The most unpretentious cats for an apartment

When choosing a pet, it is important to consider many factors: size of housing, employment, financial opportunities of the owners. The most unpretentious cats are ideal for keeping in an apartment, not causing special troubles and requiring minimum conditions for comfortable stay.


  • 1 British Shorthair
  • 2 Persian
  • 3 Petersburg
  • 4 Ragdoll
  • 5 Russian blue
  • 6 Scottish Fold
  • 7 Exotic Shorthair
  • 8 Sacred Burma

British Shorthair

They are playful, friendly and calm. Thanks to the tight short To a fur coat the British need minimal care.

British ShorthairBritish Shorthair


They have an incredibly affectionate and serene disposition. Persian cats are not pretentious except for frequent combing.

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Persian kittenPersian cat


Ideal for those who do not like to clean up for animals wool. Representatives of this breed are non-conflict, smart and are patient.

PeterbaldPeterbald kittens


Extraordinarily calm and unpretentious cats that will become original “decoration” of any room.

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RagdollRagdoll Kittens

Russian blue

The cat perfectly tolerates loneliness, and therefore is ideal for busy hosts.

Russian blue catsRussian blue cat

Scottish fold

Balance and complaisant disposition allow these cats to easily get along with all the inhabitants of the apartment.


Exotic Shorthair

Due to their carelessness and humility, these cats become loyal friends of the owner, without requiring special conditions care.

Exotic ShorthairExotic Shorthair Cat

Sacred burma

Extremely friendly, loving and undemanding. Perfect for an apartment where there are kids.

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HolyCats of breed sacred burma

When choosing a pet, you should consider not only your preferences, but also features of his character, requirements for leaving and conditions of detention. It is imperative that both the cat and the owners have as comfortable as possible in the apartment. Then the warm relationship between them will last for many years.

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