Magpie Gene laughs: video

Magpies are known as good mimics. They can reproduce some sounds of the world – the barking of a dog, the meow of cats. Not surprisingly, their chirping can resemble laughter or crying. a child.

The video was published 4 years ago. For all this time it gained 1.4 million views.

The essence of the video is – forty, apparently tamed by a woman, flies into the house through the window and communicates in its own way, imitating laughter and babble of a little child. Magpies are generally smart birds. This individual the mistress called Gena, and the first thing that strikes, the bird flew on her call.

Magpies are intelligent birds. So they recognize their image in the mirror, which, for example, parrots cannot do. The latter see in reflection another individual and communicate with it as with interlocutor.

On the magpie’s foot is a ring. That is, the bird belongs to someone, but her fate can be traced. But it’s clear that in this house she’s not first. She jumps economically on the windowsill, even endures lungs touching a woman with wings and tail. Habitual gesture pecks out the seeds that the hostess sprinkles on her. She even flies into another room, and then returns to the window again. But all this time it makes sounds reminiscent of the laughter of a small child and his attempts to say something. Sounds are repeated, that is, the bird is just reproduces what he heard somewhere. Full communication is, of course, you can’t name it, but it looks amazing.

Video: forty gene laughs like a child

Many people get creepy when watching this video. I have the first thought was the suggestion of mounting the roller. But basically sounds correspond to the opening of the beak of a bird. In addition, I’m on a personal I know from experience how magpies can imitate sounds. A few years ago I lived in a house, under the windows of which tall spruce trees grew. Daily somewhere among their branches a kitten meowed persistently and all the time as would be on one note. I even went out to see where he can to be, but among the dense branches, of course, nothing could discern. And only when she shared her fears with a neighbor, then I learned from her that under the windows the magpies meow all the time. Indeed, they often flew out of thick spruce branches. Perhaps there was their nest.

All animals are interesting in their own way when you start to them. look closely and study their habits.

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