Red Maine Coon

Absolutely all Maine Coons are beautiful and majestic, whatever color nor was their furry fur coat. But the brightest look, perhaps, Maine Coons with red hair. Just look at the red-haired photo Maine Coon to see the beauty of the fiery hair. In practice often called red and red cats, and cream. In the first case The color is bright orange saturated. In the second – muffled peach. We will try to understand the features of the “solar” red color of Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coons

Most often, when it comes to red maine coons, they mean cats color red solid. This means that all animal hair almost evenly painted in beautiful dark orange or almost brick color. Unlike maine coons, other reputable colors (black, blue, white), red cats have more or less manifested stripes and stains on the head, torso, limbs, tail. This is how the gene manifests itself табби.Maine

Фото: Рыжие котята мейн-кун |

In addition to red solid red Maine Coon is also red brindle. This means that there are dark clear stripes similar to those of a tiger – a predatory feline relative. Another tabby option is spotted. Red spotted Maine Coon – an animal with a pattern that combines torn stripes and spots of various shapes. Red marble (or classic) tabby color means that on the background of red hair будут присутствовать темные разводы наподобие мраморных.Maine Coon red kitten

Фото: Рыжий котенок породы мейн-кун |

Beautiful and red smoky Maine Coons – those in which each of the hairs at the root are white, and on the tips of a bright orange color. Cats colors of red smoke have the following options for dyeing wool:

  • Standard – half of each wool is colored in red color, and the second part in white;
  • Shaded – a quarter red hairs remaining part of them is white;
  • Chinchilla – the eighth of the hairs is red, and the remaining white.

As we found out above, ginger Maine Coon cats only in rare cases do not have a picture on the body. Most often, the bands are clearly visible on the wool. If the color of the cat is smoky (hairs at the roots are white), and the drawing is also visible, Maine Coons are also called серебристыми.Maine

Фото: Рыжий кот мейн-кун |

Quite often, the Maine Coon red cat has a two-tone color, when red color of wool is combined with white. Depending on the location, shape and size of spots white and red colors subdivided into:

  • Bicolor – equally white and red;
  • Van – Maine Coon has red ears and a head, as well as tail;
  • Harlequin – on the torso of the cat there are several red spots;
  • Red with a white medallion – on the chest of the animal a small white spot;
  • Red with white buttons – visible on red wool small white spots;
  • Red with white gloves – on the legs of a pet as if wearing white socks;
  • Red with a white tuxedo – on the neck of a red Maine Coon white collar and the same color socks.

Cream Maine Coons

Sometimes cream red Maine Coons, whose coat is dyed soft pastel peach color. Like the Red Maine Coons, cream almost always on the body, legs, head and tail distinguish the picture. In its pure form, cream solid is found very rarely, usually a tabby comes through anyway.

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