Shameless Redheads: Top 15 Red Dog Breeds

Red dogs have always been associated with sun and joy. They are look cunning, mischievous and cheerful. Under the sun the fur of such animals plays with all kinds of reddish shades. For you, we have collected the top 15 breeds of dogs with red hair, so that you could decide if you plan to buy a pet, or just met these positive companions.


  • 1 What affects the color of the animal
  • 2 Red breeds of dogs
    • 2.1 Golden Retriever
    • 2.2 Hungarian squeezed
    • 2.3 Chow Chow
    • 2.4 African Boerboel
    • 2.5 Basenji
    • 2.6 Rhodesian Ridgeback
    • 2.7 Pomeranian
    • 2.8 Dachshund
    • 2.9 Irish Setter
    • 2.10 Welsh Corgi Pembroke
    • 2.11 Shiba Inu
    • 2.12 Akita Inu
    • 2.13 Red Kunhound
    • 2.14 English Cocker Spaniel
    • 2.15 Longhaired Collie

What affects the color of the animal

First of all, of course, this is genetics. Companion Color depends on combinations of many genes. Some are responsible for pigment distribution over the hair, others for the saturation of the dark shades, the third – for the presence of color in general. And it should take into account the fact that some genes may be suppressed condition. For example, when mating two dogs with a light color you can get a variety of shades, because on the gene that came from grandparents, but did not show himself.

With red color, everything is simpler: the gene that sets it dominates always, therefore, when crossing two red dogs (even with impurities other genes) puppies of red color are always born. Thereby there are many breeds of dogs for which the coat is red is the only valid standard.

Also, the color of the coat depends on the care and conditions. animal. For example, in black dogs with a long stay under a reddish tint may appear in the sun. White pets the occurrence of red dyeing is usually associated with nutrition. Such carrots and beets can give an effect. Capable of changing color result in improper use of tinted shampoos.

Red breeds of dogs

We have collected not only those breeds that are exclusively red, but also those that we are most often used to seeing red. For example, Spitz can be black, white, chocolate and even bicolor, but shades between orange and creamy.

Golden retriever

Golden retriever – a kind of standard among dogs. This is a good-natured and gullible favorite, who at proper education will never offend anyone. Retriever obedient and smart, easy to train. They strive with all their might help their owners. However, retrievers are often observed health problems. Their pedigree ailments – dysplasia hip joint and retinal degeneration. Dogs have a tendency to obesity, so you need to pamper them wisely.


The breed is suitable for families with children and people with an active life position, but at home, such a dog can bring a lot inconvenience

Hungarian squeezed

Hungarian squeezed is a hunting breed. These dogs strive to maintain good relationships with all family members, but they clearly distinguish one owner, to which they carefully are listening. Survived – a faithful pet, but this Breeds have their drawbacks. For example, companions can barely tolerate loneliness and may even begin to destroy the house. These dogs categorically can not be used as security guards: they friendly to strangers.


Hungarian survived – one of the few hunting breeds, which even a novice dog breeder can handle

Chow chow

Chow Chow – a dog with character. She has a pretty appearance, but It is not suitable for everyone. This companion presents with something between a cat and a dog. To you first will have to earn credibility and trust, only then the pet will start obey you. These are independent animals that can easily become home tyrants if they feel insecure the owner.


Chow Chow has a purple tongue

African Boerboel

Boerboel is not the best-natured dog. Even with proper socialization, they can easily be provoked to aggression, therefore, be careful with your pet. Special this applies to guests and strangers. But this is a reliable guard and a defender who will never let anyone offend his “flocks”.

African Boerboel

The desire to dominate and play the role of an alpha male in Boerboel expressed quite clearly, so the dog needs an experienced owner who will not allow himself to be manipulated


Basenji is a unique dog. She has a number of distinctive features. For example, representatives of this breed do not know how bark. But they can howl. Call them quiet Impossible: Basenji active, love games and enjoy exploring the world. Like Chow Chow, these dogs are not unconditionally inclined recognize someone’s authority, therefore, inexperienced owners of their better not to purchase.


A wrinkled forehead is among the characteristic external signs, especially when the dog is interested in something or excited, and tight curled tail

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback is a proud dog with a sense of self dignity. Her character is stubborn, she is inclined to test on the strength of the nerves and authority of others, however, in care unpretentious. These companions practically do not fade and do not prone to causeless barking. They can be suitable for allergy sufferers, because often it is particles of saliva that cause the reaction. Ridgeback cats do not get along because they belong to hunting dogs.


This is the only South African breed to receive official recognition FCI

Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian is often described as a fluffy bun. And this not far from the truth. This is a very friendly dog who likes to communicate with the owner and family members. However such a pet is not suitable for introverts, since the Spitz needs games and is very noisy. Keep in mind that this Companions need careful care. They have poor health. They have often develop pathologies of the joints, eyes and gastrointestinal tract.

Pomeranian Spitz

If the owner of the Spitz is weak, he is inclined to show dominance and stubbornness that are not easy to handle


Dachshund – a dog with an inconspicuous appearance, but unusual character. This is a brave and quick-witted pet who always ready to protect his master. However you have to Care carefully about this indefatigable fidget companion, because due to the anatomical features of dachshunds, for example, jump.


Everything is interesting to Dachshunds, so items that may be potentially dangerous to the health of the dog, it is better to clean in advance inaccessible place

Irish setter

The Irlan Setter is a cheerful extrovert who categorically does not tolerate loneliness. They are very friendly, but stubborn. These dogs love to swim and play sports. Setters look beautiful, but to maintain their appearance they should be combed and washed often, and also given to them balanced diet.

Irish Setters

The coat of the Irish Setter has no pronounced dog smell; dogs molt very poorly, and the fallen undercoat does not fly in air and does not settle on things and furniture

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Corgi is an ideal family companion who is equally good Feels both in a private house and in an apartment. it very active and sociable dog. Corgi misses you so much when no one is around, so it is better to start it for families with children. Pet care is straightforward, but jumping and falls to avoid injuries.


Welsh Corgi Pembroke is very sensitive to the mood of his hosts and will never bother you inappropriately

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a pet with a difficult character. it owners who can be jealous of other members families. They do not like when someone touches their personal space, but they themselves do not. Because of the stubbornness of Shiba Inu with difficult to train, but these are very smart pets, which love travel.


Dogs are very clean, deliberately avoid dirt, carefully lick themselves

Akita Inu

Akita Inu looks like Shiba Inu, but the difference between them obvious: the weight of the first reaches almost 50 kg. These dogs serve as a symbol of devotion and fidelity: Hachiko to this breed. However, these companions are not inclined reciprocate all in a row. Their respect must be won.


Proper education, long-term socialization and competent training, otherwise the animal can grow aggressive

Red kunhound

This is an independent dog that will not become obsessive to bother the owner, but at the same time will answer sincerely with love to care About Me. Red Kunhound is sociable and energetic, he Needs long walks and games.


Strangers shun, can be aggressive towards to other dogs

English cocker spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel is a sociable and loyal dog, which cannot live without the attention of the owner. However it is very nervous and noisy pet, so it is important to socialize with childhood. Lovers of silence do not get such a dog follows.


Properly raised adult animals are very accurate in everyday life: do not spoil furniture and shoes, do not tear wallpaper, do not steal food from the table and themselves ask for a toilet

Long-haired collie

Collie can be called one of the friendliest dogs. Even if a thief gets into your house, a pet with pleasure to play with him. It’s difficult to maintain, but easy to raise dog with which with due diligence even a novice can handle it.


This dog always tries to achieve praise of the owner, she is sensitive and affectionate

Red dogs are positive fidgets. In most cases with they just need to make friends, but such companions need a lot attention. In addition, you have to show that you are a wise master, because red-headed companions are often not easy to characterize. In return they will answer you with affection and love.

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