Brief description of the breed

Sphinxes are medium sized cats with a weight of 3 to 6 kilograms. These pets love attention from the owner and family members, so they like to follow loved ones. Sphinxes I demand attention, so they will do everything to force the host to communicate. This craving for human communication has become the reason use of cats of this breed in therapy. In case the sphinx is not will be enough attention, then he will do everything to fix the situation. Unfortunately, most often this will be expressed in bad behavior. Such pets love various logic games and toys. Thus, sphinxes belong to the group of very social cats. Sphinxes are also not averse to being stroked and caressed, they pleasure will sleep in the same bed with the owner. If you Are you very busy or is your work related to when traveling, it’s better to choose a different breed of cat that is less tied to the owner and not so demanding on communication. Otherwise in case the pet will be in a constant state of stress and depression, which, of course, will inevitably lead to poor behavior animal, and may also affect the state of his health. If you leave the cat alone for the whole day, then for the sphinx another pet will become a saving option, not even necessary one breed. These animals love the company, so they can find common language with other pets. It should be understand that such a pet should also be interested in others to animals. In other words, it is necessary to measure the nature of the two pets. For example, in no case should you leave alone a Caucasian shepherd and sphinx, between these animals is unlikely friendship will be made.

Sphinx photo:

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Sphinx history

Unlike many ancient cat breeds, the history of the sphinx is completely known, there are no dark spots in it. Hairless sphinxes are bright An example of a cat breed that arose by chance. Genetic mutation led to the birth of a bald kitten who was nicknamed “Elizabeth”. A hairless black and white cat was born in Toronto. The owner of such a strange kitten found an appearance pet is not just unusual, but very attractive, therefore set out to bring still the same kittens. Active selection attempts Hairless cats began in the seventies of the last century. Reason The birth of kittens without hair was a recessive gene. Therefore in one litter was born both bald and kittens with hair. While many believed that such experiments would adversely affect animals, after all, a genetic mutation, however deviation. However, no other deviations besides lack of hair did not appear. Initially, bald cats became call a Canadian hairless cat, eventually settled on more original name, which was assigned to the breed – sphinx. This name came from the fact that many Egyptian sculptures of cats resemble the modern sphinx. Breed subsequently recognized by the American Cat Lovers Association and the International Cat Owners Association.

Sphinx character

Sphinxes are distinguished by their suspicion of everything unfamiliar. They are mobile and extremely active, can be entertained for several hours in a row. Many cats of this breed love to play locks or just chasing a toy or its owner. Them a lively character often becomes the subject of fun for the whole family. One of the distinguishing features of this breed is not only lack of hair, but also a characteristic posture while sitting, reminiscent of the famous giant sculpture of the Sphinx in Egypt. This breed is not very fond of being worn or too actively caress, although tenderness they adore. But sit on my knees they are very fond of the owner or other family members. For this them often called “Velcro.” Sphinxes tend to to climb on various pieces of furniture or household appliances, to for example, on a computer, refrigerator or mezzanine. Curiosity sphinxes can become potentially hazardous to their health. Exactly therefore, it is not recommended to leave the animal for a long time supervision in the room where there are included electrical appliances, heaters etc.

Maintenance and care

Despite the fact that the sphinxes are a bald breed of cats. Yet they require as much attention (in terms of care) as others breeds, and maybe even more. The skin of these pets should be moisturized and tender enough. This is easy to achieve with special lotions and oils that can be purchased at specialized stores, and better – at the veterinarian. sphinxes on average 2 times a month using special for this breed of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Also You can use ordinary baby shampoo. If you are accustomed to swimming kitten from childhood, then the pet with pleasure and without vagaries will take a bath. Between swimming it is recommended to use baby wet wipes. Do not forget about the need regular brushing to avoid periodontal disease. Such the hygiene procedure must be carried out at least once in a week. Every day you need to wipe the pet corners of the eyes. For this it is necessary to use a corner of soft tissue (for each eye separate fabric). Weekly treatments also apply. monitoring the condition of the ears and their processing with a special solution, designated veterinarian. Naturally, you need to keep feline tray and utensils are perfectly clean. Despite the fact that the sphinx skin warm to the touch, yet lack of coat is a sign that these cats are not able to keep warm. Therefore in advance worry about buying clothes for your pet or sew her yourself. This requirement is relevant in the cold season. Sphinxes better to protect from communication with random animals. Thus, you will prevent the occurrence of diseases transmitted from animal to animal. At the same time walks in the fresh air – required! In the summer while walking on the street it will be superfluous apply a special sunscreen to your pet’s body or lotion. The fact is that the sphinxes are prone to sunburn due to lack of hair on the body. Bald, wrinkled sphinxes with a belly often called freaks. But only a person can say it, who does not understand anything about cat’s beauty. It is his unusual body and appearance are the main elements that attract attention of admirers of the sphinxes. The body of these cats to the touch of something resembles apricot or peach. In order for the pet to be healthy and beautiful must strictly comply with the above recommendations.


Health and Disease

Purebred sphinxes, as well as sphinxes bred by crossbreeding mixed breeds may have certain problems with health. Urticaria – this disease affects the skin of an animal and causes ulcers on the body. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is one thing of the varieties of heart disease that has hereditary character. It is also characteristic of other breeds, for example for Maine Coon.

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