Parrot annoying cat: funny video

Not all parrots know that cats are their worst enemies. Good that u many mustachioed pets have their hunting instincts dulled and they do not consider birds as prey. Confirmation this became a funny YouTube video in which a talkative parrot takes out a ginger cat.

The action of the video takes place on the back of the sofa. Red Cat with a flattened face, apparently wanted to relax here. But another pet – white parrot – decided to talk with his neighbor in square meters. The feathered one doesn’t just talk he bursts incessantly, and climbs right into the cat’s eyes. TO Unfortunately, furry ears have a completely different place, and this behavior the parrot is simply unpleasant to him. On his expressive face we read hostility to a talkative and persistent comrade.

But the bird does not suspect anything and continues with enthusiasm for something twitter. Even a blow with a shaggy paw does not cool her ardor. Undertaking such an attempt to get rid of the insolence and having failed, the cat decides just don’t pay attention to the parrot. Seen well remembers the mandate the owner, that you can’t offend the little ones. But what efforts is given such calm – is written on a whiskered face.

Video: a parrot gets a cat

I would not risk letting my parrot close to the cat. Still, the mustachioed are predators from nature. Maybe at the moment the red-headed pet was full and considered the bird only as an annoying hindrance, but another time instincts can take over.

Some cats living in apartments become very well-mannered or too lazy to catch birds. But to us, owners, it’s on hand.

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