Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 10
  • Family Affection: 10
  • Game activity: 10
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Total Health: 4
  • Hair loss: 10
  • Child Friendly: 9
  • Dog Friendly: 10
  • Love for meow: 7


Ocicat is a small cat that resembles a South American Ocelot’s wild cat, however, is a pet. This breed arose, one might say, by chance, by crossing two domestic cats.

This happened when in 1964 a breeder named Virginia Daily crossed a Siamese cat and an Abyssinian. Each of the pets had a peculiar color, however, the result was not up to end arranged Virginia and she crossed one of the kittens with a Siamese a cat.

The result is kittens with a completely unusual spotted color, and they became the basis for a new breed of cats. Subsequently, these cats were also bred with American short-haired, in order to obtain a larger physique and additional shades of silver color.

Accordingly, subsequently the Ocicat cat breed was not only with pronounced golden spots, but also having and silver shade of color. International Amateur Association Cats took over in 1987 – the first officially The registered cat’s name was Dalai Dotson. Today, Ocicat breed accepted in all international registries and successfully bred in many countries.


The Ocicat cat breed does not have pronounced hunting instincts, and ideal as a pet. is he will feel equally comfortable in urban apartment and in a private house.

Despite their small size, these cats possess harmoniously folded body, very graceful and playful. Hind legs slightly longer the front, and the ears are slightly larger than usual, which is characteristic trait of Siamese genes. There are two characteristic types of color – spotted with a gold or silver tint.

If you pick a cat for your child, the Ocicat breed – great solution. Neither your baby nor you yourself will regret about acquisition. These cats are easy to accustom to the tray, they will give you a lot of wonderful minutes, and decorate the life of the whole family.


Okotsety – very sociable cats, they will not miss the opportunity and sit on your lap and play, and even if you do this were not going to do right now. If the pet suddenly wants play with your foot – rest assured he will not thinking His cheerful, playful disposition and lively mind will not let you get bored to each member of the family.

Personal qualities can be expressed in different ways, especially in relationships with guests or strangers. Some individuals are more shy and introverted with guests, others less. Although, in general, they are friendly to everyone. They take children well if they don’t squeeze and do not torment the cat, but treat him with Regards

Surprisingly, these cats love to walk on a leash with their the owner, in addition, they can be taught to perform some simple teams. Of course, if you are a professional a trainer – in this case, there are much more opportunities. His a flexible mind allows you to open doors, and not only with heads, but even press the door handles and other simple locking mechanisms with the help of paws.

Ocicat cat adapts very easily to new surroundings However, she doesn’t like to be alone – in this case, you can expect her to carefully examine all the bags, wallets, backpacks and hidden corners of the apartment. Ocicat gets along well with other pets – together they will be much more fun Stay home without a host.

Common diseases

Ocicat cat breed, despite the fact that it was bred breeders, and did not pass hardening in a harsh environment, not prone to genetic diseases.

Moreover, Ocicots have surprisingly good immunity, but they don’t very hardy – all the same lack of hardening affects process of evolution. In a word, you are unlikely to experience your pet’s health problems, and the vet often visit not have to.


Since this is a shorthair cat, grooming is greatly simplified. Once a week it needs to be combed out with a brush, it is also necessary to monitor clean ears and teeth. Ears should be wiped at least once a week, and preferably brush your teeth every day, at least three times a a week. Since the Ocicat is quite accommodating, he will quickly get used to to your feline life, and there should be no problems. Claws pruned once a week.

Did you know? Store items that are not need your curious Ocicat to find, behind locked doors or cabinets with latches from children.

Breed Information

Country of origin USA
Life span 12-14 years old
The size medium-large
Weight Males: 4.5-6 kg, Cats: 2.5-4.5 kg
Type of wool shorthair
Color tan, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, purple, spotted faun
Lifestyle outdoor / indoor
Group shorthair, for children, hypoallergenic
Price 700 – 1000 $

Breed photo

Ocicat OcicatOcicat Ocicat

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