The fastest dog in the world

For decades of breeding experiments, manufacturers have been able to breed many dog breeds, each of which has its own distinctive and characteristic features. Among them, in a separate the category includes animals that hit everyone at an incredible speed. Surprisingly, it is a fact: the fastest dog in the world is able to run along with a car traveling at medium speed.


  • 1 To which breed belongs
  • 2 Speed of the fastest dog in the world
  • 3 When was the record set
    • 3.1 The fastest dog in the world on video

Which breed does it belong to?

The absolute record holder in speed is considered a breed called greyhound. She first appeared in England another 500 BC It’s about an aristocratic dog, having an elegant appearance. Greyhounds are capable enough run fast thanks to strong speed jerks.

At the same time, no other pet in the world.

Naturally, the need for a quick run for almost all households four-legged today is a convention, because situations when you need chasing prey or running away from danger, appear extremely seldom.

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The fastest dog in the world

It is believed that the ancestor of Greyhound was an Egyptian dog who lived even before BC

Speed of the fastest dog in the world

Representatives of the above breed can accelerate up to 60–65 km / h.

Greyhounds are characterized by:

  • excessive thinness;
  • elongated body;
  • long muzzle;
  • long legs;
  • low weight.


The Greyhounds were used to create many breeds where such qualities as swiftness, indefatigability and grace

All this contributes to the development of high speed and long-distance running. distance.

Some countries often run races of such dogs.

At the same time, these dogs are unable to be active for too long. in connection with which they are used for practical purposes not very often. But for sports competitions he prefers such pets start the vast majority.

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When was the record set?

The representative managed to develop the maximum degree of speed. Greyhound breed, which was recognized as the fastest dog on planet earth. The absolute world record was set at March 1994 in Australia when a Greyhound nicknamed Star Title managed to accelerate up to 67 km / h. Still given the record is the highest speed among dogs.

Dog Run

Greyhounds have a highly developed hunting instinct, because they can to chase everything that moves, consider cats as prey

The fastest dog in the world on video

Greyhounds are amazing dogs. Not too active at home loving sleep and silence, at the same time they are world runners.

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