Smallest cat breed


Singaporean cat (Singapore) is the smallest breed cats, as well as an energetic companion who wants to help you with all that you do. In 1991, the Singapore government recognized cats as a living national treasure.

Singapore have a unique light beige color, something like a pum. Tail is normal length, legs are very small, body muscular. Eyes may be brown, green or yellow, but mature eye color is not predictable in kittens. Many vets seeing these cats for the first time, tend to think that something is wrong with the kitten because of very small size. Singapore cat develops slowly grows to adult sizes between the ages of about 15 to 24 months. Singaporean cat is very muscular and energetic though and is the smallest cat breed in the world. Adult cat weight no more than 3 kg, and cats – 2 kg. Growth – 15-20 cm.

Singapore cat

Singaporean cats are smart and interactive personalities. It’s affectionate cats that love to be with people. Vitally active, tender playful cat with a soft gentle voice, gets along well with others cats. Despite the small size of Singapore allocates a lot heat. They tend to climb on a hill. Singapore cats energetic and playful, like to be in the spotlight.

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