The Underworld of Cats: Where Domestic Souls Go animals after death in terms of different religions

A question of concern to any believer who has or once there was a cat: “Are the pets endowed with the soul where the cats go after death? “We get so attached to the pets that we start humanize them and, of course, sincerely wish the animals also had a chance at the afterlife.


  • 1 Where cats get after death – versions in different religions
    • 1.1 Orthodoxy
    • 1.2 Hinduism
    • 1.3 Buddhism
    • 1.4 Islam
    • 1.5 Judaism
  • 2 Why they say that dead cats go to the rainbow
  • 3 Reviews of people about the afterlife for animals

Where do cats get after death – versions in different religions

Different religions are ambiguous in the question of where the dead fall. animals. Somewhere animals are considered soulless creatures, therefore just disappear after their death. In other beliefs, pets on the contrary, they are equated with a person and even capable of following lives reborn into people.


In Genesis, animals, fish, and birds are called “living souls.” By this they differ from plants, celestial bodies, stones.

And God said: Behold, I have given you all kinds of grass sowing seed, which there is in all the earth, and every tree that has a tree fruit, sowing seed. This will be for your food; and to all the beasts of the earth, and to all to the birds of heaven, and to every creeping thing on the earth, in which the soul alive, I gave all the herbs green to food.

Old Testament

Genesis chapter 1 verse 29:30

But also in the Scripture there is a mention that “the soul of animals in the blood them “(Old Testament, Leviticus 17:11). This phrase is most theologians considers evidence that after the death of a cat and dog is not fall into the kingdom of heaven. That is, as soon as the blood freezes in body of a dead beast, then the soul disappears with it. Man three-part – according to the second epistle of the apostle Paul to Corinthians, in addition to the body and soul that gives life, people still have a spirit (or the spark of God), which is transferred to heaven or hell after of death.

“Because according to the Scriptures the soul of every animal is its blood, and thickened blood with rotten flesh decomposes into the ground, then the soul of animals becomes dust, but does not have the opportunity to go on Heaven”.

Saint Basil the Great

The Six-Day Bible Interpretation

Cat in the grass

Alas, in Orthodoxy, cats have no right to the afterlife, because unlike people they are not created in the image of God and do not possess immortal spirit


In Hinduism, there is no grave world beyond Christ with paradise and hell. And the concept of the soul is very specific. Man on a par with cats and other animals endowed with the atman. About this sacred the substance in the Rig Veda is written: “Atman is what makes living things see, hear, smell, smell, recognize sweet and unsweetened. “That animals and humans possess identical atman supports the idea of reincarnation. Anyone can be reborn as a cat, and any cat in the next life can become a man or woman. The resettlement process continues until until the spirit reaches moksha (liberation), as a result he will lose his individual nature and become part of the Absolute (Universe).


Among the Indians, the black cat personifies the deity Shashtha, which is the protector of mothers and children


Buddhism is divided into several areas, among which Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana, Lamaism, Zen Buddhism stand out. At each of these areas has its own characteristics in understanding of death. For the first Buddhist movements, the concept of dharma is characteristic – combinations of intangible particles that make up the whole Universe. “In Buddhist holy books, the soul is specific because is a combination of four elements: sensations, representations, desires and cognition (or consciousness), “writes the historian of religion I. Kryelev. And if there is no traditional concept of the soul, then there can be no speech that she gets somewhere after the death of a person or a cat.

A little different interpretation of death among the Lamaists and Zen Buddhists. According to their beliefs, earthly life, thoughts, deeds, the degree of enlightenment determines the subsequent fate of the deceased. If you commit a lot of evil, then with a high probability you are in the next life will turn into a stone or animal, including a cat. But after the death of a cat, her soul has a chance to go into the body of a newborn person.

Cat and the Buddhist

There is no cat worship practice in Buddhism, but Buddhists believe that the souls of ancestors can degenerate into cats, therefore they relate to respectfully


Islam respects family members feline. For example, there is a legend that Muhammad during march on Uhud, saw a cat lying in the middle of the road and feeds the milk of their kittens. So that the soldiers do not scare the furry family, the prophet preferred to change the route of the soldiers. According to another belief, Muhammad forbade the sale of cats as a commodity, for this a cat nicknamed Hazrati strangled a snake preparing to attack the prophet.

But how Islam deals with the soul of cats – does this religion is its presence and are animals entitled to an afterlife? Beasts have a spirit that gives them life, but is not “pass ticket” to heaven. And meanwhile, after the Last Judgment, cats and other animals will be resurrected along with all people to answer before Allah for every act. “Everything that used to be alive, will be resurrected on Judgment Day to weigh his rights between themselves. Even a horned sheep will be rewarded for every harm caused by his malice “(Muslim, al-Birr).


There is no clear indication in the Torah whether animals fall on Heaven. But there are works of authoritative rabbis who speak out about this theme. For example, Saadia Gaon in his philosophical article “Sepher Emunot Wadeiot” writes that the animal ultimately rewarded for all the pain that it experienced, and for all that the happiness that it brought to people. The basis for such an opinion a quote from the Talmud served: “Holy, blessed be He, does not leave no one without the remuneration due to him. “Rabbi Saadia Gaon believed that this applies to any living creature, and not just to to man.

Opponents of Saadiy Gaon argue that after death all animals disappear because they have no soul. In evidence of this they quote from Scripture: “And He breathed into his nostrils his soul life, and man became a living soul. “Indications that God is the same did not with cats, which means they are soulless and cannot fall into Paradise.

Cat on the gravel

According to some orthodox Jews, cats are soulless and dishonest, because in the Torah there is not a single mention of these animals, which means people should not only keep the purr in house, but even touch them

Why they say that dead cats go to the rainbow

At the very edge of the sky there is a place called the Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies, especially if it was very loved by someone in this life, it hits the Rainbow Bridge. There are endless meadows and hills on which our friends can run and play all together. There an abundance of food, water and sunlight, and there our warmth is warm and comfortable. In this land all sick and old animals turn in young and full of energy; injured and injured again become healthy.

Paul C. Dahm

“Legends of the Rainbow Bridge” (translation by Irina Petrakova)

At the heart of the legend of the rainbow bridge on which the dead leave domestic animals, – Bivrest from Scandinavian mythology. So called the transition between Asgard (the heavenly city of the gods) and other worlds, including the underworld, where the souls of the dead live people. In the myths of the Scandinavians there is not a word that live on this bridge dead animals are nothing more than fiction poets and writers inspired by ancient legends (the very first Paul Charles is the author of the Rainbow Bridge for Cats The lady who published in 1981 “The Legend of the Rainbow Bridge”). But Readers liked this touching and beautiful version, so it spread quickly. Many began to sincerely believe that their furry pets after death fall into a beautiful rainbow world.

Cat, butterflies and razdu

The fact that dead cats go to the rainbow is sad and beautiful a fairy tale that has nothing to do with any religion

Reviews of people about the afterlife for animals

Animals do not have a mind like a man, are not image of God, Christ did not die for animals, therefore their souls die with the body.

Mikhail Bychkov

Read Ephraim the Syrian “On Paradise.” I like the way I said Rev. – God knows how we love animals, for us He knows them created. And if in the afterlife there will be trees, which in general souls do not, then our pets, probably should be there…

Oleg Mirokhin

I had a cat named Juliet. She was very graceful like a ballerina. And pussy was an excellent mouse hunter. And the other my cat named joey is a very clumsy hunter. Alas, Juliet once gone. But the amazing thing is that after her departure, Joey immediately he began to catch mice. I’m sure it’s the spirit Juliet taught Joey to hunt well, that means cats even after death remain close to us.

My parishioner’s daughter died a cat. The girl cried a lot, and a few days later in a dream I saw my darling – healthy and cheerful. The most interesting thing is that the animal came from radiance. As this girl then told me: “I stopped crying, because I realized that my Maryska is in a better world. “How relate to this dream? Like a fantasy, or some kind of sign from God? Do not be tormented by this issue. There are dozens of different theories, but they are all invented by people. How and what will actually be – only God knows, and we can only accept gratitude his every decision.

Different religions have different opinions about what happens to cats after death. Somewhere it says that these animals do not possess spirit, therefore, in paradise, their favorites, alas, can not be found. Adherents other beliefs are sure that animals are equitable with humans. IN Eastern religions even believe that a cat may after death reborn in the human body.

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