The most sociable cat breeds: choose friend

As you know, feline representatives like to walk “on their own yourself, “especially not needing the company of a person. However, there are the most sociable breeds of cats that can become faithful friend for life.


  • 1 Exotic Shorthair
  • 2 Abyssinian
  • 3 Persian
  • 4 Russian blue
  • 5 Siamese
  • 6 Somali
  • 7 Ragdoll
  • 8 Maine Coon
  • 9 Sphinx

Exotic Shorthair

These cats are incredibly affectionate and attached to people. They are from those who long and with pleasure sits in his hands, warming his master warmth.

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Exotic ShorthairExotic Shorthair on the couch


He loves active games. It gets along well with both adults and toddlers.

Abyssinian catAbyssinian cat


Affectionate Persians instantly “stick” to the owner, but not tolerate rudeness in relation to themselves.

Persian cat

Russian blue

These graceful beauties do not literally leave their master not a single step, seeking to participate in all his affairs and concerns.

Russian blue


Representatives of this breed need constant communication and attention. They are very affectionate and grateful “listeners”, resembling dogs with their habits.



Especially active and playful cats. Energetic, attentive and extremely inquisitive, ideally amenable to training.

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Somali cat


These pussies are happy to accept all manifestations human love. Very attached to the owner, understand any of it intonation.


Maine Coon

They are always open for communication with both a person and others. representatives of the animal world. Love to play, feel great yourself while traveling.

Maine CoonMaine


Perhaps the friendliest breed, ready for anything for affection and attention of the beloved host.


Undoubtedly, each cat has its own character traits, going beyond the description of a particular breed. But these friendship and communication with your master is always at the first place.

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