Maine Coon cats (photo): kings of domestic cats

Maine Coon cats have a sense of self-esteem and confidence, as well as restraint in relation to others


Country: USA

FIFe Classification: Category II-Semilonghair, standard – MSO

WCF classification: category – SLH, standard – MCO

Color: tabby (brindle, classic, spotted and ticked), solid (plain), smoke (chinchilla, smoky, black smoke, shaded, blue smoke, silver, red).

Sizes: height at the withers – 32.5 ±; weight: cats – 10-12 kg, cats – 6-9 kg; average length body with tail: 85cm ± 5 cm

Life span: 10-15 years

Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat, which, just like pixie-bob, with great love and affection refers to the family.

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Energetic and funny, Maine Coon behaves nonetheless quite restrained and noble, independently and independently.

Adoring his master, kun strives to always be with him nearby, doing it very delicately and unobtrusively.

Maine Coons are caring babysitters for babies, fun partners for games for older children, great interlocutors for adults, and great companions for older people.

Maine Coons are caring nannies for babies, funny partners for games for older children, excellent interlocutors for adults and lovely companion cats for the elderly


For Maine Coons, it’s very important to have your own space, where they can be alone if they wish


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Characteristics of Psychology
  • 3 How to choose a Maine Coon
  • 4 Care Features
    • 4.1 Combing
    • 4.2 Power
  • 5 Health
    • 5.1 Characteristic diseases
    • 5.2 Vaccinations
  • 6 Knit

Breed history

One look at the parameters of the animal – and it becomes clear that it is the largest domestic cat on Earth.

Reliable evidence of the origin of Maine Coons is not exists, there are only beautiful legends and assumptions felinologists.

The breed name is made up of the name of the state of Maine, USA, and derivative of “riverman” (raccoon in English).

Maine Coon’s first official presentation took place in 1861 at the Skowbegan Fair.

Raccoon Manx cats got breed standards, won back currently 2nd place in CFA in popularity and, leaving the limits of small homeland, gained fans and masters around the world.

Maine Coons have a wonderful memory, they remember intonations and words well, they especially feel their master, understanding him at first sight

Maine Coons have a wonderful memory, they remember well intonations and words, especially subtly they feel their master, realizing it at a glance

Character Psychology

Maine Coon hides a good man behind the impressive appearance friendship with dogs and other cats, and, of course, with the owner.

The life experience of ancestors who lived on farms taught raccoon cats hunting, however, hamsters, ferrets, lemmings and protein degu they perceived as full tenants and do not encroach on their a life.

At home, small rodents are replaced by toys, with with which they not only play, but also bring pleasure to the owner.

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Balanced, deprived of aristocratic impersonality british, maine coons are famous for their peaceful nature, like cats Toyger breeds, they do not like to be picked up.

With their weight and size, it’s hard for them to feel comfortable on man’s knees.

But in a dream, cats stretch out full length, causing a smile adoration from the owners.

Walking in the winter for Maine Coon is not a problem: a coon in the snow is a complete delight and unearthly beauty. In addition, Maine Coons are northern cats, they prefer a cool

Walking in the winter for Maine Coon is not a problem: kun in the snow is sheer delight and unearthly beauty. Maine Coons are also cats northern, prefer cool

Great thinkers, kuns have high intelligence, are logical in actions and very well remember commands and individual words.

Surprisingly, cat fathers are actively involved in the upbringing of kittens, which is not very common for cats.

Maine Coon love should be attributed to the special habits of the breed. to rake water.

Experts believe that they, too, from their ancestors thirst from puddles.

The eternal problem with sharpening claws when the domestic cat is completely destroys upholstery of upholstered furniture, with cats of this breed do not arises.

Coons prefer to do this while sitting, which means carpets and rugs – therefore it is best to buy or make for a pet claw point, which, incidentally, can be built into his house.

When communicating with a person, Maine Coon never uses his big teeth and sharp claws.

Communicating with a person, Maine Coon never uses his large teeth and sharp claws

How to choose Maine Coon

Little Maine Coons are born with medium weight 130-150 grams, it all depends on the number of kittens in the litter.

The growth of a kitten is influenced by genetic factors and food, but psychological development in the hands of the owner.

Newborns need to be protected from noise, drafts, temperature changes, sharp sounds.

Maine Coons are very active and lively animals who love to frolic and play, which requires a fairly large space

Maine Coons are very active and moving animals, loving frolic and play, which requires a sufficiently large of space

Maine Coon kittens grow quickly, reaching the most active phases to 4-5 months.

At this time, the energy fullness of food and animal mobility.

The owner’s task is to feed, play, play, feed, without fanaticism, adhering to indicators that are optimally comfortable for the baby.

Keep track of the weight gain, mood and nature of the growing Maine along with her personal vet.

A reward for you will be friendship with delightful representative of a feline family, powerful, affectionate and devoted animals decorating our lives.

Care Features


The main problem is the coat, which is not only long, but also like ragdoll or neva masquerade cats are pretty thick.

You have to comb cats at least once a week to prevent the formation of tangles on the stomach and armpits.

For these purposes, a large metal comb with rounded cloves.

The coat for Maine Coons, as well as for any other cat breeds, is their merit. However, it’s not difficult to take care of it: it’s enough to brush the cat once a week with a brush

Wool for Maine Coons, as, indeed, for any other breeds cats, their dignity. However, it’s not difficult to take care of her: just brush the cat once a week with a brush

You need to comb out cats of this breed, starting from the head, in the direction of growth of wool, moving along the back to the tail, and only after this comb the stomach and paws.

Get rid of dead hair will help pooderka or furminator.

Rare comb and anti-static massage brush will help in removing loose hair and giving hair beautiful, well-groomed appearance.

Ears also require regular cleaning. Make it better soft with a cloth. They love Maine Coons and take baths.

They are welcome and rarely indignant at washing.

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As you can see, caring for Maine Coon cats does not require special knowledge and skills, they are clean by nature and gladly accept everything hygiene procedures.

The coat of Maine Coons is shiny, silky to the touch and heterogeneous in length

Maine Coon hair is shiny, silky to the touch and heterogeneous in length


With the physical parameters of the breed, nutrition takes on special value.

The large muscle mass of a raccoon cat and a powerful skeleton oblige the owners carefully monitor the diet of the animal in order to avoid serious health problems.

Breeders now and then argue about the right diet for Maine Coon.

According to some, cats should only be given professional feed, others claim that Maine Coon is suitable only for natural food, and the third, of which most are of the opinion of the benefits of mixed feeding.

Maine coon is an intellectual and clever, a real person, he even has a sense of humor

Maine Coon is an intellectual and clever, a real person, he even has a sense of humor

Maine Coon diets should include: varied fresh meat, dairy products and fish.

A complex of vitamins for natural feeding is mandatory and his veterinarian appoints him.

An important point is weight control. Shrug off the cat and not give splashing out the energy boiling in it means to bring it to obesity and, as a result, health troubles.


Characteristic diseases

The statistics of observations of the breed revealed its characteristic genetic problems.

Among the most common ailments of Maine Coon include:

  • heart problems m (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy),
  • muscle weakness (atrophy of the spinal muscles),
  • polycystic kidney disease,
  • hip dysplasia.


The big ears of Maine Coons allow them to clearly hear the slightest sounds: whether it is the rustle of a rodent under the leaves or the voice of the owner, calling to eat

Every third kitten of the Men’s raccoon cat from birth can be predisposed to one of these ailments.

Advice to owners: when buying a Maine Coon kitten, look for a veterinarian who will constantly monitor him.


Vaccination of cats of this breed is similar to the vaccination schedule for dogs.

The first vaccine is given in 2 months, the second – in 3 months, then vaccinated in 1 year, then – annually.

Before vaccination, the cat must be given 10 days before anthelmintic drugs.

Cases in which the presence of vaccination is simply necessary, following: cat transportation, breeding, cat show, premises cats at the hotel for pets.

Maine Coon has absolutely no aggressiveness towards other animals; they can easily get along with any pets

In relation to other animals, Maine Coons have absolutely no aggressiveness, they easily get along with any pets


If you have plans to have offspring from your pet, then to it is worth preparing in advance.

Please note that for the success of a planned event, it is necessary that The cat has reached the age of 1 year. Before pairing animals is not worth it.

Traditionally, the process takes place on the territory of the cat. This is correct and from a psychological point of view.

The future father feels comfortable at his site, although the experienced bridegroom does not bother the apartment of the bride.

The couple needs to provide a secluded place, preferably with a minimum the amount of furniture so that the cat can’t hide.

Not bad and trim claws, mating games are not always different tenderness and affection, and animals can hurt each other.

To successfully complete the mating, the cat is left on the territory cat for 3-5 days.

Maine coons are giants among other cat breeds having the same big, loving heart

Maine Coons are giants among other cat breeds having the same big, loving heart

Unfortunately, the act of love does not always end in appearance offspring.

The breed is expensive and mating with a good cat costs decent money, however, there are unscrupulous owners of manufacturers, mercilessly exploiting their abilities.

It will be useful for cat owners to find out how long the cat has had mating, so you protect yourself from wasting time and money, because frequent mating weaken the reproductive stock animal.

By the way, pregnancy and the process itself childbirth in an animal most often passes without complications.

Maine Coon cats: kings of domestic cats

Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat that has a large love and affection for the family.

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