Parrot Kiryushagovorit: “Bye”

Kiryusha Parrot is a white crested cockatoo that possesses great sense of humor and tact. In April 2016 in the vast Internet video appeared with the participation of this feathered star. In reply at the request of a man he says: “Bye!”.

Twenty-second video featuring Kiryusha cockatoo collected a little more than 19000 views. In the first seconds, we see him serious and alert, he is like an office worker tired of a labor day, silently looks at colleagues. But as soon as the person he has sits on his knees, begins to beat the rhythm with his foot, the bird in response nods rhythmically and, almost singing, amusingly says goodbye.

Cockatoo is very attached to its owner or person, who devotes a lot of time to him. Although the bird does not have large ability to talk, she can be taught to pronounce several dozens of words and even small phrases, publish the most diverse sounds.

This video confirms creativity once again. feathered. Some of them not only can memorize words and phrases, but also capable of dancing and singing. Video really hooked and surprised. I did not expect such a creative impulse from the bird, which located in an office setting.

Kakadu Kiryusha says: “Bye!” (video)

Parrots can easily cheer you up in any environment. These birds are excellent antidepressants for single people. After all, they not only wonderful interlocutors, but also funny dancers and singers.

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