The story of the bald parrot Rey

This story is about love. About love that not only saved a life sick bird, but also made her happy. In the budgerigar Rhea now, in addition to the adored mistress, there are still hundreds of thousands of fans in Instagram


  • 1 Rhea: the ugliest or the most beautiful?
    • 1.1 Photo gallery: fashionable new things for the parrot
    • 1.2 Video: Rhea lives fun and interesting

Rhea: the ugliest or the most beautiful?

Before getting sick, Rhea was the most ordinary little a parrot. So ordinary that now no one with she cannot say for certainty It doesn’t look exactly like before. Yes, it’s not now too important, says Rei’s hostess – Isabella Eisenmann, 24-year-old resident of the city of Boston (USA). The main thing is that her pet is loved and lives a full life. And world fame that suddenly hit the brave bird – this is a kind of compensation for trials that fell to her lot.


Before Ray’s disease, it could look something like this

At the age of two, Rhea was infected with a dangerous virus somewhere, which can leave the bird not only without feathers, but even without beak and claws. Parrots – creatures are very gentle, their must be protected from hypothermia, drafts and infections. The previous owners did not save their bird, and when the doctor said that she will always be bald now, they left the baby in the veterinary clinic – well really, who needs such a freak?

Rhea in the cage

Rhea doesn’t care at all how she looks now

Here in the clinic, Isabella discovered a future star. Instagram took her to her home and cured her. The form circovirus disease was not severe, it did not complications, and Ray feels quite comfortable – the absence feathers does not prevent her from staying cheerful, sociable and very a cheerful bird. She needs only not to be cold and monitor blood status from time to time.

The girl started an Instagram page for the baby, where she became publish the “bare truth” – photos and videos of the rescued a parrot. Some found them shocking and even christened Rhea the ugliest Internet parrot. But there was much more people who sincerely fell in love with this positive baby and her mistress. Rhea now has about half a million subscribers, and many fans give her exclusive outfits – so as not to freeze and could show off in front of the camera.

Rhea in a blue sweater

First, her mistress knitted sweaters for Rhea, but now they are doing it hundreds of bald buddy fans

Photo gallery: fashionable new things for the parrot

Rhea in a pink suit
Delicate pastel shades “to face” any girl
Rhea in a Mexican outfit
Bright Mexican outfit looks very impressive
Rhea in a sailor suit
A bold maritime-style mini – the highlight of the Rhea wardrobe
Rhea in a blue poncho
The blue little poncho is always warm and cozy
Rhea in a smart sweater
Minimalist sweater looks modern
Rhea with spare wings
Spare wings for birds are always welcome
Rhea in a white dress
An exquisite white dress is suitable for the most solemn the case
Rhea in a warm sweater
A knitted sweater with a hood will warm in the winter evening
Rhea in a native swimsuit
In such a spectacular swimsuit you can seem the coolest resort
Rhea in a superman costume
Superman’s Cloak Redrawn Specially for Rhea
Rhea in the original outfit
Rhea’s most creative outfit – just no words
Rhea in a green outfit
Green color goes to all parrots without exception

The parrot has a lot of clothes – her mistress lost count about a thousandth new thing. But Rhea herself refers to outfits very supportive and, apparently, believes that there are not many of them – like any girl, she is a great fashionista.

Rhea with a dog

The “naked” parrot and shaggy dog are great friends

Unfortunately, Rhea cannot flaunt in all its glory before other parrots – the risk of infection remains. therefore her master’s friend became another master’s favorite – charming decorative dog, who also has her own wardrobe for outings, although not so varied.

Video: Rhea lives fun and interesting

Love really can work miracles. In our case the mistress’s love and care managed to turn a small bird, which everyone rejected and considered ugly, a beautiful princess. Highly instructive story, isn’t it? Follow Rei’s successes on her account. Her Instagram username is @rhea_thenakedbirdie.

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