Norwegian Forest Cat (photo): kindness, nordic

The love of freedom and the need for communication with man is the whole Norwegian forest cat


Origin: Norway

Class: according to FIFe and WCF classification 2 categories – half-long-haired cats

Color: many color options are recognized except lilac, faun, tabby, bicolor, colorpoint, acromelanic colors

Sizes: growth: 30-40 cm; weight: from 5 to 9 kg

Life span: 10-14 years

Norwegian forest cat is a fluffy beauty rather big size – it surpasses in dimensions breeds like pixy bob and somali cat, but almost half the maine kuna.

Despite the wild past, kitty is ready to demonstrate kind, calm and balanced Nordic character.

She is absolutely not peculiar to shyness or aggression. If a Norwegian doesn’t like something, she just steps aside, waiting change of situation.

A cat that walks on its own is just about the Norwegian forest

A cat that walks on its own is just about Norwegian forest


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Psychology
  • 3 How to choose a cat
  • 4 Care Features
    • 4.1 Combing
    • 4.2 Walk
    • 4.3 Power
  • 5 Health
    • 5.1 Characteristic diseases
    • 5.2 Vaccinations
  • 6 Knit

Breed history

Norwegian Forest Cat is not as simple as it seems. Still animal lovers can not decide where and why she came from to Norway.

Experts agree that the cat is Norwegian forest breed appeared as a result of adaptation to cold the Scandinavian climate of its distant, thoroughbred and not quite, ancestors.

It could be imported or wild cats of scotland. Whatever it was, but already in 1841 in Norwegian fairy tales come across a description of cats that are very similar on the Norwegian forest.

In Norway, this kitty was very loved. However, after 1945, the breed Norwegian forest cats, whose photo today often flashes in Internet, almost disappeared.

They began to cross it with other breeds, and there was a threat of extinction of the pure species. Ideal cat lovers sounded the alarm.

They have created a set of rules and standards governing registration of the Norwegian forest. Such efforts were successful, and in In 1977, the breed of these seals was officially recognized.


Norwegian forest cats are Nordic in nature, therefore they know the measure in everything. However, they love active games.


The love of freedom and the need for communication with a person is in this all Norwegian forest cat.

The characteristic of this breed indicates that the terrain and climate greatly influence habits and preferences in the process of their formation.

– Independence. Norwegian may disappear for the whole day “according to his deeds,” and then appear, no matter how than never happened. And this is not during the cat festivities. Pussycat she prefers to decide when, where and for how long she will be spending time .- Stubbornness. Cat in general it’s difficult to train or encourage to do something against her will, however, out of love for the master or delicacy, she may yield. But this not about the Norwegian forest! – Need in communication. Yes, yes, this kitty does not tolerate loneliness. Therefore, while away from home for a long time, get ready to get a reprimand in best scandinavian traditions. – Dislike for excessive tenderness. The cat doesn’t like to be squeezed or constantly stroking. She will not scratch, but simply leave. but the Norwegian will happily sit on her master’s lap or close by and pretty purr.


If you are hoping to train a cat, you should definitely not start a Norwegian forest. She has her own point of view, and if she doesn’t want to do something – she doesn’t make her

– Friendliness. With other animals in at home, even with dogs, this kitty gets along fine. And for the guests reacts very positively. -Playfulness. A cat doesn’t just like to play, she has a special affection for children. Norwegian with joy will take part in the amusements of the smaller members of her “pack.” At In this she never releases her claws, perfectly controlling the situation. – Activity. If not with children, then with with his toys, the kitty will often drive around the house. However such activity in it is balanced by Nordic temperament – all should be in moderation. Norwegian does not apply to those cats that are in in the first half of the day they fly, and in the second they sleep as if they were killed.

Norwegian forest cats get along well with other pets.

Norwegian forest cats get along well with other domestic cats animals

How to choose a cat

If you buy a kitten just for the soul, you can consider any young Norwegian, for example, the one who first ran you towards.

When it is supposed to participate in exhibitions, the approach is worth change a little bit. Take an interest in the baby’s pedigree and carefully Take a look at his mother.

This will allow you to have an idea about the future exterior. animal.

Although it’s worth making a discount on the fact that mother cat was pregnant, and now feeds, so her coat may not look very good.


Unlike other breeds, the Norwegian forest cat is completely not loves affection. It is enough for her to just sit on the lap of the owner. Only she will enjoy it

An important condition for a successful choice of a Norwegian baby is his health. In general, Norwegian forest cat kittens are mobile and are curious. As for appearance, it should be like this: – wool clean – eyes and ears without cloudy discharge – pink gums – even breathing

Attention! Irregular head shape short tail and legs, small ears and ruffled hair considered to be faults in the breed. Such an animal can only be pet, he can’t get to the exhibitions.

A Norwegian forest cat knows how to behave correctly with children. It will never scratch or offend a baby.

The Norwegian forest cat is able to behave correctly with children. She never scratch or hurt the baby

Care Features


Do not be fooled by a thick and long coat, which the Norwegian forest cat is covered with, a photo of this beauty can make you think that caring for her is very troublesome.

However, it is not. The hair structure of a Norwegian is such that the wool does not tangled, like the Persians.

Therefore, combing the hair is worth a couple of times a week with Furminator. And only in seasons molting for a comb will have to be taken every day.

It’s not necessary to bathe a cat, unless it gets very dirty after walking or when removing skin parasites and fleas.

If the animal does not spend every day in the yard, but how Peterbold or Don Sphynx, lives in an apartment, claws should be cut once every 2-3 weeks.

With the same frequency it is necessary to inspect and clean the ears.

Norwegian Forest Tired of Creative Weekdays

Norwegian forest cat tired after creative workdays


In general, a Norwegian cat breed can perfectly feel in the apartment. But if once a month you organize kitty going out, she will be glad.

Just keep her standing on a leash, especially if walking planned where there are trees.

After all, the Norwegian will remember her wild past and be sure to will climb higher.

An ideal option for a Norwegian forest cat is Private accommodation and daily walks in the courtyard.

It’s worth putting a flea collar on your pet and ticks – so you will protect the animal to the maximum.

The best Norwegian forest cat feels in a private house, where there is the opportunity to walk outside daily

Best Norwegian Forest Cat Feels Private a house where you can walk on the street daily


Norwegian Forest Kitty needs approximately 300-500 kcal each day, this norm is 70-120 grams of dry stern.

Do I need to talk a lot about the fact that dry cat food should to be of good quality and not economy class? Gift for waste there will be good animal health.

When organizing natural foods, it’s important to consider that a Norwegian cat breed is originally predator.

Therefore, a third of her diet should consist of foods, containing protein.

The menu must include: – scalded lean meat (beef, veal); – boiled offal; – cooked fish, freed from bones; – eggs boiled in a pouch; – non-greasy dairy products; – cereals (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal); – vegetables – can be boiled and mixed with porridge.

Norvejskii_lesnoy_kot_11Cats living in the apartment should be let out periodically. However, keep them on a leash, otherwise the kitty will remember its skills and climb up to the nearest tree.

It is advisable to periodically let cats living in the apartment the street. However, keep them on a leash, otherwise the kitty will remember its skills and climb the nearest tree

In principle, meat, offal and fish can not be processed boiling water. However, in this case, there is a risk that the cat will become infected some parasites.

For proper bowel function, it is advisable to buy and germinate cat grass. It will also provide kittens with vitamins B and K.


Characteristic diseases

The harsh Scandinavian climate tempers.

Therefore, the Norwegian forest cat boasts a good health, it does not cause its owners trouble in this respect.

But she has a predisposition to such diseases: – arthrosis of the thigh; – heart diseases; – obesity and caused by it diseases – Type IV glycogenosis.


Proper nutrition guarantees the health and beauty of your coat norwegian forest


1st vaccination is carried out for 6-8 weeks from birth, 2nd – at 6-8 months. Further vaccinations are done once a year.

Before each vaccination, it is important to make sure the physical condition of the animal and deworm.


The physical development of Norwegian kitties ends at 3-4 years.

Therefore, knitting earlier than 2-2.5 years is not recommended, because in In this case, the growth of the animal is suspended, and it will significantly smaller than their fellow tribesmen.

The cat can be untied in a year and a half. Before mating for a couple weeks, both animals should be given anthelmintic drugs.

It is also worth making sure that the cat-producer does not have no genetic diseases.

Usually a mating lasts 3-5 days. After that, the cat’s behavior it becomes clear that the process is complete.

Caring for Norwegian hair is not complicated. Her hair structure is such that the hair does not tangled like that of Persians. Therefore, combing kitty is worth a couple of times a week.

Caring for Norwegian wool is not difficult. Her hair structure such that the hair does not tangled, like the Persians. therefore combing kitty is worth a couple of times a week

So, if you want to get a cat, but worry that she is will skoda and rush around the house, your choice should be Norwegian Forest.

You will enjoy her kind and calm character. It is friendly the animal will win not only your heart, but also the sympathy of all who will communicate with him.

Norwegian Forest Cat: Kindness dressed in Nordic character

Norwegian forest cat can be very active, or maybe keep perfect calm. She has a kind and balanced character. She really loves her owners.

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