Serval (photo): Graceful cat with the most long legs



Origin: almost all of Africa

Класс: Род “Сервалы”, вид “Serval”

Usage: wild predator that can become an affectionate pet

Color: yellowish-gray background with dark stripes and stained

Pattern: oval or round spots, strips located mainly horizontally

Dimensions: height at the withers – 40-65 cm, weight – 8-18 kg

Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years in natural habitats, up to 20 years in captivity

The domesticated serval in the photo and in life looks exactly the same as his wild brothers.

This is the only modern cat, all of whose ancestors were wild predators.

African Serval, otherwise called a bush cat – a graceful hunter who can be found in almost any corner southern continent.

This slim and long-legged handsome man can become beautiful to another person.

By the way, the savannah breed is a wild hybrid Serval with a domestic cat.


Savannah smaller than Serval


  • 1 Features
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Lifestyle and character
  • 4 Power
  • 5 Reproduction
  • 6 How to choose a kitten
  • 7 Care features
  • 8 Health and vaccination


African Serval is one of the most slender cats Of the earth.

He has the longest legs compared to others. feline and largest ears in relation to body size.

You can meet him in the wild almost throughout the territory Africa.

They do not live only in the Sahara, in the very south of the continent and in forests at the equator.

There are almost no servals in the open spaces of Algeria and Morocco, but there are also occasionally you can meet.

In East and West Africa, as well as in the very center of the mainland the population is quite plentiful.

At the moment, at least 14 subspecies of this elegant predator.


Graceful walk, purposeful look, high growth – all this is not to occupy the serval.

The northern subspecies fell into the Red Book as being under a threat.

Servals are exterminated for a variety of reasons.

In some parts of Africa, its meat is valued; in others, as in case with ocelot or arctic fox – the skin from which fur products are made.

Here and there, a cat becomes a victim of hunters as a pest, eating poultry.

According to statistics, the more densely populated the region of Africa, the less Serval dwells there.

At the same time, they easily domesticate and become cute. pets and friends of a person.

African servals can easily interbreed with domestic cats. Hybrid serval and caracal.

At one time, there was a rumor about another hybrid.

But in fact, the Asher cat breed turned out to be the same savannah, the price which was greatly inflated by scammers.


An adult reaches a length of 90 to 135 cm, and in height can have up to 65 cm.

Moreover, he has a very small head and quite short tail against the rest of the body – an average of 35-40 cm.

According to its external data, the serval cat remotely resembles a caracal and lynx.

At the same time, the color is almost like that of a cheetah – the same spotted and striped.

Serval’s muzzle, stomach and chest are white, and large ears are outside black and covered with bright yellow and white spots.

Beautiful coloring is one of the main reasons Serval began to domesticate.

You can look at unusual colors of cats here: https: //

In different parts of Africa, this wild cat may have a little different color and pattern of wool.


The wild serval is a formidable, albeit medium-sized predator. Some domestic cats keep the habits of their ancestors.

Steppe subspecies are distinguished by large spots on a light background, and forest – shallow in the dark.

But in the wild there are individuals whose fur is literally inverted, that is, large spots on a dark background and small spots on bright.

You may have seen photos of servals of a different color. Yes they exists.

In Kenya, namely in the mountains, you can meet black African servals.

In fact, we are talking about the so-called melanism, when as a result of hereditary changes, the dark coloration was “taken on armament “natural selection.

Apparently, such individuals are better adapted to life in the mountains. terrain.

In captivity, snow-white African servals with gray spots.


Not only in the photo of the serval of such an amazing color can see: they can be found in aviaries.

Lifestyle and character

Serval cat in the wild leads a twilight life, preferring settle in open spaces near water, at the edges of forests, in thickets of grass and shrubs.

The main percentage of serval active reality time accounts for dawn and sunset.

The lifestyle of these animals is solitary.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why they are so easy. domesticate and get along well with humans and other pets, different breeds of dogs and cats.

Hunting in tall grass, an African serval can jump in three meters high to bring down a bird in flight.

Other interesting facts about cats can be found here: https: //

But, despite the graceful gait of long legs, the animal for a long time I’m not used to running.


In the photo, a serval is a growing hunter who is already almost ready for an independent life.

Home serval is a sign of the high status of its owners.

This is an exotic pet, impressive in its appearance and original behavior.

Want to get a cat and a husky at the same time, but there is not enough space or you are not ready for the responsibility of caring for two animals? Get a home serval!

This cat with its habits is incredibly similar to a dog.

Like a faithful dog in character, but slender and catlike graceful, the serval will gladly bring you a ball thrown to him or will go for a walk on a leash.

At the same time, it is almost a cheetah. By devotion and intelligence, the serval circumvents most of his brothers.


This beast is able to become not only a pet, but also a true friend who will never let you get bored.

Important! Serval cat requires special conditions Content: This is a full-fledged diet, the price of which is quite impressive, plenty of free space, toys and your attention.


The main prey for this species of wild cats in the wild is hares, rodents, birds, and even small antelopes.

Small rodents like jerboas and lizards caught with a bang thanks to large ears and excellent hearing.

Long legs allow you to track prey in tall grass.

When the serval pursues the victim, he is ready to swim and climb on tree like a jaguar.

The latter, by the way, they do not really like, preferring to flee from danger of flight.

Even a home serval is a professional hunter, so keep in the same apartment with him birds and small animals like lemmings or squirrels degu not worth it.

He will easily open the door, blinded by natural instinct predator.


In the photo you see a typical wild cat prey tracked down thanks to excellent hearing.

Approximately 80% of the diet in the wild is rodents, up to 5% on the birds.

Sometimes he eats insects like cicadas.

At home, everything is simpler. Complete diet of domesticated Serval cat usually consists of:

  • raw meat with bones (chicken, rabbit, beef);
  • vitamins with calcium supplements;
  • raw quail eggs (rarely);
  • feed mice and frogs.

Important! Pork is contraindicated for them, as it is can cause acute disease – infectious bulbar paralysis, also known as pseudorabies, infectious meningoencephalitis or Aujeszky’s disease.


It looks a little scary, but sometimes you need a pet please with mice or rats.

In small quantities, you can give high quality cat’s food.

In the heat, the African serval eats poorly and drinks a lot of water.

On ordinary days, consumes from 0.4 to 1 kg of meat, sometimes more.

Up to 6 months of age, the animal is fed twice a day, after – 1 once a day.

There should not be free access to food at home serval.

Advice! From a year old it’s worth doing one “unloading” day a week without food.


Fast jump – 50% success in catching tasty booty.


In nature, reproduction in African servals to a specific the season is not tied.

The pregnancy of the female lasts 65-75 days, in the litter an average of two to three kittens that the mother feeds with her milk 5-7.5 months.

When they turn one year old they begin to live independently life.

Maturity occurs between the ages of one and a half to two years.

More on estrus in cats here: https: //

Serval cats are able to mate with domestic cats, giving hybrid offspring.

But at home, getting serval kittens has not yet managed.

By the way, kittens born in a pair of serval and caracal are called servikals or caravans.


Soon this fearful baby will become a long-legged graceful handsome man hunting down prey in high african the grass.

How to choose a kitten

Today’s price of a serval kitten from a good cattery is approximately 10 thousand dollars.

This stops many who wish to have such a pet.

At the current exchange rate, the price in rubles exceeds 600,000.

To make a home serval your friend, you need to take it as a kitten not older than 5 months of age, but not earlier than 1.5 months.

In any case, the younger the kitten, the easier it becomes manual and faster attached to its owners.

If you take the baby completely and feed him from the bottle, this, of course same, it will further strengthen communication with you initially, but take such a step not necessary.

The main thing is to always feed him with his hands, while he is not yet an adult.

This is such a psychological trick: the serval gets used to safety in your presence and begins to respect you.


This is not just a kitten – it is a child who needs your care, affection and attention.

Important! Never push the kitten with your eyes top down. You need to play with him so that your eyes are on same level with him. Then he will feel comfortable. Just lie down on the floor next to him and play. Over time, he will feel calm, regardless of your position in space.

Under no circumstances beat the serval – this is the right way lose his confidence.

Serval cat is a very smart animal, so a few explanations or a silent demonstration of your discontent will be enough, so that he understands and realizes his “cant.”

At the same time, the serval is pretty cunning and stubborn.

Advice! Your understanding and condescension – here main tools in the education of servals. Be patient and devote give them maximum attention, and they will reciprocate.

Care Features

If you decide to get such a cat at home, you should provide the right conditions for her life.

For example, it is worth securing the wires, because this cat loves hang on a variety of ropes and shoelaces.

Little kittens chew everything that catches their eye.

In this regard, it will seem to you that you have settled at home Labrador puppy, but not a Serval kitten.

If you need any things, the only way to distract from them baby – buy him more toys.

Cat toys are suitable for a kitten, but as it grows better notice them on those intended for large dog breeds, like a like.

This will protect the serval from accidentally swallowing a small subject and similar troubles.

Advice! An interesting way to beat home Serval from chewing dangerous objects – sprinkle them with apple spray. This repels the interest of the animal.

Training for a collar should begin in childhood, and first the serval should get used to the loose collar.

To make the cat feel safe with you, never scare her.

Moreover, if the serval breaks out and tries to escape, it’s quite perhaps he just felt the danger somewhere nearby

As with a Bengal cat, aport and tug games are favorite activities for the serval.


In this photo, the serval shows off its chic fangs – they significantly more than domestic cats.

Big cat easily learns to tray, the best filler which will be woody.

True, burying your “affairs” like most domestic cats, they do not know how.

If the serval went to the toilet where it was impossible to do, Do not rush to scold him.

Just show him where to do it. Gradually he all will understand.

Of no small importance is the fact of attention to the serval from all family members.

From new people, servals usually prefer to hide.

Remember that they are very smart and educated like to dogs.

Important! If the cat scratched you – do not scold or beat him, but just leave him in the room for a while. Soon he will understand everything.


A domestic serval can exhibit real aggression, only protecting calves from the threat.

It is believed that the African serval can be dangerous, moreover, we are talking about pets. But this is a myth.

At least home servals, unlike aviary ones, are affectionate and playful pets.

In nature, they prey on small prey and man for them – too formidable opponent.

Home servals are afraid of children who kick them, pull them by the ears and tail.

Only in this case can he bite or scratch, but solely for protection purposes.

This is one of the reasons why servals are not recommended in families with children under 5 years old.


Even in the photo, the serval confidently demonstrates its mind: just one glance is enough.

If the cat does something bad, spend an elementary training.

Arm yourself with a water gun and the word “No!”.

Next time he will understand you after the verbal command, and a wet shot is not needed.

Do not let him “fight” with your arms or legs, otherwise, when the serval grows up, the habit will remain, and you will be constantly carry signs of cat attacks.

It is better to use toys for such games.

Home serval gets along well with other animals, if it was introduced to them by a kitten.

Advice! Birds, small rodents and reptiles like geckos and chameleons Serval is better not to seduce – this is its food in vivo a habitat.

The adult serval at the first meeting can take a little cat or a dog in a sense for a toy and hurt, be careful.

This applies to Russian toy terriers, rabbit dachshunds, pomeranian Spitz and other small doggies.

Health and Vaccination

If you notice strange behavior in the Serval cat, it’s worth contact your veterinarian immediately.

Diarrhea, which leads to rapid dehydration.

Watery stools more than 2 times in a row – an occasion to call immediately to a specialist.

The benefit is treated diarrhea quite quickly.

While the baby is growing, try not to let him jump from the big heights: it can damage his legs, which are still very fragile and grow quickly.

Serval vaccinations do the same as home cats.

Important! But there is a big and most important BUT: the vaccine must not contain active viruses. This is a direct risk to life. cats.

Remember that for the serval – you are his parents and you are responsible for his health.

Getting a serval is a big responsibility.

These cats have not yet fully developed the features of domestic cats. pets and sometimes exhibit wild agility and activity.

Therefore, experts recommend starting a Savannah cat, which is only half a serval, but behind it easier to care for. True, its price in rubles is also high.

Serval: graceful cat with the longest legs

Serval is an incredibly beautiful and elegant wild cat. She is easy lends itself to domestication, makes friends with children, adults and others pets.

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