Strict feathered caregiver: video where the parrot shut the cat in the box

In October 2017, on the Internet appeared a touching video that shows an episode from the life of two pets – a white crested cockatoo named Karin and Bengal cat nicknamed Naysuin. Parrot closes his friend in the box.

On a video lasting only 30 seconds using two examples irreconcilable friends demonstrated a very vital situation, which can happen to each of us. At first seconds, we see a white cockatoo approach a box and open cover. Inside there is a surprise in the form of a cat, which is not thinking he hits the feathered paw on the head.

A bird surprised by such ingratitude closes with anger cover over the fluffy pet and steps aside. After some the offended feathered time approaches the box again and with anger in glance trying to push her off the table. But he does not succeed. The lid opens, and the cockatoo again comes under attack. Nothing to him there is nothing left to do but go aside.

Curious bird Karin lives in one of the Japanese cities in one apartment with a bengal cat. These two pets are almost always are in conflict. After all, the feathered one is trying to bring up a roommate, but he does not always give in. Before that, a video was posted on the Internet, where Karin himself slammed Naysuin in this box.

Video: Karin the parrot closed the cat in the box

Personally, this video really amused me. Long time in mine a two-room apartment adjoined a budgie and British cat. The bird was constantly trying to pull his friend’s ears, tail, wool, but the important and proud Briton did not pay attention to small troubles. There has never been any retaliatory aggression. When he tired of the “harassment” of the feathered, he importantly got up and went to another room.

Cockatoos have amazing abilities. They can not only imitate voices and sounds of nature or perform covers on all famous songs. These birds are also capable of raising others pets.

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