Music lover parrot, or How cockatoo danced to Elvis Presley

Cockatoo – a type of parrot that people prefer for home content. These birds are quite funny: they are not very suitable for repetition of words, but incredibly artistic. This quality is in full least showed one of the heroes of the video, which gained popularity in YouTube

In the video, we see a pair of white cockatoo. The master takes the guitar and begins performing Elvis Presley Don’t Be Cruel song. One of pets turned out to be a real music fan. It’s clear that the melody I liked it. Like many people, he began to perform nodding head movements to the beat of the song. And the chorus came to a real passion – fluffed the crest and tail, raised its wings and began actively to dance.

Cockatoos are very attached to the person who cares about them. If suddenly they cease to grab the attention of the owner, they are very suffer and can pluck feathers.

By the way, his friend did not show a similar inclination for music. At the first sounds of the melody, he began to listen, but when the neighbor on the right began to dance, modestly moved to the edge, where he stood until the end of the show.

Video: cockatoos dancing to the guitar

Cockatoos are known for their unusual abilities and artistic tricks. Watching a video with a dancing parrot, you immediately notice that man and pet are on the same wavelength, both are real music lovers.

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