The famous feathered dancer: video, where the cockatoo Snowball dancing to the hit of the 80s

Snowball parrot is known as a lover of hits of the 80s. Such feathered love for retro music aroused interest among scientists. Besides In addition, a video with his participation circled the Internet and collected an entire audience of fans. Last video star birds appeared on YouTube a little more than a month ago, on it a feathered dancing to Queen’s hit Another One Bites The Dust .

Snow-white crested parrot named Snowball – star Internet, which won the hearts of many users. Last thing video lasting 2 minutes 20 seconds with the participation of this feathered in one month it collected about 450 thousand views.

Throughout the video, the parrot is like a professional dancer performs dance movements according to rhythm and the beat of the music. His dance combines several movements. So he alternately raises one leg, then the second, while vigorously nods his head like punk. During the dance, the parrot also turns and moves with added steps along the back armchairs. Depending on the pace of the music and the strength of its sound, luxurious a cockatoo tuft is scattering like a fan.

The first video featuring a cockatoo named Snowball appeared in 2007 year. That’s when the feathered dance to Backstreet Boys music attracted the attention of scientists who for some time watched the parrot. In the end, they concluded that the movements Snowball is not chaotic, he dances for real.

At the moment, scientists have counted 16 dance movements, which Snowball performs during his performances: 14 – individual and 2 – composite.

Video: Snowball and his dance to the song Another One Bites The Dust

Snowball parrot really captivated me with its uniqueness and charisma. After all, even an experienced dancer. In addition, looking at such a talented parrot, you understand that there is something to strive for. If the parrot could learn dance, then a person will be able to. The main desire.

Snowball parrot is definitely a talented pet who incendiary dances not only cheers up his to the owner, but also to numerous admirers of his talent.

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