Serengeti Serengeti

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 5
  • Family Affection: 8
  • Game activity: 10
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Total health: 9
  • Hair loss: 4
  • Friendliness for children: 10
  • Dog Friendly: 8
  • Love for meow: 9


Serengeti is a relatively new and rare breed of cat, and first appeared in the nineties. It was developed by Karen Southman – breeder, conservationist and biologist. main idea was to create a breed that combines the best qualities of domestic cats – kindness, intelligence, love for people, while having the appearance of a wild African cat serval.

This begs the rule – for sure she crossed servals with European or American Shorthair, but this not this way. Serengeti has no serval blood at all. Cat breed Serengeti arose from the crossing of Bengal and Oriental shorthair. Just a few years later, a cat breed Serengeti began to catch on, and other breeders on all over the world are also connected to the breeding program. The breed has registration in TICA as new, but GCCF has not yet recognized.


Affectionate, kind, friendly pet who loves his very much family, and attached to it with all his cat soul – this is a breed Serengeti. In his face, each of your family members will find affectionate friend and faithful companion. They are smart, they understand not only the emotional state of the owners, but also their requirements and usually not cause special problems. These cats are devoid of innate aggression, and treats everyone by default by default, only their attitude changes if they see a negative message and hostility.

The cat breed is medium sized, has a slender, long paws, graceful and muscular physique. Ears are a bit bigger than average the muzzle is wedge-shaped, the neck is long, the eyes are large and expressive. There are 3 basic coat colors – brown tabby, black with spots and silver with black spots. Average life expectancy of 10-12 years.


Serengeti, as we said above, carries all the best qualities of domestic cats. These cats are loving, affectionate, capable very good to feel the emotional state of the host and members your family, and love to be near you, no matter what are you doing. We can say that these are very sociable pets, who love the company of loved ones, as well as other household animals and get along with them without problems, if you do not meet counter aggression.

They have good hunting instincts, which goes well with their appearance. These cats do not like to be alone, moreover, for a long time, often for a long time, even if it’s everyday work. Ideally, they recommend starting a family of few people, and if possible stay in the private sector – this will ensure maximum freedom, and the cat will practically never be alone.

They treat children well, like to play, have a high level energy, but not harmful and moderately playful. Change of place Serengeti cats perceive residence quite hard – it takes some time to adapt to a new place. By the way, they may feel uncomfortable even if you make a rearrangement of furniture in the house.

Common diseases

To date, data on genetic propensities for various serious diseases are not available, including due to the novelty of the breed. An exception may be gangliosidosis – in this Due to this, breeders are advised to conduct DNA tests. Generally, Serengeti cat breed are healthy animals, with good immunity and metabolism.


Serengeti breed belongs to shorthair cats, and needs in weekly combing brush. Also, you need to trim the claws once every 10 days, regularly bathe a pet – on average, every 2 months, to clean the eyes and ears of dirt, and also do not brush your teeth less than three times a week.

Breed Information

Country of origin USA
Life span 12-15 years old
The size large
Weight Males: 12-15 kg, Cats: 8-12 kg
Type of wool shorthair
Color black, gray and smoky spotted tabby
Lifestyle outdoor / indoor
Group rare, short-haired

Breed photo

Serengeti Serengeti SerengetiSerengeti Serengeti

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