Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

Abyssinian cats are not like any other – and unusual the color of the coat, and the behavior, and the possibilities of training. The animal as if combines a dog and a monkey, it surprises execution of commands and good breeding. Amazing skills of his pet, its beauty and originality can be expressed in a suitable nickname.

Kitten West:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

Popular names

Interesting common names for Abyssinian seals:

  • Abram, Algeria, Akbar, Diamond, Arab, Air.
  • Leopard, Burma, Velvet, Brunei.
  • Wahid, West, East.
  • Homer, Hector, Huron, Gustav, Herodotus, Hephaestus, Hymen, Homer.
  • Jello, Gene, Dali, Darius, Dallas.
  • Zeus, Zephyr, Zaur, Siegfried.
  • Icarus, Iran, Indigo, Ilion, Invar.
  • Lebanon, Estuary, Lotte, Lars, Latin, Luxor.
  • Moor, Macho, Midas, Tycoon, Miko.
  • Olympus, Orpheus, Orion, Odysseus, Eye, Oldie.
  • Pamir, Paris, Pyrenees, Pythagoras.
  • Raja, Ra, Rome, Raphael, Ramses, Radar.
  • Typhoon, Tibet, Tamir, Tasmania, Tamerlane.
  • Pharaoh, Queen, Theodore, Felix.
  • Charon, Caliphate.
  • Sheikh, Shiva, Saffron, Shah, Shaitan.
  • Yasher, Jaguar, Jason, Iago.

Abyssinian baby Bars:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

Indigo Boy Kitten:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

Now are the popular names for abyssinians:

  • Ave, Aphrodite, Agatha, Anaconda, Aurora, Augustus, Arabica, Aria.
  • Bagheera, Bora, Bella, Bonn, Bert, Bianca.
  • Vienna, Vita, Verona, Volta, Vega.
  • Hera, Glafira, Gloria, Geeta, Geisha.
  • Julia, Gioconda, Dara, Dita, Dominic, Delta, Diva.
  • Pearl, Jeanette, Jasmine, Jacqueline, Josephine.
  • Isis, Isabella, Willow, Isolde, Inessa.
  • Mara, Madeleine, Mars, Macedonia, Mika, Minerva, Montana.
  • Olivia, Ode, Odyssey, Ophelia, Oka.
  • Rada, Rochelle, Renata, Rosa, Roxy, Rimma.
  • Sandra, Silva, Sapphire, Sabina, Sonna.
  • Hilda, Juan, Chloe.
  • Charlie, Shahinya, Scheherazade, Chanel.
  • Java, Yara, Yanika, Yasna.

Kitten girl Olivia:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

Abyssinian kitty Diva:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

Beautiful names

The following selection are beautiful, euphonic names for Abyssinians:

  • Akella, Amethyst, Alf, Antei, Ararat.
  • Bacchus, Bruce, Bonnie, Big, Brian, Bobby.
  • Vinnie, Wagner, Walt, Veron, Viscount, Valmont.
  • Goliath, Hermes, Hamlet, Hector.
  • Jackie, Joker, Dorian, Dick, Damir, Dylan.
  • Jean, Julien, Zhivago, Georges, Jacques.
  • Irbis, Iris, Irwin, Ikarus, Izi.
  • Crete, Karen, Curry, Concord, Karl, Cashew, Kevin, Corsair.
  • Locke, Lucius, Lord, Lear, Ludwig, Leo, Leon.
  • Narcissus, Nikki, Nike, Nelson, Nixon, Nitron.
  • Pari, Poncho, Pearl, Porthos, Penny.
  • Robin, Ricky, Ralph, Rami, Rem.
  • Sting, Spartak, Saturn, Sega, Sirius, Simon, Salvador.
  • Fakir, Phaeton, Flores, Philly, Fluffy.
  • Khan, Hammer, Hugo, Hans, Hankey.
  • Charlie, Cheetos, Chucky, Chizar, Chat.
  • Eustace, Jupiter, Juventus, Yucca, Eugene.
  • Andy, Elvis, Enrique, Edgar, Elf.

Abyssinian Narcissus:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

For a noble cat, the name from the Egyptian would be suitable mythologies, stories:

  • Yahmos;
  • Thutmose;
  • Wanji;
  • Unise
  • Ramses;
  • Agib;
  • Den
  • Amenhotep;
  • Sebek;
  • Amon Ra;
  • Tutankhamun;
  • Mencaura
  • A hanger;
  • Jer;
  • Jehuti.

Cat Amon Ra:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

For graceful abyssinians – wonderful names to match them:

  • Adele, Attica, Aida, Harp, Ada, Assol, Alta, Aisha, Amira.
  • Burma, Betty, Bastet, Barca, Brandy, Becky, Belle.
  • Gella, Grace, Havana, Greta, Galatea, Guinea, Gerda.
  • Georgia, Dolores, Diva, Dana, Judy.
  • Zlata, Zephyr, Zatea, Zaur, Zita, Zoll.
  • Irma, Iris, Ida, Indiana, Irena.
  • Camilla, Cassandra, Kenya, Cameo, Carmen. Calypso, Cassiopeia, Cleo, CA
  • Moon, Daima, Lika, Leon, Lavender, Leia, Linda.
  • Medea, Mexico, Peace, Michelle, Marie, Medina, Mecca, Miranda, Maggie.
  • Nymph, Nefertiti, Ninel, Nick, Nambia, Nirvana, Nevada, Naomi.
  • Puma, Pandora, Penny, Patricia, Polly.
  • Rumba, Ron, Raquel, Rummy, Rosetta.
  • Scarlett, Savannah, Suzy, Simba, Saeed, Sabrina, Samara.
  • Tiger, Tom, Twinky, Tail, Tagir, Tomila.
  • Fairy, Flora, Fortune, Francesca, Philadelphia, Florida, Themis, Faust.
  • Chara, Chelsea, Chica, Chaira.
  • Yucca, Southerner, Young, Yule, Juno, Juvent.
  • Elba, Eni, Era, Emma, Elsa.

Abyssinian Camilla:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

Kitty Medea:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

Majestic cats are often given the names of deities:

  • Anat is a hunting goddess.
  • Sekhmet is the personifying luminary.
  • Iheth – the heavenly lady.
  • Bast is the joyous beginning of everything.
  • Hathfor is the deity of heaven and all lovers.
  • Amaunet is the progenitor of the world.
  • Maat is the goddess of truth, truth.
  • Mut is the mother of all gods.
  • Uto is the guardian of the pharaoh.
  • Nephthys is beauty on earth.
  • Shesemset is a lioness-goddess.
  • Nate is the mistress of the water element.

Abyssinian kitten Bastet:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

Little Abyssinian Pandora:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

Names with a value

Examples of interesting nicknames with a value for cats:

  • Aurelius is the golden sun.
  • Bako – fighting, ruling.
  • Walter is the head of the army.
  • Harry is powerful, rich.
  • Darius is the ruler.
  • Elisha is the one who will save.
  • Germont is a defender.
  • Siegfried is the winner of peace.
  • Hilarion – bringing happiness and joy.
  • Callisto is the most beautiful.
  • Lancelot is a sharp spear.
  • May – born in spring.
  • Neon is eternal youth.
  • Orestes is a mountain resident.
  • Pascal – born on Easter.
  • Rocco is strong and big.
  • Samson is a very strong athlete.
  • Troyan is the third in a family, a family.
  • Ulrich is powerful, great.
  • Felix is safe and happy.
  • Hassan is beauty itself.
  • Caesar is royal, honorable.
  • Sherlock is light.
  • Evan is forever young.
  • Yuno – youth.

Kitty Neon:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

Felix kitten:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

And now, the names with the meaning for the kitties:

  • Agapia is a favorite in the family.
  • Berta is brilliant, magnificent.
  • Vasilisa – royal, noble blood.
  • Heba is the deity of eternal youth.
  • Jemila is obedient and amiable.
  • Euphemia – good, well-mannered.
  • Giselle is the most beautiful.
  • Zita is a young girl.
  • Ingrid – bringing abundance and wealth.
  • Callisto is the most beautiful of the beautiful.
  • Letizia – joyful, having fun.
  • Matilda is strong, warlike.
  • Nicole is the winner.
  • Olivia is a symbol of peace.
  • Panfila – beloved by the whole family.
  • Roksana – good, bright.
  • Serena is serene, calm.
  • Teresa is the guardian guarding the house.
  • Una is unique, unique.
  • Eagle owl – bringing love.
  • Chloe is spring blooming.
  • Tsarina is a sovereign.
  • Sheila is a divine gift.
  • Amy is my favorite.
  • Justina – born in August.
  • Yarmila – sweetheart, coming with spring.

Kitten Abyssinian breed Heba:

Names for Abyssinian cats and cats

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