Maine Coon kittens (photo): how to raise and care

Affectionate, calm kittens will become good friends for any family

Maine Coon cats are good-natured, hardy and dexterous.

They are attracted not only by their peaceful and cheerful character, but also unique in appearance – Maine Coons are very similar to wild reed cats.

If you have an intention to buy a Maine Coon kitten, be sure to you need to learn the rules for caring for him – only in a caring and to a friendly family, he will be able to become happy and happy.

Kids Maine Coon fall asleep instantly, as soon as you tear them off the floor and pick them up

Maine Coon kids fall asleep instantly as soon as you tear them off the floor and pick up


  • 1 Preparing a new home
  • 2 Security
  • 3 Socialization
  • 4 Hair Care
  • 5 Eye, ear, tooth and claw care
  • 6 Feeding
  • 7 Vaccinations

Preparing a New Home

Before you bring a kitten to his new home, you must purchase everything you need:

  • two bowls (one for food, the other for water);
  • scratching post;
  • toilet and filler for him;
  • a basket where the kitten can sleep;
  • some toys.

This is a small miracle that will bring so much joy and positive emotions to every home

This is a small miracle that will bring so much to every home. joy and positive emotions

It’s preferable to buy pottery or earthenware dishes, Plastic sometimes causes allergies in cats.

Bowls are recommended to be placed next to the kitchen floor. In one bowl there will be dry food, in the other – clean water.

It is advisable to put bowls on a tray – it will be easier keep the kitchen clean, because kittens like to scatter food and spill water.

Usually there is no need to teach a kitten to the tray – at the time of sale he already trained on this.

But the pet must be “introduced” to his toilet, so how unlikely he would find it on his own.

The tray should be in a secluded, quiet place – a kitten nothing should frighten or prevent you from doing your own thing.

So don’t have to put a cat toilet somewhere in the hallway – the best place for him is the bathroom.

So, what do I have to make three wishes?

So what are my three wishes?

The basket should be placed in a place where the kitten will not be no one to bother.

It is advisable, of course, to accustom him to a certain bedroom place, but as a rule, cats themselves choose where to sleep.

It is better to set the claw point near the wall. If it is poorly fixed, then the kitten (and especially adult cat) will overturn her with ease.

It should be borne in mind that Maine Coons are mobile and playful, so they Need a zone for games, as well as a cat house.

Pet shops sell special game complexes for representatives of this particular breed – when they are created, Maine Coon anatomy and behavior.

They love to climb up and watch everything that going around.

If you can’t buy a game complex, you need at least install several horizontal platforms at different heights.

But this is unlikely if there was an opportunity to buy Maine Coon – the price a kitten is from 20,000 rubles.

Maine Coon kittens are very cute and active

Maine Coon kittens are very cute and active


Children should not be allowed to play with the kitten without adult supervision. “They might accidentally harm him.”

It is also worth remembering the curiosity and activity of Maine Coons – hide from them all objects that could lead to injury (needles, threads, bags, etc.).

The list of dangerous items includes everything that can interest a little child and harm him.

With Maine Coon kittens there will always be spring in the house

Maine Coon kittens will always have spring in their house

It is also advisable to remove indoor plants from the apartment – many of which are poisonous to cats.

The most common ones are azalea, dracaena, mistletoe, philodendron, ivy, wisteria, rhododendron, belladonna, alpine violet, orange, pink laurel, poinsettia, sweet peas.


The situation in the new house should be calm – for a kitten moving is stressful, so noise and screaming can make it hard to scare.

A couple of weeks the kitten will get used to the family, at this time you need show as much patience and friendliness as possible.

Maine Coon kittens willingly frolic together

Maine Coon kittens willingly frolic together

Maine Coons get along well with dogs and other cats.

Until pets get used to each other, they must not be left in private – this may take several weeks. Also it is unacceptable that they show aggression towards each other.

Hair care

Maine Coons have a beautiful long coat, which brings a lot trouble for the owners of these cats.

Kittens need to be combed daily as they are not yet can take care of their hair.

Kittens are suitable for combing wool furminators or ordinary metal scallops with long teeth (they should not be sharp).

First, comb the hair with a comb with rare teeth, then – with frequent. In conclusion, the wool is brushed with natural bristles.

Daily combing will help to avoid the formation of tangles, and also contributes to better hair growth.

Adult animals are also desirable to comb every day, especially during molting. They can also be to cut

A gorgeous red fur coat, magnificent thick brushes and breathtaking green eyes

A gorgeous red fur coat for a cat, magnificent thick brushes and breathtaking green eyes

Often cats do not need to bathe, they are clean animals.

This should be done as necessary: if the coat becomes dirty or greasy.

For swimming, you need to purchase a special cat shampoo, better hypoallergenic (e.g. Jerob, Espree).

It also does not hurt to have a flea shampoo at home, especially if the pet lives in a private house or others live with it animals.

When bathing, make sure that no water gets into ears. After bathing, the cat should be wiped well and combed.

Eye, ear, tooth and claw care

Periodically, kittens may have crusts in the corners of their eyes – you don’t need to be afraid of it, because people also sometimes after sleep sour eyes.

These crusts can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in boiled water. (it is better to buy a special remedy in the pharmacy) by drawing from the external corner of the eye to the inside.

But if the discharge appears often, and they are plentiful, it should consult a veterinarian.

Little fluffy will make a noise at home with pleasure

Little fluffy will make a noise at home with pleasure

Ears should be inspected regularly, at least once a week. Healthy ears – pink, clean, without secretions and crusts.

If a kitten began to often and intensively scratch his ears, it’s worth consult a veterinarian. This must be done when detected. redness and discharge.

A small amount of sulfur is acceptable – it can be removed a cotton swab dipped in a special solution.

The gums should be pinkish, with no red borders along the line teeth. The presence of the disease may indicate an unpleasant smell from the mouth.

Particular attention should be paid to the teeth if the pet feeds on soft food. At the age of about 4 months, kittens change teeth.

The indisputable advantage of Maine Coon is its peaceful and flexible character

The indisputable advantage of Maine Coon is its peaceful and flexible character

Maine Coon claws are large, so they have to be regularly to cut.

It is very important not to damage the vessels – the blood will go for a long time, and after the pet will limp for some time.

Claws need to be cut only across, before that carefully having examined them – blood vessels are quite clearly visible.

The house must have a scratching post – it will save furniture and increase the length of time between clipping claws.


Maine Coon recommended feeding elite dry feed.

Breeders recommend buying feed Arden Grunge and Hills, but you can give others, for example, Royal Canin, Pro Plan.

It is not recommended to feed the cat at the same time with dry food, and natural food: the composition of the feed is balanced, and mixed nutrition may lead to an excess of certain substances.

This does not apply to meat: small portions should be given in the morning and in the evening.

As a preventive measure, you can give your pet Polydex vitamins in according to the instructions.

Maine Coons remain kittens by their behavior, because they are extremely playful.

Maine Coons remain kittens in their behavior because they are extremely playful

Water should be fresh and clean, not from the tap. Cat always must have access to water.

Natural nutrition:

  • meat – in small portions twice a day (beef or beef minced meat, chicken and chicken offal). Meat should not contain salt and spices. Before giving it to the cat, meat is mandatory pour boiling water over;
  • egg – once or twice a week, raw or boiled;
  • any cereals in water or milk (except beans, peas and Hercules), they are given together with meat or on their own;
  • any vegetables, boiled or raw (instead of cereal);
  • dairy products give 2-3 times a week (cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, kefir, cheese).

Up to 4 months old kittens are fed 4-5 times a day, sometimes the number feedings increase to 6. By 6 months the number of feedings cut to three.

Kittens are constantly running after a man, looking into his eyes and as if trying to say something, constantly purring

Kittens constantly run after a man, look into his eyes and as if trying to say something, constantly purring

Maine Coon kittens weigh 3 months (at this age they begin weaned) is about 2 kg.

At 12 months, cats weigh 4.5-6 kg, cats 6-9 kg. Growth and weight gain lasts up to 3 years, the average weight of adult Maine Coons – 8 kg

Some animals can reach a weight of 12-15 kg.


The first time kittens are vaccinated in 2 months, then – at 3 months, per year and beyond – annually.

Rabiese + triquet or quadricet vaccines are used. 10 days before vaccinations carry out deworming with milbemax preparations, lost his temper, dodged.

Also, the prevention of worms is carried out every 3 months.

Affectionate kid with a fascinating character

Affectionate kid with a fascinating character

Maine Coon kittens: how to raise and care properly

Maine coon cats are good-natured, hardy and agile. They are attracted not only by its peaceful and cheerful character, but also unique appearance – Maine Coons are very similar to wild reeds cats.

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