Turkish van

Turkish Van, Turkish Cat, Swimming cat

Turkish Van Turkish Van, Turkish Cat, Swimming cat

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 10
  • Family Affection: 10
  • Game activity: 10
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Total health: 9
  • Hair loss: 6
  • Child Friendly: 9
  • Dog Friendly: 10
  • Love for meow: 10


The breed of cat is a Turkish van, without a doubt, one of the oldest. One legend says that these cats appeared near Lake Van, which near Mount Ararat. And it happened, no less, in times Old Testament Noah. One of the animals on the ark was a cat. He decided to explore the expanses around the ark and found the salt lake Van, located on the same highlands as Mount Ararat.

A less romantic legend says that cats arose Naturally, in the area of Lake Van. They grew and developed as a species in wild conditions of those places, and learned to swim and fish. The modern Van cat carries the genetic traits of her ancestors, has no fear of water, can swim and have fun from the water.

Crusaders brought these cats to Europe later. However was, the breed of cat Turkish van belongs to one of the oldest breeds, and proudly carries this status. No matter got off whether they are from Noah’s ark or not, these cats have a number of unique qualities, are very much appreciated all over the world, and are still found in natural environment – near Lake Van. Although it is extremely rare.

The modern development of this beautiful breed in European countries began in the UK in 1955. Two women photographer, Laura Lushington and Sonia Halliday, brought a pair of Van cats from a trip to Istanbul – male and female, with red marks on head and tail. For four years they have been successfully breeding offspring, after which they brought another pair of van from Istanbul, and continued what was started.

The breed was officially recognized in England in 1969 under the name “turkish cat”. Later the name changed to Turkish Wang. International Cat Association (TICA) granted status Turkish champion of this breed in June 1979.


The cat is a Turkish van, this is really a special breed. Huge love of water, the ability to swim and hunt both in water and on land, as well as outstanding intelligence makes the van extremely interesting pets.

These cats are very flexible, muscular and strong, they are designed for hunting, able to climb any tree and rarely experience problems in order to go down from him. Hind legs slightly longer front, broad, developed chest, ears are medium, tail is fluffy. Males are much larger than females. The head is round, wedge-shaped, eyes are amber or blue.

He will become your loving and affectionate companion, very smart, however, with his character and outlook on many issues and events that surround him. You need to find a common language with the van, as suppress their character is almost impossible.


A distinctive feature of the van is very high intelligence, which gives rise to a certain isolation and ability to deeply perceive all phenomena. The cat draws conclusions, but as they say, “canny”. On the other hand, if the right socialization while the pet is still a kitten, you will succeed form a much more open character.

With other pets, the cat should feel on top of the home hierarchy. Then he will be calm and satisfied. by myself.

These cats love to lie in the water in hot weather, swim beautifully and love to hunt, so forget about the fish in the open aquarium. Small pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, parrots, also may not survive meeting a hereditary hunter.

On the other hand, a Turkish van is capable of showing tremendous love and affection for his family, despite the fact that in being alone will feel comfortable. He is beautiful climber, loves to climb trees, this is a flexible and strong cat, he can catch toys on the fly, and show miracles of dexterity. Van normally perceive children if they are not too intrusive, but to guests and strangers are treated with caution.

This breed is quite wayward and does not like restrictions of freedom. If the cat doesn’t like anything, starting from stroking and ending with an abundance of children’s attention, he will let you know. Also, pay attention to his nose – if the cat is angry, the nose is pink turns to red.

Love for water can also cause trouble. Turkish van can fall into the toilet, he can learn to open independently taps with water, not to mention the doors to the bathroom.

Common diseases

Generally speaking, the Turkish Van breed is in good health inherited from ancestors. They have a great appetite, good immunity and stamina. However, there is a slight tendency to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Unlike some others breeds, in Van the transmission of predisposition to this disease by inheritance not proven. Van Life Expectancy 12-17 years old.


Nature itself adapted these cats to swimming, as they have no undercoat. This greatly simplifies care, and not even Be sure to use a coarse metal brush. Will fit and ordinary, plastic, with it you can remove once a week dead villi. The wool falls out weakly, in spring and autumn, in cover renewal period.

Usually a Turkish van takes a bath with shampoo at least once every month, but you must provide your pet with access to water. it there may be a simple bath with toys, without shampoo. Moreover, quite it is possible that you will have to do this often.

Claws trimmed at least once every two weeks, ears need to be checked every week, and it’s better to brush your teeth every day. Tray should keep clean, the van is very demanding in this matter.

Did you know? Most cats sleep from 17 to 18 hours a day, but a Turkish van tends to stay awake and, seems to be always on the lookout for activities.

Breed Information

Country of origin Turkey
Life span 12-17 years old
The size medium-large
Weight Cats: up to 7 kg, Cats: 5-6 kg
Type of wool longhair
Color white with characteristic color marks on the head and tail.
Lifestyle outdoor / indoor
Group longhair, for children
Price 400 – 600 $

Breed photo

Turkish Van Turkish Van, Turkish Cat, Swimming cat turkish van cat breed turkish van photo Turkish van horse turkish van cat cat breed turkish van

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