Singapore cat (singapore)

Singapura, Drain Cat, Kucinta

Singaporean cat (Singapore) Singapura, Drain Cat, Kucinta

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 10
  • Family Affection: 10
  • Game activity: 10
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Total Health: 3
  • Hair loss: 7
  • Child Friendly: 9
  • Dog Friendly: 10
  • Love for meow: 2


Singapore cat is one of the smallest indigenous cat breeds in the world. An adult usually weighs about 2-3 kg It’s quite difficult to trace the history of these animals, because, they came from street cats living in Singapore. Accordingly, they can be hundreds of years old, and completely unknown how they got to Asia, from whom they came from and with whom they mated on over the centuries.

However, one thing is certain: today officially recognized only one possible color of these cats. Although, it is known for certain that cats in their homeland Singapore can have a variety of shades and their combinations.

Their golden cream color is called sepia agouti, and he truly charming. The first ones who consciously decided to do breeding of this breed are Tommy and Hal Meadow. They are delivered a few individuals from southeast Asia around the beginning seventies. Somewhat later, in 1980, cats attracted attention of Barbara Gilbertson, a well-known breeder at that time.

She delivered two more of these animals from Singapore with brown ticking, and not limited to this, gradually increasing the number of individuals in his nursery over the following years. Barbara, like the first two felinologists, experimented by crossing Singaporean cats Burmese, Siamese, Abyssinian and breed blue color. This paid off, and in 1987 the breed was the first to Cat lovers saw an exhibition in Belgium. Today, crossbreeding with other breeds is strictly prohibited.

The first official recognition came in 1979 from the federation TICA felinologists, and in 1982 the breed was recognized by the American felinological federation CFA. Next, the Singapore breed was recognized International Felinological Federation WCF.

But the FIFe Federation refuses to recognize this breed, despite the fact that in 1991, the Singapore authorities granted her status national treasure.


Singapore – Aboriginal cat with ancient history and amazing color. They are able to become truly close to their master, great friends and perfect companions for the whole family. Despite small in size, they are excellent mousetraps, although so rare with us the breed is rarely used for such purposes.

Their face is sometimes able to accurately convey emotional condition, combined with expressive eyes. Addition correct, ears are slightly elongated, the back is arched outlines. Life expectancy is an average of 12 to 15 years.


Singapore is incredibly kind and lovely creatures, hard to find the cat is more loving and devoted to its owner. Cat character Singapore is beautiful, they are non-conflict, have softness and literally everyone is tolerated. It doesn’t come to you in guests are friends, or you want to get a dog (given the fact that the dog must be cat friendly), Singaporean cat equal way will relate to everyone. It doesn’t mean equally bad, it means equally good. Maximum – neutral.

They are devoid of aggression or negative perception of the situation. it Allows Singaporeans to get along perfectly even with young children. This breed is characterized by activity throughout life, likes to play with family members, but can find entertainment without your help. These cats are very curious and intelligent, their huge eyes seem to constantly peer at each person and every situation.

Intelligence and dedication allows you to quickly understand what is coming from them. the owner wants to, and even memorize some commands that among cats generally a rarity. Also, Singapore cat is neutral perceives water and has good hunting instincts.

Common diseases

Singapore cat has excellent health since the formation The breed occurred in vivo. Even considering breeding programs of American breeders that we described higher. That is, the main thing is that the owner does not create problems for your pet, poor nutrition and inappropriate care.


It is traditionally believed that these cats need to be bathed rarely. However, here breeders disagree, as a big role pet conditions are being played. You can say that swimming is possible spend up to two times a year if Singapore lives in the apartment is clean and tidy. At the same time, with such a rare bath you you will need to periodically use wet wipes in certain areas, especially if the cat is sleeping with you in bed.

On the other hand, a normal attitude towards water allows you to bathe they are much more common, especially if you live in a private house and the animal has constant access to the street. Otherwise, no no special procedures required. It is enough to comb out once a month coat, cut nails and clean ears. Do not forget about cleaning teeth, at least a couple of times a week.

Breed Information

Country of origin Singapore
Life span 12-15 years old
The size small
Weight Males: 2.5-4 kg, Cats: 2-2.5 kg
Type of wool shorthair
Color ticked (sepia)
Lifestyle in room
Group shorthair, for children
Price $ 800 – $ 1,500

Breed photo

Singaporean cat (Singapore) Singapura, Drain Cat, KucintaSingapore cat breed Singapore cat singapore

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