Brief description of the breed

The lion, of course, is the king of beasts, but the tiger is the most magnificent of of all big cats, which, unfortunately, is under threat of complete extinction. To save the tiger, so to speak, in in miniature, the breeders decided to bring a cat that will be externally similar to this formidable and at the same time beautiful animal. This the idea was embodied in a completely unique breed – toyger. for how toyger kittens sneak around the living room, you can really to think that this is not a cub of a domestic cat, but a real tiger, but, fortunately, he will not grow up and eat you. Toigers possess pleasant to the touch bright orange coat with special black markings similar to those of the tiger. Wherein This cat’s belly area is light in color. gentle, calm nature, as a rule, they are all friendly. It is easy to accustom representatives of this breed to walks on a leash. Moreover, they are quite energetic, enjoy playing mobile, interactive games, but show friendliness to others animals, and even dogs. Toyger is a great choice for families with children, but the interaction of the animal with small family members should be supervised by adults. Toiger will become real a friend for any family that is ready to give the animal its warmth and love. Like most other purebred cats, toyger is very smart. He is very curious, loves toys. Cats are also not particularly picky. To maintain wool in proper condition will be enough weekly combing. Also regular clipping and clipping is required. inherent in this breed, makes from a toyger an excellent pet for families with other pets in the house, including dogs. Many toyger owners are successfully training thanks to which the cat can perform various tricks inherent circus animal actors. It’s best to get a kitten from breeders who grow young animals at home. Wherein it’s worth visiting the breeder’s house several times before make a final purchase decision. This is necessary in order to make sure the kitten is doing well, and to make sure Good health of your future pet. Also useful will see the kitten’s mother, because it depends on the parents general condition of the little cat.

Toyger cat photo:

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Toyger cat story

Initially, many cats were called “tigers” (the name comes from English “tiger” – tiger). But get a cat that would be in really much like the lord of the jungle managed thanks to breeder Judy Sagen. It was her idea bring out a cat that would be as similar to a tiger as possible. selection began with a cat named Millwood, in whose veins flowed the blood of a Bengal cat and a cat of Indian breed, in which there were spots between the ears. Also a contribution to the breeding of this breed cross breeding with different breeds was done by Anthony breeders Hutcherson and Alice Mackey. It was their idea to bring a domestic cat that looks like a tiger with an elongated body and a characteristic color with spots in the form of stripes and rosettes. the association began registration of this breed in 1993, but officially the breed “Toyger” appeared in the year 2000. And here is the complete recognition did not happen long ago – in 2007. Truth on only the International Association recognized the breed TICA. First of all, this is due to the fact that most members various associations are inclined to believe that toyger is not individual breed, and a cat bred by crossing the most various breeds of cats. Therefore, according to some, it’s impossible define a clear breed standard, which is the reason for which other associations do not recognize toyger.

Character cat toyger

As already mentioned, toyger is a great choice for almost any family who wants to have a faithful and reliable friend, with which will be fun for adults and children. Cats of this breed do not differ in a special individuality (in terms of behavior), therefore rarely show character and temperament.Toygers are trainable, but for this, patience and perseverance must be shown. This cat The breed is calm, but do not mind playing and having fun. Often possible watch the picture when a little tiger cub climbs on his shoulders their master and family members. Toyger isn’t suitable for those who don’t ready to give attention and warmth to the pet. If there are others in the house pets, then from the first days it is necessary to begin the process of socialization. First of all, he will conclude with communication with others. animals. In the future, this will be the key to friendly relations. new family member with other pets.

Maintenance and care

Caring for a Toyger cat is not particularly difficult. Most owners comb their pet with a special brush only once a week. This amount is enough, since toygers are not prone to strong molting. Do not forget about the need to trim the claws. This should be done on average once per one and a half – two weeks. If the pet often walks on the street, then the claws are likely to grind naturally way. Also reduce the frequency of this procedure will help cat scratcher that can be purchased at any pet store or do it yourself. Ears are a very vulnerable organ in most pets. Therefore, the owner of the cat needs a weekly carry out a thorough check of their condition. Should not occur irritations, infections, various contaminants or atypical discharge As a preventive measure, ears must be treated. a special solution prescribed by the veterinarian, but it can also be do it yourself. It is enough to dilute vinegar with water in proportions one to one. Use of cotton should be avoided. tampons for ear cleaning, as the ear canal may be disturbed brushing your teeth helps prevent stomatitis and a number of infectious diseases that occur in the oral cavity animal with insufficient hygiene. Use for this special toothpaste, best recommended by a veterinarian.

Health and Disease

All cats are prone to genetic diseases. just like people tend to acquire hereditary ailments. As for toyger, this breed is considered to be relatively healthy. Most representatives of this Cat species present a heart murmur. He testifies to the presence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in the animal. Other Significant genetic abnormalities in toyger, as a rule, do not There is another ailment that can be avoided very easily with proper and adequate care, as well as proper organization pet’s diet – obesity. Regular control the weight of the pet and feed exclusively with those products which are recommended by a veterinarian. In general, a guarantee of a strong the health of your kitten will be his purchase from a trusted, serious breeder. Be sure to require all medical documents for young animals. Everyone has health certificates self-respecting animal breeders. It is impossible to foresee everything health problems that a pet may have. It is necessary at least once every six months to carry out planned medical inspections. At the first manifestation of atypical animal behavior or any other signs of an unhealthy condition should be addressed to the vet. Timely diagnosis will help to quickly cope with illness and prevent possible complications that often occur with untimely medical care.

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