Scottish fold cat (Scottish fold)

Scottish Fold, Scot Fold

Scottish Fold Cat (Scottish Fold) Scottish Fold, Scot Fold

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 10
  • Family Affection: 10
  • Game activity: 6
  • Intelligence: 7
  • Total health: 9
  • Hair loss: 6
  • Friendliness for children: 8
  • Dog Friendly: 10
  • Love for meow: 2


Scottish fold cat is a unique breed in its own way, as it has a very non-standard shape of the ears, which is reflected in the name itself. Also, from the name it’s clear that the homeland of these pets – Scotland, namely a farm in the area of Teiside, near the town Cupar Angus.

The first representative of the breed named Susie, snow-white colors, (like her mother), was born by accident – her siblings’ ears were of a completely standard type. Owner farms Mac Reis, which owned the kittens, noticed a deviation from norms a few weeks after their birth.

Susie grew up and in 1963 gave birth to – among her kittens, two also had white coat and folded ears. At the farmer was a neighbor – William Ross, a cat lover and just curious a person who immediately drew attention to non-standard pets. After some deliberation, he came up with the idea to bring a completely new breed, and for this purpose he acquired one of the kittens, calling him Snook

Mating occurred with British Shorthair (on advice authoritative British geneticist Peter Dite), which subsequently somewhat affected the characteristics of the breed displayed by him. William Ross and his wife Mary put a lot of effort into ensuring that today we could get these amazing cats.

Cat lovers associations classify differently varieties of the breed, but it is important for us to understand that, in general, there are only two.

The first has a longer coat, which was a consequence mating with persian cats. The second one has no folded ears, although it has the same personality traits and physique. There is some debate about these cats, and most consider them a separate Scottish Straight breed (if kitten Scottish fold ears do not lie down, it is considered to be breed Scottish straight, although not everyone agrees with this separation).

Surprisingly, the American Cat Lovers Association has accepted breed earlier than the British Association. Scottish fold got championship status from the USA Cat Lovers Association (CFA) in 1977 year (in 1978 a champion title was obtained).


Scottish Fold will be a great companion for the whole family, and affectionate friend of children. At the same time, the cat will feel excellent if she has one master, giving him all the kindness of his soul. These cats live an average of 15 years, and retain playfulness even in adulthood. Torso of medium size, legs short, strong, the addition is correct and harmonious.

Health problems require close attention from the first months of kitten life, however, the percentage of deviations in pets according to recent studies, it is getting smaller from year to year. Apparently natural selection plays a role, therefore, without fear get a Scottish Fold cat. Colors can be perfectly different – in this regard, you have enormous freedom of choice.


This breed is distinguished by great kindness, friendliness and shows his love to all family members. In this case, cats with time tend to single out the person closest to himself, and by to express the greatest warmth, trust and affection.

The Scottish fold cat, in general, is not very active, but because sometimes in need of stimulation to avoid the accumulation of excess weight. Here a lot depends on the owner – a pet can become something like kind and gentle soft pillows, or keep a normal level activity. It is also related to the amount of food that naturally.

Scottish fold has an inborn curiosity, sometimes it can be arrogant but very friendly towards children and other animals, including dogs (if they are not aggressive).

Common diseases

  • Polycystic kidney disease. PKD is a disease transmitted by inheritance. Owners need to be vigilant, as symptoms may start to appear already at a fairly early age. Polycystic kidney disease causes the formation of cysts in the kidneys, which does not give organs to function normally. Subsequently there is a danger the occurrence of chronic renal failure.
  • Gene “folded ears.” The gene that is responsible for the folded ears, not completely dominant, and can cause cartilage disturbances and bone tissue in some cats. Moreover, even if only one of Parents is a representative of the Scottish Fold breed. Ear diseases many are worried, in fact, unfounded – increased tendency to ear infections, ticks and deafness, with normal care is not observed.
  • There may be skeleton defects associated with the gene “folded ears, such as a short, thickened tail, less flexible than ordinary cat. Other abnormalities may include coarse bones of the paws and spread fingers.


Since the Scottish fold is predominantly short-haired cats, in many ways their care is simplified. Once in a week, the hair should be combed out with a brush, and this is enough. FROM on the other hand, there is a long-haired variety of this breed, descended from mating with persian cats and their hair should be combed out more often and thoroughly.

Ears deserve special attention, because of the features of their buildings. They need to be cleaned at least several times a week, with special thoroughness and accuracy, moreover, it is highly desirable that this did the man whom the cat most trusts. Also, once per a week you need to cut the claws, and brushing your teeth ideally every day, or at least several times a week.

Interesting facts 1. Scottish fold is not recognized in quality of breed in Scotland due to concerns about increased risk of ear infections and deafness. 2. Scottish Fold is popular with many celebrities including Kirsten Dunst, Mia Farrow and Taylor Swift, whose Scottish fold named Meredith is regularly published in On Twitter. 3. Scottish fold kittens are born with straight ears, and folds appear only at the age of about 3 weeks. About 50 percent of the brood will have ears folded. 4. Scottish fold is so curious a cat that can be seen the subject stood on its hind legs.

Did you know? Maru – the cat who became sensation in social networks in Japan, and his video was watched more than 200 million times.

Breed Information

Country of origin Scotland
Life span 11-14 years old
The size medium
Weight Males: 5-6 kg, Cats: 3-5 kg
Type of wool shorthair
Color any colors and patterns of wool
Lifestyle outdoor / indoor
Group popular, shorthair, for children
Price 1000 – 1500 $

Breed photo

Scottish Fold Cat (Scottish Fold) Scottish Fold, Scot Foldscottish fold cat scottish Scottish Scottish fold breed breed Scottish fold cat cat scottish fold Scottish fold kittens

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