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The Internet is replete with pictures on which people are holding outstretched in the hands of Maine Coon giant cats more than a century and a half ago in the States. Especially impressive shots, where animals are captured with children or miniature girls. This and not surprising, because these cats, firstly, have a long body, secondly, strong skeleton, thirdly, chic fluffy wool. A Maine Coon weight is also solid, if you compare this breed with others feline representatives. The web has information that these powerful handsome men can weigh more than two dozen kilos, which is on not true. And how much does Maine Coon weigh in reality? Let’s try find the answer in this article.

What is the weight of an adult cat and a maine coon cat?

The weight of the Maine Coon cat in adulthood is 5-8.5 kg, and the males weigh more, their mass at the age of more than 3 years is 6-12 kg. To find out what is the maximum weight of an animal, you can only if he is already over 3 years old, because it’s before At this age, these large cats grow. Year old female can weigh 3.5 kg, and the male 5-5.5 kg, but in subsequent years their mass increases. That is, Maine Coon weight in adulthood by math is about 6.8 kg for a cat and 9 kg for кота.MaineКак мы выяснили, максимальный вес кота мейн-кунаis 12 kg when it comes to a cat, especially castrated. A Maine Coon girls weigh 8.5 kg maximum. However, such figures do do not mean that such large cats (their body length can reach 120 cm from the nose to the coccyx) cannot weigh more. At provided that the owner of the cat does not monitor its volumes of food, the animal may well gain weight and 15 kilograms. However this is not we’re not going to discuss Maine Coons with obvious obesity, for a purebred cat can be fed up to 20 kg or more (such incident, incidentally, is recorded in the Guinness Book). of the foregoing, it turns out that Maine Coons are not so giants. The same Siberian cats, ragdolls and British sometimes weigh even more, than the average heroes of our article. But why exactly Maine Coons look much larger, larger than other cats? The thing is muscular body and fairly long limbs, chic wool and rich undercoat, long and powerful tail, large ears with tassels finally. Whereas all other cat breeds are often do not combine all these qualities at the same time. The same Siberians for example, although luxurious in appearance, but still not so impressive as the “culprits” of our article.

Maine Coon Monthly Weight

The average weight of Maine Coon is known to us. And what is the mass of these animals at birth and in the first months of life? Of course, even kittens are breeds weigh quite a lot: about 30-50 grams more than cubs of the same british cats. So, consider the weight мейн-куна по месяцам:Maine

Вес девочек мейн-кунов по месяцам

  • At birth – 100-140 g
  • 1 month – 550-700 g
  • 2 months – 1000-1400 g
  • 3 months – 1600-2400 g
  • 4 months – 2500-3600 g
  • 5 months – 2800-4000 g
  • 6 months – 3200-4200 g
  • 7 months – 3600-4700 g
  • 8 months – 3800-4900 g
  • 9 months – 4100-5900 g
  • 10 months – 4400-6500 g
  • 11 months – 4500-7000 g
  • 1 year or more – 5-8.5 kg

Maine Coon Boys Monthly Weight

  • At birth – 120-160 g
  • 1 month – 650-750 g
  • 2 months – 1200-1500 g
  • 3 months – 2800-3700 g
  • 4 months – 3100-3900 g
  • 5 months – 3300-4200 g
  • 6 months – 3900-4500 g
  • 7 months – 4400-5600 g
  • 8 months – 4500-6200 g
  • 9 months – 4600-6800 g
  • 10 months – 4800-7300 g
  • 11 months – 5000-7500 g
  • 1 year or more – 6-12 kg


Maine Coon Monthly Weight - TableIf we consider the weight Maine Coon kitten for months, it becomes obvious: young weighs differently. Even a newborn baby can have mass like 100 g and even a little less (figures in the table are approximate), and more 150 g. So adult cats can weigh less than 4 kg, and maybe more than 12 pounds. So someone is lucky.

For what reasons does a cat calf not gain weight?

Maine coons usually grow well and quickly, and by the age of 2 months their mass can reach 1.5 kg. But it also happens that Maine Coon does not gain weight, which is not the norm. It is believed that for reasons that влияют на плохую прибавку в весе и росте, относятся:Maine

  • Скудное питание мамы-кошки. Maine Coon Nursing Females fed at least 3 times a day with special food for lactating cats or food prepared by a caring owner (lean meat, sour-milk fresh products, cereals, occasionally fish and boiled eggs, vegetables and vitamins prescribed by a specialist);
  • If the cat is still too small, it can simply weakly suck mother’s milk. Or the cat’s milk itself is not enough. To kids could get enough, some owners drink them substitutes for cat’s milk;
  • Harmful (toxic) mother’s milk. May be dangerous turn out to be milk if the animal suffers from mastitis, metritis, uterine abscess – problems that are common after childbirth. Not at all milk is also useful for that animal that is treated with any medicines without the consent of a veterinarian;
  • Vitamin deficiency and anemia. If there are few mothers in milk useful components, kids Maine Coons can easily be bad and grow slowly, be weak;
  • Worms. These parasites are often transmitted to kittens from their mother through milk. Naturally, the worms do not leave a chance to increase in weight;
  • Genetic abnormality. It happens that among five kittens one weighs very little and looks too weak. It happens and in humans, when one of the twins is full of health, and the other is on the verge;
  • Disease. Virtually any disease that has been transmitted to a baby from a cat or developed independently, may affect by weight gain. When a kitten is clearly not feeling well (stool disorders, vomiting, temperature (normally it should be 38.5-39.5 degrees), discharge from the nose and eyes, mournful meow etc.), you should rather run to the veterinarian or call a doctor for house;
  • Crossing a Maine Coon female with a non-pedigree male. Usually such cases are excluded, but sometimes they do occur. Half-breed cat may well gain weight slower than purebred fellow.

The web is full of tips on which drug can be administered to a small Maine Coon Trusting recommendations from cat forums is not always reasonably. Many medicines can do more harm than good. Moreover, treatment cannot be started without a correct diagnosis.

Why can maine coon lose weight?

How to be owners if the weight of an adult Maine Coon cat pathologically low? Especially when a pet full of health suddenly started to lose weight? The reasons for the apparent underweight can be as follows: Maine Coon Adult

  • The presence of parasites in the body of the animal (both external and internal);
  • Stress
  • Poor diet for nutrients;
  • Hormonal disbalance;
  • Sudden change in diet;
  • Ailments (diseases of the stomach, intestines, etc.);
  • Oncology.

In addition to weight loss, other cats should be present disturbing symptoms, for example, constipation, alternating with diarrhea with helminthic infestations. Or atypical and restless behavior in experiencing stress.

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