Nibelung cat (photo): Smoky handsome man with good manners

Cat Nibelung

Being at home, hunters by nature, Nibelungs behave obediently and benevolently


Origin: USA

Class: WCF

Usage: domestic cat with very developed hunting instinct

Color: clean, uniformly ashen, smoky with a bluish-silver tint, the coat is long or half-length.

Sizes: height at the withers: up to 25 cm; weight: 2.7-6 kg

Life span: 16–20 years

The Nibelung cat is a type of breed of Russian blue cats.

You can recognize them with the naked eye: unlike shorthair Russian blue cats, in Nibelungs long, luxurious coat, as pictured.

The breed received an exotic name for its external similarity. long-haired smoky cats with fog, mysterious and by magic.

Wool and really has an amazing soft flowing structure and unusual bluish-silver tint.

In sunlight, the animal looks like a mystical cloud of the myth of the Nibelungs.

Cat Nibelung

Photo of a real titled Nibelung


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Character and Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a kitten
  • 5 Care features
  • 6 combing
  • 7 Nutrition
  • 8 Health
  • 9 Vaccinations
  • 10 Knit

Breed history

The history of the Nibelung breed begins in the 19th century with the appearance of the Russian blue cat.

The fact is that shorthair blue cats often appeared kittens with long hair.

Thus, the Nibelung breed secretly existed long before of how it got its name.

Breeding and defining standards for such instances specially not involved, kittens usually appearing in the litter with long hairs were simply classified as Russian blue.

Cat Nibelung

The breed Nibelung was formed as a result of crossing Russian blue and angora cats

Only in the 80s of the last century, the first to draw attention to this phenomenon is the Americans.

After their intervention, the Nibelung became a separate type of Russian blue cats.

Two varieties of ashy cats with long hair appeared: American and European.

While European cats came naturally American Nibelung cats were bred by crossing Angora cat with russian blue.

The emergence of blue Nibelungs in Russia also has its unusual story.

In the Krasnogorsk nursery, a pair of titled Russian blue cats gave birth.

One kitten was born with long hair, but to classify it like the blue Nibelung (photo) was impossible.

The kid was so fluffy that no dog system in Rossiin could determine the breed.

And only after the entry of the MoCO Club into TICA, those who arrived at an exhibition of American breed experts claimed that this is the most a real Nibelung, also one to which American cats breeding still needs to grow.

Then Sedge (the so-called cat) for a few exhibition days has won the largest number of awards.

Character and Psychology

Most of all Nibelung cats like space, therefore, in private country houses they will feel much more comfortable than in small apartments of multi-storey buildings.

They love to hunt, do not forget that the ancestors of domestic the cats were predatory lynxes and reed cats.

Your pet will never give up the opportunity feast on a sparrow or mouse that he personally caught.

He can disappear for hours in the front garden or garden, watching potential victim to improve the moment of the attack.

In hot weather, he prefers to rest under the shade of trees in garden than on the windowsill.

Cat Nibelung

Nibelungs love to hunt, because their ancestors were predatory lynxes and reed cats

Despite the vibrant nature of the Nibelung on the street, they are quite cultural and reserved inside the house.

These cats usually don’t emit a loud piercing meow, even when hungry.

Their voice is more like a whisper in a confidential conversation and considered the quietest among most breeds.

That it’s time to fill the bowl, an ashy friend will show you gestures: running up to the bowl, now to you, then to the place where you keep it food.

If you want to know how to choose the right bowl for your pet, we advise you to read articlehttps: //

Nibelungs are very smart, understand their masters and even perform some teams respond easily when called.

Frightened by something, for example, a vacuum cleaner, Nibelung cats Do not start to panic and rush about.

In such a situation, they find a safe place higher and patient with heroism are waiting for the end of the unpleasant process.

In the presence of strangers in the house, they may feel a little constrained, but not aggressive.

With other pets (ferrets, squirrels degu, lemmings, and even geckos with chameleons) find a common language, often the first to make acquaintance and begin the game.

Cat Nibelung

Favorite occupation of a young Nibelung sitting on a windowsill and watch, especially when you can’t go outside


Nibelung kittens are very cute and lovely. To see this a fluffy miracle, and hold back so as not to buy a kitten of this breed, just impossible.

The use of cats of this breed is certainly delivering joy and positive emotions to their owners.

It’s great to watch the Nibelung kitten be curious to everything that happens in the house, cheerfully runs after toys, a ball and even a sun bunny.

The light character and unpretentiousness of the Nibelung make it excellent an associate and an attentive friend. Playing with cats are forgotten many problems.

Cat Nibelung

Superb mood after contact with these animals guaranteed

Scientists have long proven that cats can treat nervous system, relieve stress and even relieve painful conditions for rheumatism and migraines.

No wonder people say: where the cat found a place on the human body, to lie down, there, therefore, it hurts.

How to choose a kitten

Choosing a kitten is not as easy as it might seem at first sight.

First, you need to find out why a kitten is purchased: just for home, for breeding and participation in exhibitions, or bought as a gift to a child to instill a love for to animals.

You should also decide whether you really need longhair cat nibelung.

Before you buy a Nibelung kitten, you need to decide – Are you ready to take care of your pet?

Caring for a long-haired kitten includes games, feeding, maintenance in order of his fur, cleaning the toilet.

Cat Nibelung

Do not choose too calm a kitten, but not too aggressive. In both cases, subsequently may occur difficulties with their education

Nibelung kittens are exclusively of the same color, then there is a solid ash with a blue tint.

Sometimes, quite rarely, a light gray color is found. Newborn kittens may have small tiger stripes, which will disappear over time.

Nibelung has always green eyes. True, kittens have eyes acquire a characteristic color only by the age of eight months.

The shape of the head has a slightly elongated shape, the eyes are set wide.

Unlike ashen Scottish fold cat, ears are large and pointed.

Nibelung kittens are always larger than ordinary kittens, with good care and food, they often turn into chic huge cats sizes.

Pick a nickname at your discretion, but before learn about some of the meanings of feline names so that your cat corresponded to them.

The angularity of the lines of a large muscular body is masked by a lush, long wool.

Cat Nibelung

With good care and nutrition, Nibelungs often turn into chic cats of huge sizes

When choosing a kitten, lightly touch the kitten’s tummy with your fingers make sure it is not swollen and has the correct proportions for in relation to the body.

Excessively distended abdomen may be a sign of intestinal diseases or gastritis.

When choosing a kitten:

  • Look into the mouth: the oral cavity should be pink and not have smell.
  • The area under the tail should be clean and dry.
  • On the skin there should be no inflammation of the tumors or receding hairline.

Care Features

Bathe the animal as little as possible, as needed.

Read more about how to wash a cat, written in articlehttps: //

To keep the ashen color of the fur coat preserved and not burnt out in the sun, it is better not to let the Nibelungs walk in the summer during the daytime sunshine.

Faded brownish spots appearing on the coat from exposure the sun will not make your pet attractive, although with the onset of autumn, these defects pass by themselves.

To improve the condition of the fur, during periods of molting, the pet feed mix in special additives.

Cat Nibelung

Blue long-haired cats adore long walk on fresh the air

Cats need to periodically clean their claws, freeing them from dead horn cells.

Cleansing problems do not occur if the Nibelung is often on street – they sharpen nails on tree trunks or stumps.

In apartments, they usually put special claws that can be part of a feline house.

Otherwise, be prepared that the nails will be sharpened about your favorite sofa.

In some cases, for example, when the cat did not walk for a long time or hurt, claws must be carefully trimmed and filed so that they were not too sharp.

You can find out about alternative to scissors and eternal haircuts here: https: //

Cat Nibelung

Check your pet’s ears regularly to prevent inflammation, deafness

The ears of the animal should also not be ignored – regularly inspect the auricles from the inside, clean them with a cotton swab dipped in 3% peroxide.

Symptoms Detected in Time ear diseases, sometimes leading to hearing loss.

If inflammation or the presence of earplugs is suspected tick, contact your veterinarian immediately. To prevent the appearance of parasites, wearing protective collar.

The eyes of cats of blue breeds usually do not require special care: their washed once a week with warm boiled water or a decoction daisies.

Swelling, tearing, or redness indicates the development of an infectious respiratory diseases.

Cat Nibelung

When outsiders cats behave a little wary

The cat should be bathed only as a last resort, for example, if he very dirty in the mud on a walk or smells bad.

Unlike Turkish Van, Nibelung is afraid water and refers to water procedures with alertness.

In addition, frequent bathing removes the protective fat layer from the skin, which increases for the cat, the risk of catching a cold.

Therefore, it is recommended to bathe a furry pet no more than one once every few months.

A more rational hair care is combing.


By caring for your coat, you improve not only the appearance, but also cat’s health, you get rid of dirt, dead scales of its skin and prevent the appearance of parasitic insects.

Cats of all breeds are very clean by nature, Nibelungs do not an exception.

Already at the age of three weeks, kittens begin to lick themselves your little body.

However, for long-haired individuals an additional help with care, the cat alone will not be able to support the coat in good condition.

In addition, bathing and combing the kitten from the first days helps to establish trusting relationships between you, creates psychological atmosphere of understanding.

Try not to cause the animal fear, pain and discomfort.

Cat Nibelung

Combing a Nibelung is not only a hygienic procedure, but also the establishment between him and the owner of a trusting relationship

It’s better to start combing your cat with a furminator with heads, gradually moving to the tail in the direction of growth hair.

The hair is combed on the neck, behind the auricles and below, where the undercoat is thicker.

Next, comb areas on the abdomen and hind legs.

Finding clumps of wool, carefully untangle them using a rare comb or cut.

When combing, do not make sudden movements, do not jerk wool.

If you scratch a cat once when it is scratched, it will always avoid the procedure.

In no case do it forcibly – such measures are unlikely help, on the contrary, they will cause the animal to fear a brush for combing.


First of all, it should be understood that the menu of an adult cat should be balanced and not plentiful.

  • Not all foods from the human diet will work for feeding a pet.
  • Cats use sweets, canned food, smoked meats, fatty and fried, can lead to serious consequences, such as: digestive disorders, diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys.

Cat Nibelung

Do not forget to set a scratching post in the apartment – otherwise your furniture may suffer

The tastes and preferences of cats for certain types of food are formed with early age and if the kitten is used to getting goodies from your table, then later it will not be easy to wean him from this.

From the first days of complementary feeding, it is necessary to include in the kitten’s diet a variety of products.

This is not only meat and fish, but also vegetables, cereals, dairy products.

The diet of a kitten is significantly different from feeding adult cat.

For monthly babies, only milk is already not enough mother, and there is a need for additional feeding.

For their nutrition, use small oatmeal on cow milk, cream, chicken eggs.

Later, shredded products are added to the listed products. boiled beef, chicken, fish, cottage cheese.

You can also add ready-made stern.

Teaching a kitten to a healthy diet from an early age forms his correct eating behavior.

Cat Nibelung

With a sharp onset, lethargic, drowsy state of a cat, consult with a veterinarian – this may be a symptom any disease. But if your kitty is in position, then everything is in alright


A Nibelung should be examined regularly by a veterinarian, with if necessary, he will prescribe treatment and give valuable advice on animal health.

The owner of the blue longhair cat must be familiar with the main symptoms of many diseases that may manifest as:

  • Poor appetite, accompanied by thirst;
  • Sluggish state and indifference to everything that used to bring joy;
  • Chained limb movements;
  • Hard and enlarged abdomen;
  • Redness of the auricle from the inside;
  • The coat lost its luster, became dull;
  • There are injuries or sores on the skin;
  • Excessively salivating or tears;
  • Discharge from the nose, eyes and ears;
  • Frequent urination;
  • Blood impurities were found in excrement;
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

Timely assistance will preserve the health of your pet.


According to the rules of vaccination, 10 days before, deworming should be carried out, giving the kitten anthelmintic drugs.

2 weeks before vaccination and 2 weeks after vaccination is better not change the diet.

All domestic cats must receive a vaccine. against rabies: the first vaccination is carried out in three months age.

A kitten at the age of 8 weeks is vaccinated against leukemia, as well as FIE, FVR and FCV vaccines are administered.

Vaccination should be done by a specialist veterinarian.

Information about the vaccination is recorded in the veterinary passport.

Cat Nibelung

Babies of the Nibelungs and blue Russian cats in the first month can have tiger stripes on the body


Representatives of the cat family such as the Nibelungs become adults, that is, capable of reproducing offspring, already at the age of 7 – 9 months.

Most ordinary cats have offspring for the first time. 10-12 months of age.

Female Nibelungs for breeding admit to a partner should be no earlier than 1-1.6 years.

Covering them is permissible only after the kittens are completely weaned, therefore, usually the first estrus after delivery is missed.

Cat Nibelung

During estrus, females become more affectionate and to all their they try to show it with a look: they rub against their legs, calling purr

As a rule, adult males are in a constant state readiness for mating.

Females are only ready for mating during estrus.

The peak sexual activity of blue longhair cats is during the warmer months when daylight hours increase, and favorable conditions for the birth of kittens come.

It is important! Early mating can lead to the appearance of unhealthy offspring. Mating cats is also dangerous, not yet recovered from previous birth.

Duration of estrus is usually seven days.

Females in these periods become more affectionate, they begin meow loudly, bend your back, lifting up the back body and tail, rub head and neck against furniture or legs household members.

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