Parrot and water procedures in the aquarium: video

Parrots generally love to swim in the water. Even small budgies recommend putting a plate or a shallow a bath of water to complete these procedures. But several daredevils choose larger reservoirs.

Many who keep budgies at home from time to time let them out of the cage to fly around the room, stretch the wings. So the owners of the green-yellow handsome acted. But he chose as an object of interest is the aquarium, which attracted him not with fish, but water.

Budgerigars in the wild

In the wild, parrots take every opportunity to swim and have a drink

In nature, parrots are often chosen for swimming puddles or beaches. reservoirs where the water is shallow. Such a love of swimming is possible explain that the climate in the homeland of these birds (in the tropics) is not only hot, but also humid.

For some time the feathered is trying on, as the water is at a sufficiently large distance from it. In addition, he apparently understands that the depth here is rather big. Therefore several times lowers the beak to the edge of the water and tries to enter from different sides, choosing where smaller. Finally, he decides to try the water wing At this moment, the parrot understands that he doesn’t dive succeeds, therefore, decides to be content with little. Dipping in water the crown of the head and the upper parts of the wings, he considered the procedure completed and fluttered to his house.

Video: a parrot bathes in an aquarium

Pets that make even familiar to them actions always seem to us sweet and funny.

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