Royal Canin Cat Food: Overview and reviews

Royal Canin Cat Food Overview

One of the most famous feeds today is Royal Canin. You can purchase products of this brand in almost any supermarkets, pet stores, order online. To buyer a wide selection of feeds of this brand is provided – wet and dry feed for kittens, adults and the elderly. In addition, there is special line of therapeutic dietary food for cats with features of the development of the body and health problems. The company produces products for cats and dogs. Besides, in unlike many other brands, the manufacturer created feed for different breeds of animals, based on the characteristics of one or another breeds (for example, “BRITISH SHORTHAIR KITTEN” for British shorthair kittens). Feed brand ROYAL CANIN originally made in France for dogs, later began to be produced and products for cats. Since the beginning of the 90s of the last century, the owners animals could acquire Royal Canin feed in Russia. Throughout For 14 years, the brand has been owned by the MARS group of companies. Manufacturers are located in many countries, make this product in Russia. And although the manufacturer claims that everything Russian-made feed ingredients are similar to those French production, and high-quality and modern the equipment installed at the factory in our country is the same as and in France or, for example, in the USA, most veterinarians have doubts about this. Unfortunately, products made in Russia, inferior to the same, but released abroad. Consider ROYAL CANIN feed for cats more closely and we conclude: it costs whether to purchase these products or refuse such a purchase.

Royal Canin feed price for cats

You can buy Royal Canin dry food for cats at such prices *:

  • Royal Canin dry food for cats 0.4 kg – about 235 rubles;
  • Royal Canin dry food for cats 2 kg – about 995 rubles .;
  • Royal Canin dry food for cats 15 kg – about 6034 rubles.

* – current status as of June 2016

Composition of cat food “Royal Canin”

ROYAL CANIN cat food can be divided into 3 categories: for kittens, for cats from one year and special diet stern. Among the feeds for kittens are dry foods: for kittens Persian, British, Maine Coon, for kittens up to years, for kittens from 1 to 4 months, food for sterilized animals up to a year. Wet kitten feed: kitten mousse up to 4 months, kitten food in sauce and jelly food. Consider the composition food for kittens on the example of “Persian kitten” (for Persians kittens): dehydrated poultry, rice, animal fats, corn, plant protein isolate, animal protein hydrolyzate origin, vegetable fiber, beet pulp, yeast, fish oil, minerals, soybean oil, fructooligosaccharides, plantain shell and seeds, yeast hydrolyzate, borage oil pharmacy, erect marigold extract (source of lutein). IN wet ingredients such ingredients (KITTEN instinctive feed) – for kittens from 4 months to 1 year): Meat and meat offal, cereals, plant protein extracts, offal vegetable origin, milk and products of its processing, oils and fats, minerals, yeast, carbohydrates. Next category – feed for adult animals (over 1 year old and elderly). There are also dry and wet foods. there is feeds developed for certain breeds: for Siamese, Persian, for Maine Coon and Sphinx breeds. Feed is also present. for sterilized cats, for domestic cats up to 7 years old, for long-haired cats up to 7 years old, for active cats, for fastidious to the taste of the feed, to the aroma, to the composition of the feed, for cats digestive system, for adult cats, suffering from tartar, for overweight cats, for prevention of the appearance of wool lumps in the stomach, to maintain skin and coat healthy, for the prevention of urolithiasis. In addition, you can purchase food for older animals over 12 years (wet in jelly and in sauce and dry, including for sterilized elderly cats). ROYAL CANIN feed composition for adult cats are similar to kittens, except such ingredients (consider dry food “STERILIZED 7+” – for sterilized cats over 7 years old): rice, shell hydrolyzate crustaceans, cartilage hydrolyzate. The third category of feed is veterinary diet for cats. These products include those special components and in the quantities that are necessary for animals with diseases and developmental features. The choice medicinal feed is large enough. Can pick dry or wet food for such diseases: obesity, urolithiasis, renal failure, anorexia, food allergy, violation digestion, diabetes, stress, liver disease and others diseases. The use of such feed should be agreed upon. with a veterinarian, based on the disease of the animal and its condition. Since the medicinal feed of the ROYALCANIN brand is quite a lot, and each one contains special components, we will not research every diet because there are tips for it use should be given by a specialist. It is worth noting only that veterinarians highly appreciate these medicinal feeds for their quality and approach to various diseases of cats.

Cons of cat food “ROYAL CANIN”

It’s a pity, but Royal Canin’s feed composition is not ideal. Such ingredients like corn, yeast can cause allergic reactions and digestive problems. In addition, meat ingredients presented in dried, moisture-free form. Not always It is clear to the buyer that it is meat or offal that is fed. Also, the benefits of dehydrated products for cats. ROYAL CANIN feed contains colorants and preservatives (the manufacturer claims that they are absolutely harmless and allowed in European countries), but many owners may have them reasonably push away. Because no preservative will bring real benefit to the animal. Many cat lovers claim that The quality of Royal Canin products has deteriorated greatly lately. Those who have the opportunity to purchase food abroad, consider that its quality is much higher than that of feed made in our country. It can be argued, looking at the composition, that the quality of the products ROYAL CANIN manufacturer slightly overestimated if you include feed It is to the super-premium class.

The Benefits of Cat Food Royal Canin

A definite plus of Royal Canin food for cats is a wide range, submitted by the manufacturer. You can find food for kittens and elderly animals, for couch potatoes, and those who are difficult to keep at home, for different breeds. Not every brand of cat food has this big choice. Special feeds can also support your health. furry pet in case of illness. ROYAL CANIN, Of course, much higher than the cost of economy-class feed (if Compare, for example, with Whiskas feed). But the manufacturer claims that Royal Canin feeds are related to products super premium, if so, then the price is relatively low. You can easily find ROYAL CANIN in most stores. The feed has been sold in Russia since 1992 (and in France this feed known since 1967), often the owners of animals give preference for proven products over the years.

Reviews about cat food “ROYAL CANIN”

Probably you can’t find such food, which will be exclusively good or exceptionally bad reviews. A lot depends on owner’s wallet, and from the characteristics of the pet. Sometimes himself the buyer and his pet are overly picky. And sometimes the owner closes his eyes to dubious components and praises the feed. Reviews a bunch of. Interestingly, some cats using ROYAL CANIN is healthy, active, their appearance pleases the owner. And sometimes the use of this food causes digestive problems, wool and so on. The mistress of a 3-year-old Persian cat writes Royal Canin feed review for cats: “Buying a Persian Cat adult, of all the feeds that the cat tried, this is the best. The coat glistens, the cat is very cheerful, plays, often goes on walks. There are no problems with the chair. I try not to feed the cat only dry food, but also to cook food itself. Very decent food. If he was harmful, then it would affect the cat, and so everything in normal. I like. Pellets do not smell nasty, cat stool also. Vitamins and minerals are available. If the cat’s food didn’t fit, I never would have praised him … “. Christina about feed ROYAL CANIN another opinion: “Bought a kitten half a year ago. Former the hostess advised to feed Royal Canin, without hesitation, bought it. At first I mixed dry food with cereals, broths. The kitten ate without pleasure, little by little. After a week of feeding Royal Canin in a kitten the stomach began to hurt, the stool became frequent, loose. Called the former the owner, but she said that she had no such problems. I had to go to the clinic because the cat almost didn’t eat anything, felt bad. The veterinarian said that such feed adversely affect the liver. I won’t buy such food anymore, from which my baby suffers … ”

Should I buy Royal Canin food for cats?

It’s impossible to answer unequivocally whether this food is really so good, as the manufacturer says about him. Based on the composition, probably not such a great product. On the other hand, not all animals have problems after eating ROYAL CANIN. Often the owners themselves make mistakes, and blame it manufacturer. It happens, immediately, and not gradually transfer the cat to new feed, do not study the manufacturer’s recommendations, and then complain that the cat has digestive problems. If the cat has health problems, you should always consult with specialist. By the way, veterinarians praise the treatment line of feed ROYAL CANIN. But based on the composition of the feed, it is rather a good feed quality, but not super-premium, because there are many controversial components the use of which can cause a cat harm. And if the owner has the opportunity to purchase another feed, in the composition of which in the first place is natural meat, there are no dyes and preservatives, from the purchase of Royal Canin you can refuse.

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