit bull with zebra stripespit bull with zebra stripes



Dogs with expressive eyebrows.

the saddest dogthe saddest dogsadsaddogdog

Husky with glasses.

husky in glasseshusky in glasses

White rottweiler.


A puppy looking like Hitler.

A puppy looking like HitlerA puppy looking like Hitler

Well, just unusual colors.

with sockswith socksmotleymotleyPuppy Teddy BearPuppy Teddy Bearmotley and beautifulmotley and beautifulmotleymotleyfoxfoxdogdogsharpei headsharpei headmarblemarblea mixture of husky and golden retrievera mixture of husky and golden retriever

These photos are a visual expression of natural chance, which in in the eyes of people acquires original and recognizable images. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us with her diversity!

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