Shampoos for cats

Cats are by nature one of the cleanest creatures on earth. They lick their fur every now and then. rough tongues, and how hard they wash themselves after eating! If fleas or other blood-sucking animals settle on the body of cats, they furiously not only lick themselves, but also gnaw with force. But with all love for cleanliness and order cats, as a rule, do not like water, and bathing is interpreted as real torture. But the owner needs spend “bathing” days for tailed people at least 3-4 times a year with provided that bathing occurs only for cosmetic purposes – rid of old hairs, refresh the skin.

Types of Shampoos for Cats

Shampoos for baleen pets can be divided into three types: жидкие, сухие, шампуни-спреи.Shampoos for cats

Жидкие шампуни

Liquid shampoos (“AVZ – Gentle”, “Le artis”, etc.) are traditional, which are used in almost the same way as the means for people. It is this type of shampoo that cleans the animal’s hair better everything, but you should not get involved in frequent bathing procedures (even if the cat does not mind washing), as this may result to disorders of the sebaceous glands. By the way, in no case it is worth bathing a cat with shampoo for people, as this is inevitable lead to irritation, allergies (in cats completely different from human skin type). Various vitamins are added to such shampoos, herbal extracts to improve the quality of the coat, to facilitate combing (you can also purchase special conditioner balms). The most liquid cat grooming products effective, but the owner (like the cat) such a wash may cost great spiritual strength. When bathing with liquid shampoo should:

  • Observe the temperature regime in the room (not lower than 20-24 degrees), prepare warm, but not hot water;
  • Prepare the animal for the procedure, talk with him, reassure;
  • Avoid getting water and shampoo in the ears and eyes of the cat during avoid irritation and inflammation;
  • Use the minimum amount of funds, since large foaming will require a long rinse;
  • Prepare a few dry towels to absorb moisture. after swimming;
  • Ask the household to help if the animal is too shy or aggressive;
  • Make contact with the cat after the washing procedure – for her it is there was stress.

By the way жидкие шампуни имеют много разновидностей:Shampoos for cats

  • Рассчитанные для разных пород (для бесшерстных, короткошерстныхor longhair cats);
  • For dry or oily skin;
  • Specialized: antifungal, insecticidal, anti tangles and caking wool, during molting;
  • Tinting (brightening, emphasizing various colors cats).

Dry shampoos

Dry shampoos (“Mr.gee”, “Biofan zoo”, etc.) are designed to relieve dirt and dead epidermis of those animals that do not recognize water procedures and simply do not allow themselves to be washed, climbing under beds, scratching the owner. Powdered dry shampoos require minimum emotional and physical costs. Before the “bathing” comb the cat thoroughly, then apply shampoo-powder, spread evenly over the hair to the base of the hairs, and then comb out very carefully. Dry shampoos can be used more often. than liquid – once a month or more if necessary. But minus of such means is that from severe pollution they do not save.

Shampoos Sprays

Sprays (“FURminator”, “Gold Premium”) do not require rinsing after application, have an antistatic effect, improve the process combing. Shampoos in the form of sprays applied to dry hair animals are evenly distributed throughout the body (excluding the eye area and ears), and then the pets are dried with a towel or hairdryer. After The manipulation of the animal should be well combed. Such means ideal for intermediate use between full bathing with liquid shampoos. They can be used in cases where the cat got dirty in bad weather if the animal recently suffered stress or surgery, but swimming is necessary. Spray shampoos, like dry care products, cannot replace washing with water and liquid detergent. Let’s just say such shampoos are designed to refresh the hair and skin of the animal. Кстати,the relative minus of sprays is that not all cats Indifferently react to the sound of the sprayer and the noise of the hairdryer.

Medical and preventive shampoos

If the cat does not have special health problems, but the owner plans to prevent, for example, fleas, then you can purchase specialized shampoo at a pet store. But if the cat has real health problems, for example, fleas are present on body in large quantities, causing the animal a lot of problems with health, you should consult a specialist for treatment. Medical shampoos are prescribed individually for each animal, and self-selected by the owner, they may not be beneficial, but harm.

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