The first appearance of a kitten in the house

A nice and cute kitten will bring love, laughter and fun. So that all family members do not receive unnecessary discomfort and were happy, the new kitten needs to be raised correctly. Bringing to kitty house, you guarantee yourself an exciting experience. IN at some point you will realize that this is your real friend (cute, curious and funny). Usually immediately after birth, kittens are not taken from the mother cat. It only happens after 8-10 weeks. Behind the kitten brought to the house, you must care. Just like our children, kittens are in great need in attention and in every help. Try not to go far from a kitten so that he can get used to the new atmosphere and quickly adapt to your environment. This usually takes a few days.

When is the best time to get a kitten?

A kitten needs to be wound up when you have a few days off to help adapt it. Remember that for a small pet, moving from your mother and brothers to your house is a big change. He may be in a state of shock and very much be nervous. Your task is to make sure that these changes do not were very noticeable and painful for him. Therefore necessary transport the kitten in a convenient basket (box) that does not have smells of other animals. Lay him a soft towel to the animal was warm and comfortable. Bring a spare a towel, as a kitten in a fit of fear can happen “accident” and need to replace the litter.

Before introducing a kitten into the house

Having bought a small kitten, even from the most proven and reliable seller, you need to take him to a veterinary clinic. There your a new pet will be checked for various viral diseases, leukemia, hereditary ailments and parasites. It is advisable to make a kitten a vaccination. This will allow you and your whole family can play with him calmly and not be afraid any infection. Only after hospital tests and receiving a veterinary opinion, you can let the kitten into the house.

Secure space

Even if your kitten immediately makes friends with your rest pets, he needs to organize a personal space. The place where your pet will feel in complete security. Allocate a separate room to the new family member, let him live in her first days, feel comfort and get used to it to all. Try to look at the kitten more often, let him get used to your smell. Feed him regularly and watch out for state of health. Let him hide under dark places rooms (under a sofa, table or cabinet). In these areas a kitten will feel more confident. Provide also a cozy and a warm bed, the pet’s sleep should be as comfortable as possible and comfortable.

First exit from the cage

Once you bring the kitten home, open the cage, let him come out of it. In this case, do not force the animal. The kitten will decide when to leave the cage. As soon as it Do not make sudden movements and do not scare him.


It is recommended to discuss the whole nutritional diet of a kitten with by the veterinarian. The specialist will tell you what food should be given so that the pet grew healthy. After a few days adaptation, let the kitten go, let him explore your whole house, but do not move food to a new place, let it remain in the same place as was in the early days. So the pet will quickly remember where he will be give food and gradually begin to get used to it.

Veterinary care

A newborn kitten already has a small immunity, which he gave mother. But over time, this immunity is practically disappears. Therefore, you must contact your veterinarian in a timely manner, so that he gets vaccinated and boosts the animal’s immunity. how As a rule, a visit to the veterinarian begins from 2-3 months of age. The specialist will tell you which medicines should be administered in the body of your kitten, and which are not. Trust your veterinarian and have Your pet will have healthy immunity.

Providing a kitten with proper nutrition

As a small and defenseless animal, a kitten needs calories and nutrients, their amount should double exceed standard calories calculated for an adult cats. The first four weeks the kitten receives the necessary nutrients through mother’s milk. By the fifth to sixth week he can already absorb dry food. After 8-10 weeks, the kitten completely wean from breast milk. Half-year-old kitten you need to feed three times a day. Then, after a few months, you can switch to two meals a day. In this case, food should to be of high quality and designed for kittens. You can find one in any pet food stores. adaptation was faster, surround the kitten with your care and affection. Introduce the rest of the pets gradually, let it get used to. If you do it right and on time, the kitten will quickly become a full member of your family and gain self-confidence. You just have to enjoy and be touched by it appearance and have fun with his behavior.

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