Oriental cat

Brief description of the breed

Oriental cats are rightly called brothers of Siamese cats. They are have the same roots, and are also very similar to them visually. The only difference between an oriental cat and a Siamese cat is color. Otherwise, they are almost identical. Pets of this breed have a slender but muscular body with a slightly elongated body and head wedge-shaped, tapering at the tip of the nose, forming a triangle shape. Unusually emphasize the shape of the head large ears, wide at the base and pointed at the tips. Eyes at these cats are medium-sized almond-shaped. The body is oriental Cats support long, slender legs. And the hind legs are a little above the front. A graceful gait is also provided by small graceful oval paws and a long thin tail. unlimited color variations of these animals are often called “ornamental plants”. Oriental cat’s eyes may be blue, green or two colors (one is blue and the other green). Eye color will depend on the color of the pet.

Oriental cat photo:

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Oriental cat story

Oriental cats are most often described as animals similar to Siamese cats, but with significantly enlarged ears and original color, mostly black and white. The breed was bred by Crossing Siamese cats with cats of other breeds. Initially purpose such breeding work was a significant increase in the gene pool Siamese cats, and not at all breeding a new breed. Reason for that has become a rapid decline in the Siamese cat population caused by during the Second World War. several years of breeding, breeders managed to restore the gene pool Siamese cats. Bred kittens were completely similar to Siamese cats except for the color, which was diverse. results the work of breeders became a prerequisite for appearing on the official level of a new breed – oriental cat. In the seventies last century, oriental cats came to the American continent. There, these pets began to cross with shorthaired and long-haired cats, with the result that now there are two varieties of oriental cats. As for the color, then he now very diverse, breeders claim that today day the color of the hair of pets can vary in three hundred color gamma. Until today, between various associations of breeders cats there is a dispute about the recognition of oriental cats as pets separate breed. Part of it is that the oriental cat is it is a variety of Siamese, while others advocate independence of this breed.

Oriental cat character

Oriental cats differ not only in color, but also individuality of his character. If these cats could talk about, then it would be safe to say that they very chatty. Your pet will definitely let you know in a voice that he wants something or is dissatisfied with something. Its loud enough the voice of the pet will always attract the attention of the owner and members families. Oriental cats also love to bask near their the owner, quite often they sleep with him in the same bed, burrowing deep under the covers. Oriental cat is suitable for those people who like to talk with someone and are absolutely not suitable for those who does not like the meow of cats. This pet will become real and faithful. friend. In doing so, you must be completely sure that have enough time for care, education and just chatting with a cat of this breed. The fact is that oriental cats are incredibly sociable, therefore it is difficult to tolerate separation and loneliness. Pets of this breed are definitely not suitable for owners, who spend most of their time outside the home, and, for example, on work. True, busy people have a way out in case they unable to pay much attention to the animal, and forced to leave their afternoon. So that the oriental cat does not feel abandoned and lonely you can have two pets that will be friend entertain a friend during the absence of family members. cats are incredibly smart and agile. They adore various active games, as well as tasks in which you need to show your mind, ingenuity. Be prepared for what you have to systematically provide your pet with appropriate exercises and games. It will be useful to stock up on various toys in advance, You can also purchase a special tree for climbing or make it yourself. You can never leave oriental a cat without toys or without another interesting activity. Pet in in this case will be bored, and if at the same time there will be one more at home, then completely bored. In addition, pet boredom can negatively affect your housing. The cat is likely to gnaw furniture, toilet paper, decor items, etc. Oriental cats – loyal, gentle pets who demand quite a lot of attention. Do not buy a pet, if not We are sure that you can devote a lot of time to it.

Maintenance and care

For short and thin hair of oriental cats it is very simple care. It will be enough to comb the pet about once in two weeks with a special stainless steel brush or brush with soft bristles. After combing, it is recommended to wipe Pet’s coat with a cloth. This will give wool smoothness and shine. To the obligatory weekly procedures refers to animal oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth will help prevent a number of dental diseases. In addition, every week it is necessary to wipe the corners of the cat’s eyes cloth napkin (for each eye a separate napkin). Is worth remember the need for constant monitoring of the condition of the ears. Make sure your pet’s ears do not inflammations, irritations, and also infections. Handle ears special solution prescribed by the veterinarian. Auricles You can also wipe with a mixture of vinegar and ordinary drinking water in proportions 1: 1. Avoid using a cotton swab, which may harm the ear canal of the animal. To prevent infectious diseases need cat tray keep in perfect cleanliness. Very often in cats that walk uncontrollably on the street, parasites (fleas, worms) appear. Therefore, it is best to protect the contact of the oriental cat with unfamiliar animals.

Health and Disease

Both species of oriental cats have different characteristic for them, diseases that are mostly genetic character. It is worth noting that Siamese and oriental cats have the same basic health problems. Amyloidosis is a disease in which time in the internal organs, mainly in the liver, a large amount of a special protein is deposited – amyloid. Representative of this breed are also such diseases like bronchial asthma, congenital heart defects, to for example, aortic stenosis. Often, oriental cats are diagnosed gastrointestinal problems, such as hyperesthesia. Quite often there are neurological diseases, often leading to hair loss. Against the background of neurological problems, some representatives of this breed have eye problems. Genetic retinal atrophy may also occur. deviation.

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