Minister in Pakistan turned into a cat in direct broadcast

This story is not about werewolves and the action of otherworldly forces. The reason for the transformation is in modern technology. More precisely, in masks and filters that users have been loving about there lately social networks.

A new era of live broadcasts

The backstory of viral news spreading around the world, quite serious: a government press conference was held Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, one of the Pakistani provinces. It took participation of many statesmen of the subject, among which – Shaukat Ali Yusafzai, Minister of Information Policy.

Minister in Pakistan turned into a cat in direct broadcast

The conference was filmed by representatives present at it Justice Movement Party. For this they took advantage useful and convenient option that appeared on Facebook and others social networks – “Live”. This is an opportunity to shoot video and immediately broadcast what is happening to your subscribers. Last can not only observe what is happening in real time time, but also to leave likes, write comments, interact with the operator.

Minister in Pakistan turned into a cat in direct broadcast

From minister to cat

Another option of “Live” Facebook “- the ability applying filters and funny masks to the faces of people caught in camera lens. It was she who made a serious press conference funny and viral.

The operator forgot to disable the filter overlay, which is why the faces the meeting participants were automatically put on funny masks, turned them into faces of fur seals with antennae and ears. First The journalist Naila Inayat noticed a curious situation.

She took live screenshots and posted them on her blog in Twitter. Publication in a short time has collected thousands of likes and reposts. Users especially liked the “new image” of Shawkat Ali Yusafzai. After “turning” live into a cat, he got nickname “the cutest politician.”

The publication of the journalist has spread all over the world: viewers argued that they “already reduces their jaws with laughter.” Dissatisfied there were not many users: most are sure that Justice Movement operator set the filter not on purpose, to discredit politicians, laugh at them, and by forgetfulness. Which has already glorified his live broadcast throughout world.

Turning into a girl

What happened is far from the first world-famous news about masks and filters in social networks. Has become very popular use the Snapchat app mask realistically transforming male face to female and vice versa. This option “for experiment” decided to use the Englishman Jake Askew.

So rather than going out, me & SJ decided to see how far Jess could go on tinder .. within an hour I was the most popular girl in Derby.

– Jake (@J_Askew) May 11, 2019

He published his modified photo in the dating application Tinder. What made a young man in minutes popular. The photo of the “girl” was liked by 1,500 men, of which more 400 longed to “talk to her”. Jake Askew achieved in the application the title of “most popular girl of the city” in just an hour. Himself the Englishman is dissatisfied with the experiment: he did not like which other men can write obscene sentences to women.

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