Ten most beautiful cat breeds

Beauty, of course, is a subjective concept, but still there are breeds, which are recognized by most people as the most beautiful. In front of you ten leading breeds.


  • 1 Abyssinian cat
  • 2 Russian blue cat
  • 3 reg dollars
  • 4 siamese cat
  • 5 Persian cat
  • 6 Scottish Fold (Scottish Fold) cat
  • 7 British Shorthair
  • 8 Siberian cat
  • 9 bengal cat
  • 10 Maine Coon

Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat

Cats of medium height and complexion, they are always cheerful and are curious.

Kitten of the Abyssinian breed

Get along well with other animals and lend themselves well training.

Abyssinian cat is resting

They like to swim in water, which is usually not typical for cats.

And about why cats are afraid of water, will tell articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/pochemu-koshki-boyatsya-vodyi/

Abyssinian kitten basks in the sunAbyssinian cat near

Russian blue cat

Russian blue cat

This cat is full of dignity and elegance.

Russian blue kitty on the couch

Mysterious green eyes and a luxurious silver fur coat add her special charm.

The eyes of a Russian blue cat

In the game, she is careful and does not release her claws, as well as Feels and understands the mood of the owner.

Russian blue kitty playsKitten breed Russian blue

Reg dollars

Breed reg dollars

A tight-fitting blue-eyed kitty with a long silky with wool.

Cat breed reg dollars in flowers

She is calm, non-aggressive and fully trusts a person.

Kitten reg dollars

Any punishment for a cat of this breed will be stressful, and very heavily tolerated by her.

Reg dollars resting on a ottomanReg dollars for a walk

Siamese cat

Siamese cat

Siamese loyal to the owner, but at the same time very freedom-loving.

Siamese cat in a basket

They are jealous, for this reason they get along badly with others animals.

Siamese kittenSiamese cat is sitting on the verandaSiamese cat

Persian cat

White Persian catWhite Persian cat

Persians are distinguished by a flattened muzzle and a luxurious long with hair.

Kitten of the Persian breedKitten of the Persian breed

But these cats have weak immunity and health, so they intended only for apartment maintenance – to live on the street they are not fit.

Persian cat with a braceletPersian cat with a bracelet

Persian cats are playful, loyal and require attention. the owner.

Red Persian catRed Persian cat

Scottish fold (scottish fold) cat

Charming fold catCharming fold cat

Touchingly funny cats that have hanging ears Charm.

Scottish fold catScottish fold cat

These cats can stand on their hind legs for a very long time, and their voice they are unusually creaky.


They love to play, smart and easy to learn.

You can read about other smart cat breeds. here: https: //kot-pes.com/samyie-umnyie-porodyi-koshek/

White fold catWhite fold catScottish fold catScottish fold cat

British shorthair cat

Cats of this breed have excellent health, short thick and soft coat and balanced character.

British cat is restingBritish cat is resting

They are affectionate, but do not recognize familiarity and are not intrusive in communicating with people.

British Shorthair kitten for a walkBritish Shorthair kitten for a walkBritish cat is playingBritish cat is playingBritish Shorthair cat muzzleBritish Shorthair cat muzzle

Siberian cat

Siberian catSiberian cat

Russian bedrock, perfectly adapted to cold climate.

Siberian catSiberian cat

She has a thick coat with a double undercoat and water-repellent properties.

Young cat of Siberian breedYoung cat of Siberian breed

Its fur is hypoallergenic, another feature of the breed is the presence of wool between the fingers.

Other hypoallergenic breeds of cats are described. here: https: //kot-pes.com/gipoallergennye-porody-koshek/

Siberian cat is walkingSiberian cat is walking

This is a very proud and independent animal that will not beg for affection or food.

Siberian catSiberian cat

Bengal cat

Bengal catBengal cat

Muscular large cats with golden hair.

Playful bengal cat kittenPlayful bengal cat kitten

There are beautiful individuals with a silver coat, there are more called snow leopards.

Bengal cat of serby colorBengal cat of serby color

These cats are friendly, balanced and at the same time possess lightning fast reaction.

Bengal cats with leopard colorBengal cats with leopard colorBengal catBengal cat

Maine Coon

Maine Coon catMaine Coon cat

Very large cats, whose weight reaches 10 kg

Maine Coon has tassels on his earsMaine Coon has tassels on his ears

On the ears of Maine Coons there are tassels like a lynx.

Maine Coon kitten caught preyMaine Coon kitten caught prey

May Coons are very intelligent, friendly and playful, but independent and proud.

CalmCalmMaine Coon kittenMaine Coon kitten

For each owner, his cat, of course, will be the most beautiful and beloved, because all cats are charming and beautiful in their own way.

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