Brief description of the breed

Savannah – takes an honorable first place in the list of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. Savannah cats are generally described as medium sized animals. However, their weight may vary from four to ten kilograms. Savannahs can have different colors and various patterns: black, brown, spotted, black-silver, ashy and some other shades of the mentioned colors. Most savannah cats have crisp black and dark brown spots on golden, cream, sand or white background. The spots themselves can have a round, oval or elongated form. Mentioned patterns often give the animal a marble shade. Since breeding occurred during selection different breeds of cats, sometimes savannas can have a color that is not fits into the official breed standard, for example, chocolate, blue, red. The head of a triangular shape, crowned with large, wide ears supported by a graceful long neck. Eyes at Cats are medium sized and can have any color. But the color of the nose The pet can range from pink to black. Wherein, savannah cats with black have a black nose color If you compare the savannah with a person involved in sports, then such a comparison would be with a basketball player. The thing is that The savannah has long legs and a fairly strong body. Is worth note that the hind legs of the savannah are longer than the front. the savannah reaches full development at the age of three, but a cat of this breed reaches its usual growth in about one year old. The development of other parts of the body continues a little longer.

Photo of the cat Savannah:

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Savannah cat story

Savannah cat was bred as a result of crossbreeding domestic cat and wild African cat April 7, 1986. IN the result of the first cross was born a kitten who was given the name “savannah”. Upon learning of the birth of such a cat, breeders by name Patrick Kelly and Joyce Srawf teamed up to work together on creating a completely new breed. Among the breeds of cats that have contributed their contribution to the process of the appearance of the savannah cat bengal, egyptian cat mouse, oriental cat and some other breeds. Official registration of the breed International Cat Association occurred in 2001. From this year breed representatives began to take an active part in various exhibitions and competitions.

Savannah cat character

If you are looking for a calm pet, ready to sit for hours on your lap, then the cat savannah will not suit you. These pets belong to very active animals that are almost always in movement. They love to run, jump. Savannahs easily get used to walks on a leash. It is noteworthy that cats of this breed belong to the group of those few cats who are not averse splashing in the water. Savannahs – confident, curious and friendly. cats. At a time when most cats do not particularly respond to guests or other strangers, the savannah will be joyfully greet people who have come to your home. Especially joyful meeting pets with family members evokes emotions. Savannahs are very smart and love water. The keen mind of these pets helps them independently open taps. Therefore, leaving home, many the owners of these cats turn off the common water tap. pet activity suggests that it is necessary in advance worry about fragile items in the house, including about decor items. Since the savannahs are active, during the game they can knock down vases, figurines. May also damage electrical wires from extension cords. To slightly reduce destructiveness this cat, you need to buy pet toys in sufficient quantity. At the same time, they must be interactive, otherwise the savannah They will not be interested in them. In order for the cat to feel shroud comfortable and properly developed she needs to pay a lot time. Make sure your pet has enough interesting toys that will brighten up the time of absence of the owner’s house or family members. If this task seems difficult for you, then it’s better to choose a cat of a different breed. Savannahs get along well with other pets that are also active and curiosity, for example with Maine Coons, Siamese or oriental cats, ragdolls and other active cats. Keep in mind that cohabitation with savannah cats some other pets are unsafe. First of all, speech it’s about hamsters, rats, parrots, canaries, etc. Savannah cat although not distinguished by a special hunting instinct, but leave it Alone with the mentioned animals is impossible, if you do not want death your favorite parrot or, for example, chinchilla.

Maintenance and care

The hair of medium-length savannah cats needs to be combed out one or two once a week. This is enough to remove dead hairs and prevent the spread of wool around the house and furniture. Teeth, like when caring for most other cats, need clean once a week to prevent periodontal disease and other problems dental nature. In order to protect the pet from the occurrence of diseases, including dermatological (hair loss, lichen, fleas, etc.) must be limited Savannah communication with other unfamiliar animals. Therefore it is impossible allow the cat to walk on the street without the supervision of the owner. In addition, due to the special activity of representatives of this breed, they often fall under the wheels of cars. That’s why you need to be extremely careful when walking outdoors. regular hygiene procedures include monitoring and care ears. You need to inspect your ears weekly inflammation, irritation, and infections such as an ear tick. It is best to treat the auricles with a special solution, appointed veterinarian. Savannah is active and very social a breed that can even make friends with a dog, therefore, is the best choice for active families with other household pets. If you are going to leave a cat of this breed for the whole day, it would be nice not just to leave the pet enough a number of different interesting toys, but leave her as a companion of another pet, for example, another cat. But keep in mind that we are talking about animals that grew together! For this with young children need to socialize pets, introduce them together.

Health and Disease

Savannah cats are considered relatively healthy animals. The average life expectancy is 17-20 years. They can to suffer from various diseases of a viral nature. These cats genetic diseases are rarely diagnosed. Sometimes cats savannah there are cosmetic flaws but they are absolutely not affect the health of the pet. However, do not forget about vaccinations!

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