The most dangerous dog breeds

They are often called killer dogs, and from time to time around dog attacks on people have high-profile scandals. What breeds dogs are potentially dangerous to the person who is to blame and what do?


  • 1 Distinctive features of hazardous rocks
  • 2 Overview of the most dangerous dog breeds
    • 2.1 Photo Gallery: Dogs That Are Biting
  • 3 Which dogs attack people most often
    • 3.1 Top 10 killer dogs
      • 3.1.1 Labrador
      • 3.1.2 German boxer
      • 3.1.3 Chow Chow
      • 3.1.4 Akita Inu
      • 3.1.5 Siberian Husky
      • 3.1.6 Wolfhounds
      • 3.1.7 German Shepherd
      • 3.1.8 Canary Great Dane
      • 3.1.9 Rottweiler
      • 3.1.10 American Pit Bull Terrier

Distinctive features of hazardous rocks

Aggression of a particular dog towards a person, of course, is not means that all its breed must be considered uncontrollable to the killers. If you look, then almost every such the case is the fault of a person, not an animal.

It must be remembered that many breeds were originally bred in order to kill – and not only animals, but also people: in ancient powerful dogs fought with gladiators for the fun of the nobility, hard guarded the slaves on the plantations and did not even disdain humanity. IN our power pet genetic memory management: most dogs are very malleable – from them you can “fashion” education as a killer monster, as well as an obedient, balanced assistant.

The hunting instinct is present in the nature of all canids, it is possible to use as for peaceful purposes – for the service of man, for him good, and trouble for others. Potentially dangerous dogs breeds, regardless of their purpose, are endowed with common features, including:

  • incredulity and aggressiveness to strangers;
  • courage and determination;
  • security qualities;
  • selflessness in the interests of the pack;
  • desire to dominate and willingness to obey the leader.

Dog on training

Training is a prerequisite for keeping dogs potentially dangerous breeds

Systemic competent training is required for such dogs – thanks to an experienced trainer, their working potential is revealed, but while the animal remains adequate and manageable. However, even the most experienced dog handler is not able to predict all possible provocative moments and the reaction of the pet to them. Therefore need Strictly observe safety precautions:

  • prevent uncontrolled contact with outsiders;
  • for yard maintenance ensure perimeter reliability so that the dog could not marry him;
  • in crowded places to walk the pet only on a leash and in a muzzle;
  • Do not entrust the care of the dog to children and elderly family members.

Boy with a pit bull

Do not leave your child alone with a fighting dog

Overview of the most dangerous dog breeds

There is no single rating of especially dangerous breeds – in each the country, even in each region has its own sad statistics, on the basis of which a biased attitude and terrible myths about cannibal dogs. At the beginning of 2019, a list of potentially dangerous dogs was officially introduced in Russia – according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it included 69 breeds, as well as their mestizo.

After some time, the list was reduced to 13 points – from he was removed, for example, a completely harmless sharpei, guilty only the fact that his very old ancestors once participated in battles on fun to the Chinese emperors.

Some other list items are also doubtful: some breeds so rare in Russia that ordinary people hear about them for the first time, others breeds do not exist at all – their names are spelled (“Ghoul dog” instead of “ghoul dong”; “North Caucasian dog” instead “Caucasian Shepherd Dog”).

These are the “killer” breeds presented in the final list:

  • akbash;
  • American bandog;
  • ambuldog;
  • Brazilian Bulldog
  • bulli kutta;
  • Alapakhskii purebred bulldog (otto);
  • bandog;
  • wolf-dog hybrids, wolf-breeds and their offspring;
  • ghoul dong;
  • pit bullmastiff;
  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog;
  • interbreeds mixed breeds;
  • crossbreed with purebred dogs.

However, the alarming list can be substantially supplemented – any protective breed of large dimensions, sometimes even the one from whom you do not expect an attack.

Photo gallery: dogs that are bitten

Black Terrier
The black terrier (“Stalin’s dog”) was bred for protection and escorting, very smart, strong and hardy
Giant Schnauzer – a smart and temperamental dog, but with the wrong upbringing he can become uncontrollable
Moscow Watchdog – complex, not completely formed breed is aggressive and unpredictable
Central asian shepherd dog
Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Turkmen Wolfhound, Alabai) – powerful, very large shepherd and guard breed, alone copes with a wolf
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is assertive, stubborn and fearless in case of bad parenting and poor training can manifest uncontrollability
The danger of the rottweiler is often explained by irresponsibility host, abuse, lack of training and socialization
Chow Chow – dogs of this breed require good training, can be very aggressive protecting the host
Aggression coupled with size and strength make Dobermans potentially dangerous
Husky – Northern sled dogs, due to strong hunting instinct can be dangerous
Pit bull – breed bred for bullying bulls and bears, used in dog fights; in America is considered the most dangerous a dog
Boerboel is a large mastiff bred in South Africa with the aim of home or farm security
Tosa inu – the dog was bred as a fighting breed, it is considered dangerous, prohibited in some countries
Akita Inu is a strong and independent dog, suspicious of towards strangers
Saint Bernard is a rescue dog that can become aggressive with improper upbringing
Cane Corso
Cane Corso is a descendant of the ancient Roman fighting dogs
German Shepherd
If not properly raised, a German shepherd can attack people
Great Canary – a large shepherd dog, needs a good training
Gul-dong – breed bred as fighting; dogs are aggressive and difficult to control
American Bulldog
The American Bulldog can be incredibly stubborn, breed was bred for protection
Brazilian Mastiff
Brazilian mastiff due to size, temperament and potential aggressiveness prohibited in many countries
Basenji takes the second place in the list of breeds, it is difficult trainable
German dog
Great Dane – a huge dog, bred for hunting wild wild boar and deer
Wolfhound, a wolf hybrid – the result of a cross between a wolf and a dog, what explains his unpredictable behavior
Boxer is not too aggressive, but not too capricious and energetic
Bull Terrier – The breed is not particularly aggressive, but it has a lot of developed hunting instinct, because the dog is dangerous
Dogo Argentino – a dog bred in Argentina to hunt wild boars and puma
Alaskan Malamute
Alaskan Malamute needs daily activities, otherwise begins signs of aggression and disobedience

Which dogs attack people most often

You may be surprised, but absolute leaders in hocus bites are not some huge monstrosobaki, but the cutest spaniels – experienced experts told me about this with one voice dog handlers and injured groomers. No less than large breeds, shows any aggression to a person and any decorative trifle – Of course, the troubles in these cases are incommensurable.

The fact is that dogs are not aware of their size and possibilities: a microscopic alpha male toya will seriously throwing himself at a huge mastiff in whose mouth he could Spacious, as if in a carrying. With aggression towards people – that the same story: a healthy and mentally balanced dog of any breed can overcome the species taboo and attack a person in three cases:

  • if she, the owner or members of the pack, is threatened, in her opinion, danger;
  • when the boundaries of the territory that she considers are violated his;
  • with the encroachment of an alien on the holy – on food.

A separate topic – individuals with a torn psyche, extremely neglected upbringing or in a special way trained for anger; in all of these options clearly visible human factor, not the fault of the dog.

And if you believe the messages of the same press, then they lead in cases of impudent attacks on people, their injuries and even murders not at all the owner’s dogs, but half-handed down in packs mongrels – they really represent a big problem, which we ourselves have created for ourselves.

Top 10 killer dogs

Oddly enough, in open Russian sources there is no reliable information about which dogs of which breeds send more often than others aggression against a person. But such statistics are cynologists and zoodefenders of the USA and Canada – on their data for the last forty years This rating is based.


This pretty dog is not as harmless as we are used to think about it. Labrador – companion, guide, best friend children however, it is this breed that completes the top ten most dangerous dogs in the US and Canada, where dogs became famous for their attacks on postmen, couriers, merchants and other outsiders who came too close to the door of the house.


Labradors killed 3 people in North America and crippled 45

German boxer

German boxers in the seventies and eighties of the last century were one of the most popular breeds in our country. The breed is distinguished by intelligence, temperament and devotion. However, a dog faithful to the owners is able to show increased distrust and aggression towards strangers, which sometimes ends tragically.

German boxerGerman boxer

The black list of the German boxer 7 murders and 31 cases attacks on people

Chow chow

Charming “little bear” with a purple tongue – Chow Chow has a very peculiar character. it a typical example of a dog of one owner who worships his owner, and the rest of the family only suffers, not to mention strangers. From an ill-bred Chow Chow you can expect an attack that, at best, will end only in hocus bites.

Chow chow redChow chow red

Chow Chow has 8 deaths and 40 injuries

Akita Inu

Most of us learned about this breed from a movie-melodrama. “Hachiko: The Most Faithful Friend” whose hero is daily for For nine years he came to meet his departing master at the station. However, a dog bred for hunting and fighting strictly guards the borders. of its territory, and in relation to violators does not behave friendly.

Akita Inu in the waterAkita Inu in the water

Dogs of Japanese breed Akita Inu killed 8 people and 52 badly bit

Siberian Husky

Fashion for the blue-eyed handsome husky is now at its peak, although this sled dog, too much like a wolf, is uncomfortable feels in a city apartment and defies ordinary training methods. Improper upbringing or lack it is fraught with fatal consequences – especially often husky attack children.

Siberian HuskySiberian Husky

Siberian Husky has 26 human deaths and 27 cases mutilation


A variety of crossbreeds of domestic dogs with wild wolves, which called wolfhounds or wolfhounds, in a separate breed they don’t stand out; these hybrids are unpredictable and large the potential for aggression towards humans. Such an animal can only an experienced, confident person – early socialization and systemic training is especially important for the wolf breed.


Wolfhounds: deaths 19, hocus pounds – 49

German Shepherd

How did it happen that this universal favorite, the best of service dogs turned out to be one of the leaders in the ranking aggressor breeds? The German Shepherd served a poor service its immense popularity, entailing irresponsible commercial breeding – a lot appeared in the breed hysterical, uncontrollable and even cowardly individuals with whom not masters cope.

German shepherd sitsGerman shepherd sits

German Shepherds list 15 fatal attacks on humans and 73 injuries

Great Canary

We have a rather rare breed, stubborn, waywardness and tough security. Great Canary at the beginning of his career he fought in battles and guarded herds from attacks of large predators, now with the same zeal he guards household property, and in some cases may overdo it … The breed is prohibited from being imported into Australia.


Great Canary Dog bitten 18 people and 83 crippled


Rottweiler, as statistics show, is one of the most dangerous breeds for humans. It is decisive, very a strong dog whose powerful dental system does not leave the enemy chances. Before buying a charming puppy of this breed, weigh your possibilities responsibly: will you handle the dog, when will she grow up?

Rottweiler in the muzzleRottweiler in the muzzle

Rottweilers killed 85 people, and 286 nearly bitten to death

American Pit Bull Terrier

The pit bull is rightfully considered the most evil dog in the world, although their the hosts talk about the tender and affectionate nature of their pets. This fighting breed is endowed with strength, determination, fearlessness and dead grip – the pit bull will not open his jaw even after his death. Is it necessary to say that this common us breed is not suitable for every owner.

American Pit Bull Terrier Close-UpAmerican Pit Bull Terrier Close-Up

Pit Bull Terrible Record: 296 killed, 2110 injured

Like any formidable weapon, the dog must be in reliable and experienced hands. First of all, it concerns large, strong, potentially aggressive rocks.

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