Parrot sings Rihanna’s song: video

Рианна — американская R&B- и поп-певица, которая ужеhas been gathering concert halls for thousands of years and pleases fans with their creativity. This singer is so popular that even parrots sing her songs. So, in February 2017 in the vast a cover video appeared on the Internet where the parrot performed a passage from the musical composition of Rihanna.


  • 1 When you are so popular that even your parrots sing songs
    • 1.1 Video: a parrot sings Rihanna’s song
    • 1.2 Video: the parrot and the famous rapper Eminem – the stars of one clip

When you are so popular that even parrots sing yours songs

A video cover of Rihanna’s song with a parrot gathered around 31 thousand views. In this video, a parrot masterfully imitates the singing of a famous American singer. The bird is very skillful and, You can say, professionally performs an excerpt from the song The Monster The parrot clearly pronounces all the words from the composition. In a feathered star doesn’t just stand on one place, she rhythmically moves along the crossbar. On the background the host’s enthusiastic English speech is heard. According to his emotions, you can understand that he is proud and admires his pet.

The Monster song Rihanna performs in tandem with an American rapper Eminem

Rihanna and the parrot during the song

A video cover featuring a parrot has collected about 31 thousand views

Video: a parrot sings a Rihanna song

From the speech of the owner in the background, it immediately becomes clear that feathered grows in an English-speaking environment. This can explain that the fact that the bird reproduces Rihanna’s composition with such ease. After this video you begin to understand that even a parrot sings better than you.

On the Internet, another video “walks” where the star parrot is already a member of the clip. The author of the video singing a parrot on the song The Monster. Those words that Rihanna originally sang, she sings a parrot. Thus the feathered fortunate enough to sing with Eminem.

Video: the parrot and the famous rapper Eminem – the stars of one clip

Parrots are not only beautiful birds, but also very smart and the smartest. The intelligence and creativity of these birds can only envy. But the maintenance of such a pet does not require only financial investments. Regular exercises with a parrot are a guarantee achieving a positive result.

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