Sheba cat food: review and reviews

Overview of Sheba Wet Foods for Cats

Every owner wants his cat to receive quality food, containing a large number of vitamins, minerals, less carbohydrates, more protein, and most importantly – that the product was natural, containing real meat, not chemical additives and low-grade cereal species. With the current variety of feed for it’s difficult for animals to find the perfect option for a furry pet, so many cat owners are constantly on the lookout for “right” feed. Dry or wet food, domestic or foreign, famous or the one that they have not heard of – options plenty to choose from. There are a lot of slogans sounding from advertising, one of them: “Sheba. So cats understand tenderness.” So let’s go let’s see what is so special about this feed and how tenderness in understanding a cat looks like. Sheba is wet food, produced in sachets of 85 g. and jars of 80 g. On Sheba official website is available for assortment products, find out the addresses of stores where you can purchase food, read about types of canned wet food and find out its composition. Sheba is only wet food, only for adult cats older than one year. The feed of this brand belongs to Mars, Inc. not only for our smaller brothers, but also for their owners (chewing gum, drinks, chocolate and other food products). Almost every person is familiar with the goods of this company. our country. And what is offered to the cat from this manufacturer, famous all over the world?

Sheba Cat Food Price

Sheba cat food can be bought at such prices *:

  • Canned Sheba for cats 80 g – 85 rubles .;
  • Wet food Sheba for cats 85 g – 28 rubles.

* – current status as of June 2016

The composition of the food for cats “Sheba”

There are three types of feed for this Sheba brand: Pleasure (available in sachets, consist of meat, fish, poultry, steamed) Classic (from poultry and fish, available in jars), Fusion (product from a combination of several types of meat, in the same packaging as Classic). As part of Sheba Pleasure (with tuna and salmon), the following components: meat and offal, tuna and salmon content of 4% each minimum, minerals, taurine, proteins (11 gr.), fats (3 gr.), ash (2 gr.), fiber (0.3 gr.), moisture. Cat food Classic is represented by 4 meat combinations, 2 of which can be called fish, 2 – chicken. Classic Chicken Feed meat “Sautéed chicken breasts” such ingredients: chicken meat 45% (including 26% chicken meat, otherwise the composition is similar to the composition of Sheba Pleasure, only the amount of nutritious changes substances. Special chic both in appearance and in composition is Sheba Fusion, this view includes 2 combinations: chicken with duck and chicken with beef. And the amount of meat 40% of chicken, and 4% of duck and beef meat, the rest of the ingredients are the same as in the above types Pleasure and Classic.

Cons of Cat Food Sheba

Unfortunately, the repulsive moment for the buyer is the high the price of these feeds. Not every owner has the opportunity to acquire Sheba, especially daily, no matter how high-quality was its composition. If the cat has health problems, you will have to look for other feeds, because Sheba is adult food healthy cat. For kittens up to a year, this food is also not suitable. some versions of this food (for example, Sheba Pleasure with veal and tongue) contain offal. Particularly vigilant owners can be alerted, sometimes under the concept of “offal” everyone sees his own. In addition, the manufacturer indicated meat ingredients, but for the rest of the components for some reason kept silent. But if the meat in the product is up to 45%, which is the remaining 55% – secret. Why?

Advantages of Sheba Cat Food

The most important advantage of this product is its composition. IN every cat has a predator, and predators are carnivores. Happy that there is a lot of meat in Sheba feeds, up to 45% in depending on which product the customer chooses. Must note that a greater amount of chicken in these feed. For many buyers, it’s attractive that the manufacturer offers a finished product in the form of a dish, rather than mixing in a bunch of meat, cereals, starch, flavor enhancers and others doubtful components. These feeds combine different types meat, for the owner it is important to see that the meat is in the package, and in Sheba meat packs are really visible. So the owner will get aesthetic pleasure when buying such food, because the exquisite appearance of the Sheba feed packaging and its contents really says a lot. In the feed of this brand is not highly allergenic cereals, but it contains the optimal amount of vitamins to keep the animal good vision, shiny coat, control weight. Sheba feed – balanced diet suitable for daily use. Many veterinarians recommend purchasing wet feed rather than dry because they are not harmful to the kidneys and urinary system as a whole.

Reviews about cat food “Sheba”

Reviews of Sheba feeds on the Internet are good for the most part. But and negative statements are present too. Some owners admit that the cat did not eat Sheba, while the other is more cheap food gobbles up with pleasure. What is the reason for this – is unknown. Some claim that cats become addictive from eating fodders with flavor and odor enhancers. Other explain this with individual cat preferences. Third try to find the secret of ideal food for home pet. For example, Catherine writes a review about Sheba’s feed: “I try to cook the cat myself, boil meat and chicken. Sometimes there is simply no time and opportunity to cook. Therefore beginning to buy Sheba. I am pleased with the composition, quite a lot of meat. Appearance also decent, especially in comparison with obscure cubes-squares. You open the package and see exactly the pieces meat. There are owners who transfer the cat to a new feed immediately, and then complain of digestive problems. So this the fault of the owners themselves, not the manufacturer. Food like my Kuza, so I like it. The price does not seem sky-high, especially if do not feed the cat just purchased food. “Another review on Sheba stern from Natalia: “The manufacturer indicates that in the composition 30% of chicken meat, but what kind of meat is unknown. I doubt that the meat is of good quality, most likely soy with a mixture offal. All the Sheba varieties I bought smelled very bad, not meat, but rotten liver. The view was also not impressive. Cat eats with pleasure, but for me the main indicator is composition, and the cat and You can deceive by adding any flavor enhancers to the feed. I do not believe, that the composition of Sheba truthfully indicates all the components … ”

Should I buy Sheba food for cats?

As always, you shouldn’t completely trust the reviews of the owners. what like one – pushes the other. According to the words to the manufacturer of this feed, then Sheba is a quality product, in which meat is present. No harmful additives in the feed indicated that pleases. But the composition indicated on the package is pretty compressed, the manufacturer chose not to provide the buyer detailed composition. Perhaps not to scare away. Nevertheless, Sheba – high-quality wet food, cats love him. Find sharply negative feedback about this product failed, serious he will not bring harm to the cat (except for the individual intolerance to components). I want to believe that cats find in this food is similar to natural meat, for this they both love and get used to to Sheba. We can say that Sheba is really food premium class, it’s worth it to buy, because both the composition and the appearance is not bad and harmless if the truth is written on the package.

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