The origin of cats and their ancient ancestors

The evolution or origin of a domestic cat is far from it. transparent as it may seem. 21st Century Science Shed No Light some aspects of domestication, but many remain obscure. In short, all cats probably occurred from the prehistoric pro-ailurus which was the last the forerunner of the first domestic cats.

The origin of cats and their ancient ancestors

Family tree and general family tree

All cats belong to the cat family. As part of this families now there are two subfamilies: big cats (which includes jaguars, lions, leopards and tigers) and small cats (which includes cougars, cheetahs, lynxes, ocelots and domestic cats). Previously, there was a third subfamily – saber-toothed cats, which included a smilodon or saber-toothed tiger, but they became extinct. The last common ancestor of all three families, extant, extant, is pseudo-elurus. His the predecessor, the airurus, may have been the first cat-like to animals.

First cats

Pseudoelurus is a prehistoric cat that lived in Eurasia and North America about 20 million years ago. Pseudo delruses had a slender body and short legs, or were similar on modern ferrets. They became extinct about 8 million years ago. IN scientific literature they are often referred to as fundamental feline animals. Their predecessor, the airurus, lived in Eurasia approximately 25 million years ago. Proailourus was a bit more modern domestic cat. He had a long tail and, probably knew how to climb trees. Some scientists, by contrast, consider it as his first and fundamental animal of all feline.

Common symptoms

All cats, both small and large, have common features, although this may seem counterintuitive when comparing a regular domestic cat with a tiger. It is important to understand that the term “big cats” does not carry itself no biological significance regarding size animal. The main common features of all cats is carnivores, developed sociality, as well as usually nocturnal Lifestyle. No feline has taste buds to distinguish between sweetness (sweet taste).

Distribution and origin of modern cats

Cats traveled from Eurasia to North America and back, since prehistoric times. According to scientific research they spread around the world millions of years ago. Domestication The domestic cat happened much later. It’s generally accepted today that people started taming cats about 3,600 years ago, however there is evidence that this could be about 10,000 years ago. Scientists Warren Johnson and Stephen O’Brien examining samples DNA of 37 species of cats conducted genetic research. They are came to the conclusion that they all descended from pseudo-Elruses and, Accordingly, from the airmail.

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